South African Airways, Africa's leading airline, operates a fleet of more than 50 modern aircraft including the A320, A340, B737 and B747. SAA, created in 1934, operates more than 1000 flights a week around the world has won many awards for its outstanding service!

This dvd, previously released on video, features the A300 on a typical regional African flight to Zimbabwe. This is followed by several domestic flights on its most important route between Jo'burg and Cape town. During the arrival into Cape town on the 747SP we are allowed to make a scenic tour of this beautiful city. Last but not least we fly the 747-400 from Cape town on its busiest European route to London.




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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



SA 022



JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA


A300B4 ZS-SDE SA 023 HRE-JNB 1h47


JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

B737-800 ZS-SJD SA 341 JNB-CPT 1h50

JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA


B737-800 ZS-SJD SA 348 CPT-JNB 1h36


JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

B747SP ZS-SPE SA 393 JNB-CPT 1h52

JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA


B747-400 ZS-SAW SA 232 CPT-LHR 11h16


LHR London Heathrow, UK

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This DVD is another must! The flights to and from CPT are nice but the scenery is spectactular! The flight into HRE was nice since this was a hard to find destination. It's sad that they're in terrible trouble. I hope HRE will return soon! Other than that, a spectacular program!

Spencer Mitchell ; Grosse Pointe Farms MI, USA

When I found out that this program was coming to DVD it was on my must have list. There is an outstanding variety of aircraft in this program which makes it so nice and the geography of Cape Town was so beautiful which is no surprise as to why it is one of the most picturesque places in the world. I was incredibly impressed by the professionalism of Captain Jensen who was our 747-400 Captain onboard for the flight to Heathrow from Cape Town. He reminded me of all of the kind pilots I have come across over the years and those that I had the privilege of visiting in the flight deck on several occasions in the past. Its wonderful when you see someone take so much pride in what they do especially if you aspire to do the same thing.

Jeff Schapira ; Toronto, CANADA

I particularly enjoyed the 747SP and miss them a great deal. Thanks for the great dvd!

Vinesh Keshav ; Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

I have your DVD South African. Very enjoyable. Particularly the overflying of Cape Town. Excellent photography. You have given me hours of pleasure with your DVDs. Keep it coming.

Ralph Selwyn ; Sydney, AUSTRALIA

I was very pleased. It's one of my favorites. thanks for a nice dvd. The pilots were very proffesional, especialy the Capt. of the 747 from Cape Town to London! As a son of an airline pilot, and working towards a career as a commercial pilot, it was very impressive. thanks.

Jonas Frazier ; Trenton NJ, USA

I love this DVD of South African the presentation of the 747-400 and the 747SP! Very nice jog and well worth getting. Thank you.

Olivio Gomes ; Fort Wayne IN, USA

I loved this DVD. I've been watching it every day for a month. Both the video and audio quality are great. Well keep up the good work just planes. I'll surely buy from you again.

Hennie Otto, Cape town, SOUTH AFRICA

I just wanted to express my congratulations to these amazing DVD's!! You have a done a wonderful job. I bought the Air Alps, South African, Swiss 340, HLX and Air France and I can just say that I will have the complete collection before the end of 2004!! A must for flight enthusiasts!

Massoud Sabeti ; Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Some wonderful photography; nicely shot. This is another adventure to a place in the world I may not see in my life time. The approaches into Cape Town are great, especially the brief air tour of (I think it is called) Table Mountain. It must be a kick to "play" with a 747 at that low altitude. Really enjoyed this edition to my growing collection of WorldAirroutes DVD's.

Tony Owen ; Santa Monica CA, USA

When I saw that World Air Routes was doing a second release of the SAA DVD I immediately placed a "pre-order." Something told me this was going to be a GREAT DVD - and GREAT it is!!!! This will be, yet, another World Air Routes classic - EXCELLENT can barely describe this SAA DVD. It is wonderfully organized, produced and the sounds are absolute first-rate. Two great flights on the Airbus A300 as well as a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town on a B747SP with wonderful views on the approach. Great briefings by Captain Thirsk and his crew. And most of all is the flight from Cape Town to London-Heathrow on the B747-400 in which Captain Jensen and his crew did an excellent job. Captain Jensen's positive/professional attitude is very evident as he has 22,000 hours of flying time, 21 years on the B747's, and he says that each flight he takes is just as good as the first. It is pilots like Captain Jensen, with their SUPERIOR professionalism and airmanship, who give the aviation industry an EXCELLENT reputation. This is another MUST HAVE DVD that will be watched many times over!!!!!!!! Thank you World Air Routes for another EXCELLENT DVD!!!!

Stan Lenox ; Nacogdoches TX, USA

I strongly recommend that all viewers buy this dvd. For the last 2 - 3 years I have watched this video at least 30 times. This video is my favorite video involving the 747-SP. Justplanes did a fantastic job with the filming of the flight from JNB to CPT, especially the appoach into CPT. Special Thanks should go to F/O Dave Juegers (Pilot Flying) with his performance from taxing the airplane at JNB to the landing into CPT. I should thank Captain T. Thirsk for giving his Co-Pilot the honor of performing the flight (that showed us how professional SAA's Pilots truly are) and for taking the time to inform the viewers details of the fight. And some thanks should go to F/E D. Biemann ("Most Experiance Flight Engineer at SAA" - Captain T. Thirst). Finally, we should thank the flight crew for the wonderful approach into CPT, including a view of the city. Last but not least, special thanks should be given to Captain Karl Jenson (Pilot Flying 747-400 CPT - LHR. I was very impressed with Captain Jensen's views on the 747-400 and SAA. Moreover, welcoming us viewer at the beginning of the flight and taking the time to give some important facts about the responsibility of a flight crew after landing at LHR.

John C. McCreery ; New York NY, USA

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