This dvd begins with a tour of the A340-600 from a maintenance perspective. This is followed by a typical flight in the cabin from Jo'burg to Frankfurt. The next meeting place is Airbus' facility in Toulouse where our crew is about to take delivery of the last A340-600 for SAA. From the flight preparations we follow the pilots as we ferry the aircraft back to SAA's main base with a detour into British airspace.




Filmed in 2005 - Released in 2005

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-600 ZS-SNB SA 260 JNB-FRA 10h10

JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY

A340-600 ZS-SNI SA 4247 TLS-JNB 11h36

TLS Toulouse, FRANCE

JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

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Happy New Year to everybody at Justplanes. I have just watched this video and think it is fantastic, it was a great idea to let us see what goes on with regards to the varios A B C checks etc. I also thought it odd that they had to fly into our UK airspace to sign the document, all very interesting. It was also good to see out of the cabin window at times. Well done for another great DVD and am going through the list to get another one. Brian Bentley, UK

From the African comes the first ever WAR dvd of the Airbus 340-600!!! I waited a long time for such dvd, and I can tell you without a doubt it was worth the money. This is a very complete and special program which allows you to witness SAA's maintenance department and of course, the delivery flight of SAA's new A340-600. In addition, the first flight from JNB to FRA made me feel like a passenger onboard..too bad I wasn't on that flight! In conclusion, this dvd deservs the highest rank of all: 10/10. Daniel Shub, ISRAEL

This is a great DVD. Very good explanation on how they do the C-Check. This A340-600 has something special with it that I like a lot, which are the camera views behind the nose wheel and the tail camera. Good cockpit presentation and ATC.Nice shots taken from the cockpit. Keep up with the good work. Go just planes!! Shurendi Eisden, NETH.  ANTILLES

Congratulations! Very good explanation of everything. Thank you very much, keep this excellent work with new airplanes. Eduardo Villasenor, MEXICO

Just received the South African A340-600 DVD today and enjoyed it greatly. I was looking for a program to show great footage of the Airbus A340-600, and I have found it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking into airline operations and modern jet airliners. Tim Herman, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed this dvd. It was also refreshing to see the flight in the cabin section. It was very enjoyable and made me feel like I was on the flight. EJL Edwards, UK

This is my 20th WAR DVD and not my last. Keep up the great work as displayed in this beautiful production on the A346. Truly amazing, and keep producing dvd's on new aircaft. 10/10. Thanks very much. Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

I enjoyed your program on SAA's A340-600. It was our first opportunity in the WAR series to see this model of the A340 in a program. The maintenance tour was very interesting and I enjoyed the flight from the passenger's perspective especially when the video of the exterior was shown on final approach into Frankfurt. The DC-10 had a similar feature I believe but the video shown came from within the cockpit. The delivery flight was very nicely done. The pilots were excellent in giving their descriptions of the aircraft and I found it very interesting that they had to fly over the UK first before heading south for home due to legal issues. Despite the amount of fuel needed for this flight, you could also tell that the aircraft was much lighter than usual because this wasn't a revenue flight and this was shown to good effect on the takeoff roll out of Toulouse. The landing into Johannesburg was also very nicely done as we saw the city before approaching the airport. Long taxi times are not unusual it seems at this airport due to the location of the runway furthest away from the terminals. I thoroughly enjoyed the walkaround in Toulouse performed by the cruise pilot and I also enjoyed the fact that the cruise pilot and the Captain told us how they got their experience in their profession, which enabled them to fly the A340-600 for SAA. This video as mentioned before by others is different from other programs but it is very nicely done. Thanks for a good first program on the A340-600 . Jeff Schapira, CANADA
This DVD sits at the top of the pile for the best WAR programs I have ever watched (and I have a fair number in my collection!) It offers a completely different approach. There are only 2 flights but that is what makes it so special. The guide in the maintenance hangar is very detailed and informative. The delivery flight of the brand new aircraft is also interesting. Great detailed walkaround by the First Officer. Crisp clear ATC, and stunning views from the flight filmed in the cabin. It really is a great production that I will watch over and over again. Well done Just Planes. Keep up the good work. F. Atang ; York, UK
After watching the dvd featuring the Airbus A300, B737-800, Boeing 747SP, and B747-400 of South African Airways, released by WAR, I concluded that SAA is truly a PROFESSIONAL AIRLINE. Therefore, I was pleased that JUSTPLANES decided to release another SAA dvd this time featuring the A340-600. I have now watched this dvd 3-4 times. And I was very impressed. While the 747 has always been my favorite aircraft I have become a great fan of the A340, the A340-600 is my favorite of the A340s. In fact one of my best flights was on the A340-600. Therefore I enjoyed this DVD from beginning to end. I think that Udo Schaefer did an excellent job with the directing. That includes all of the camera work (e.g. cabin scenes & cockpit scenes). I think that Captain Alan Berman, Co-Pilot John Campbell, and Third-Pilot Andre Hubert did a great job with their presentations. What I found very interesting is that the delivery flight TLS-JNB had to make a detour to British Airspace for documentation purposes. F/O John Campbell did an excellent job with his explanation on the detour. I must agree with the comments made by Greg Rowland, Nori Ishihara, David Dillon, and George Alves - they all hit the nail right on the head. I would like to thank all the people of South African Airways for their contributions to the making of this DVD. Finally I would like to thank Michel Moskal and the people at JUSTPLANES for making this DVD entertaining. John C. McCreery, USA
Anyone interested in the A340-600 must get this program! This is a very complete presentation with a look behind the scenes in SAA's Joburg maintenance department including a guided tour around the outside of the A340-600 and inside from the cockpit to the last row of the economy cabin. A fantastic chapter takes us on a scheduled flight from Joburg to Frankfurt in the cabin with a spectacular sunrise, overflight of the Alps with exhaust contrails streeking past the window and a very nice approach and landing at FRA with great views of the wing control surfaces at work. The views from the tail camera are fantastic!! The delivery flight of SAA's 9th A340-600 includes a thorough walkaround, departure from Toulouse on a stormy night, a good cockpit presentation and great early morning views from many cabin windows of the airplane's structure and the passing scenery from 41,000 feet. This dvd is one of my favorites in the World Air Routes series! Greg Rowland, USA
This dvd is great! I liked the flight from JNB to FRA. This is my second time to see a SAA dvd, the first one was on the Boeing 747-400. I always think the South African Airways crews give great explanations about the aircraft and flight. Thanks for making this great dvd! Nori Ishihara, JAPAN
I would just like to take a few moments and say what a great dvd the A340-600 of SAA is. There was a lot of interesting information that I have never seen put out by WAR, but recommend it, some of the information such as the maintenance checks and updates to the plane was outstanding, I never knew how much work went in to keeping an airplane in the skies. I also liked the personal touches that the pilots put into the dvd such as the first officer and the Captain explaining how they worked through different paths to become a pilot of such a magnificant aircraft. As the younger of the First Officers said, I have to agree, to hope to see the A380 on WAR when it comes out into the front line status. Udo, outstanding job on the dvd!!! David Dillon, USA
I thoroughly enjoyed this dvd. It was also refreshing to see the flight in the cabin section. It was very enjoyable and made me feel like I was on the flight. I want to commend Udo on the great camera work and attention to detail. Just Planes keep up the excellent work. George Alves, USA
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