FILMED : 2015

TIME : 265 mins

PRICE : $30



Our long history of filming South African Airways started more than 15 years ago with the filming of the Airbus A300B4! Now in 2016 we're delighted to bring you our 5th SAA program covering the South Indian Ocean route from Africa to Australia for the 1st time into Perth on the A340-300! As a bonus we've included the route up Munich on the A340-600!


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+ Cockpit filming using up to 7 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

+ Pilot Presentations  + Flight Preparations

+ Cockpit set-up  + Briefings & Checklists

+ Remote Destination with no Diversion Alternate

+ Block Altitude Presentation  + Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Cockpit Presentation  + Great scenery& sunrises

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SA 280











SA 264

SA 265







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+ Amazing! I've downloaded this dvd yesterday and right now I'm watching the Perth-Johhanesburg sector. So far this program has met all of my expectations and even's stunning and beautiful. I just can't wait to continue watching it! IDanielo

+ What a PERFECT video!! Everything was amazing! Good job Just Planes Uriel Martinex

+ The Captain on the Johannesburg-Perth and back flight is excellent. He talks a lot about the flight, the different fuel considerations vs requirements. He also talks about the A/C, SAA's operations and his own pilot background. The landing in JNBx2, Perth and Munich were all great, not only is the A/C great but the pilots behind it. Really recommend buying this dvd, 95% of the video is cockpit action. Well Done Justplanes and all the crews involved! Brings back great Memories flying Long Haul on South African Airways! Juan Carballedo

+ Beautiful video. Keep em coming, please Titan

+ Absolutly fabulous, good position of the camera. Thanks VS

+ Nice love justplanes, have bought several dvd from you and very impressed! Al Gman

+ Amazing video! Love this! So sad these birds are being retired VF

+ Nice video!! Michael Candle

+ Justplanes, this is one of your best so far! HS

+ Awesome video! Great introduction to the crew and nice story too. Wonderful special Olympic livery on the A340 Matthias Haenni

+ Its awesome to finally get a video in Perth! That livery is amazing. HUGE LIKE mate :) PA

+ What a nice captain's story! Alex Feiu

+ One of if not the best video to date. That captain really made me think about what job path I should go down and I now am really thinking about flying again. Great video keep it up look forward to more videos in the future CS

+ Bless the Captain! I can understand the rocky procedure to pursue our aspiration to join an airline... Saud Siddiqui

+ Not only did you make a beautifull video, but you also showed us a real man talking with emotions about the airline industrie. I dont think you could have possibly do a better Job like this video, well done Justplanes. every time I think the videos can be better you prove me wrong, keep up this amazing work! LD

Push back from the gate at JNB

Taxiing into position

Starting our takeoff

Just airborne from Johannesburg

Climbing out

Presentation of the South Indian Ocean route

Our 1st sunrise of the program

Going over the arrival into Perth

Approaching the coastline

Perth, Australia

On short final

Departing Perth's wet runway

Climbing out of Perth

Cockpit Presentation

Approaching Johannesburg

Crossing the highway

On short final

About to touch down

SAA at Jonahhesburg

SAA's Flight Operations Director with a presentation

Starting 1 & 2 on the A340-600

Starting our takeoff at Johannesburg


Climbing out

The route over Africa on the way to Europe

A340-600 engine at night

Sunrise as we're over Europe

Starting our approach

Another Airbus approaching besides us

Munich Airport

On final

Our shadow

On short final

About to touch down on 26L

Taxiing to the gate

Entering the terminal area at Munich

To & From Perth we flew the A340-300 in special Olympics livery

From Munich we fly the Start Alliance A340-600

Night taxi out at Munich

Lining up for takeoff

Just airborne from Munich


Copilot flying the approach

Approaching the runway

On short final

About to land