FILMED : 2016

TIME : 270 mins

PRICE : $30

We're really happy to continue our series with one of the big success low-cost airlines in the world with a 5th program! After the extremely popular 737-800 "Top of the World" release we have the pleasure of featuring the airline's new winter "Caribbean Ops" with flights from Martinique and Guadeloupe to Boston and New York JFK. As with all the Norwegian films we're hosted by some great pilots who explain everything in details to you from the aircraft to the routes and a lot more... In addition its always great scenery wise to fly from the Caribbean, the arrival and departure at Boston, Just Planes' main base, are beautiful and doing another Canarsie approach into New York JFK is the icing on the cake of another superb program. Thank you Norwegian!


+ Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras for fantastic views on takeoff & landing!

+ Detailed Preflight Preparations

+ Crew Briefings

+ Checklists

+ Aircraft Walkaround/ETOPS Check

+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Detailed Cockpit Presentation

+ Pilot Presentation

+ Great scenery

+ Beautiful departure & arrival into Boston!

+ Canarsie approach to JFK Airport runway 13L!





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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
737-800 LN-NIH

DY 6753

DY 6750





JFK New York JFK Airport, USA

FDF Fort de France, MARTINIQUE

737-800 LN-NII

DY 6701

DY 6702






BOS Boston, USA

Our aircraft for the 1st 2 flights

Another Norwegian 737 departs Boston ahead of us

In line for takeoff on runway 33 at Boston

Starting our takeoff roll

Just airborne from runway 33

Awesome view of Boston's Logan Airport!

Great view of Boston

Leaving the Coastline

Norwegian's Maintenance Engineer

Walkaround and ETOPS Check

Following the push back...

... and startup

Going over the Canarsie approach to runway 13L at JFK

Making our final turn towards JFK

Seconds from touchdown on runway 13L

Pilotsview of the Canarsie Approach

On short final

About to touchdown on runway 13L

Holding for runway 31L at JFK with the city in the background

Cleared for takeoff with the JFK tower in the background

Taking off at New York

Making our left turn on the Canarsie Departure

Pilotsview off of runway 31L

Some weather on our way to the Caribbean

Start of our approach to Guadeloupe

Approaching Point A Pitre

On short final

About to land runway 12


Approaching the islands

On final at Point A Pitre

Flying over Cape Cod

Great views of Boston

Making our turn for the final approach at Boston

Short final for runway 33 at Logan Airport

Approaching Boston

Boston Runway 33

Boston Runway 33

About to land on 33L

Taxiing to the gate at Logan Airport