FILMED : 2014

TIME : 265 mins

PRICE : $30

Just Planes is delighted to return to Norwegian for a 4th film, 2nd on the 787 following our very popular BKK Dreamliner!  This time we join Captain Soderberg and his crew on one of several routes to the USA the airline now operates! We picked Los Angeles because its always a nice route in and out as well as an interesting approach and departure. In this we case we got extra lucky with the flight out of LAX right from the gate as we follow another Norwegian 787 on push back, taxi, takeoff and we even catch a glimpse of the other Dreamliner in the air!
Captain Soderberg and his crew take their time to do a very extensive presentation of the 787. For the 1st time in our series we talk about the ADS which is a system that automatically reports the aircraft's position to the various en route stations. The program is 4 and a half hours long, filled with wonderful presentations and the usual great scenery highlighted by a wonderful flyover of Las Vegas both by day on the way to LAX and by night on the way back!


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+ Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

+ Pilot Presentations

+ Briefings & Checklists

+ External Walkaround

+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Detailed Cockpit Presentation

+ Boeing 787 Systems

+ Special look at whats new in the 787 Cockpit

+ Flight Planning & Fuel


+ Presentation of ADS (Automatic Dependent Surveillance)

+ Presentation of HUD (Head Up Display)

+ Great scenery en route and on approach & landing

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
787-8 EI-LNF

DY 7087



ARN Stockholm Arlanda, SWEDEN

LAX Los Angeles, USA



DY 7084



LAX Los Angeles, USA


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This program is perhaps one of the best presentations on the 787 done by Just Planes. After meeting the flight and cabin crew, the Captain briefs his team onboard the aircraft as they prepare for a 10-hour flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles. For this flight we have the Captain, First Officer and a relief Captain who takes us through the walkaround segment of this program. The walkaround was very detailed and it nicely showcased some interesting details about the 787. For example, when examining the landing gear, you will notice the absence of hydraulic lines. This is due to the fact that the brakes on the 787 are powered electrically.
Moving back to the cockpit, the First Officer engages the viewers with an interesting presentation on the FMC. This presentation will be of particular interest to fans of the 787 who are curious of the innovations that have been introduced into this aircraft. Other interesting presentations included the EFB and the performance calculation capabilities it contains. While enroute to LAX there were many highlights that are guaranteed to pique the interest of viewers which included an in-depth look at the EFB, Time Zones, Decompression routes and charts. The Captain also discusses some of the major differences between the 787 and other aircraft which includes reduced noise levels in the cockpit, better humidity, lighting and cabin altitude control. All of these features truly set the 787 apart from older long haul aircraft and it results in lower levels of fatigue as a result of long flights.
For our return flight to Stockholm, some of the highlights included an in-depth presentation on the FMC, details on the other aspects of the cockpit and a more personal look at the career of the Captain. The 787 is a remarkable aircraft and Norwegian is proving to be an equally remarkable airline with a dedicated staff, top notch training and flight crews that truly enjoy sharing their knowledge of aviation. Ultimately, I think this program is well worth having and I hope that we will see more of Norwegian in the future. Reviewed by AvSim

+ I've watched this movie and it's absolutely fantastic Alex Barnes

+ Fantastic footage it just gets better Gary Vaughan

+ Excellent job as always! Jay

+ Very nicely done. Beautiful camera work Kevin Olson

+ Beautiful footage JustPlanes, Loved watching this one! TR

+ WOW!!!! JustPlanes everytime amaze us with your dvd's.Great job as always.Thank you.  Yannis Moutafis

+ FANTASTIC Video amazing DB

+ Fantastico video! Adoro il 787! Grazie Bianca Aureli

+ Awesome videos you guys make!! Congrats Ibon Picaza


Our 787 for the LAX trip!

Completing a walkaround of the dreamliner

Climbing out of Stockholm

Nice views of Greenland

Presentation of the HUD

Presentation of the ADS

Awesome views of Las Vegas Airport and the Strip

Descending into Los Angeles

Great views of LA

Touching down on runway 24R

Our dreamliner for the return flight arriving at LAX

Pushing back behind Norwegian's London flight

We follow the London 787 from the gate all the way to airborne

Sunset departure from Los Angeles

China Southern's Airbus A380 holding short of our runway

Great night views of "The Strip"

Captain continues with the cockpit presentation...

...and a look at all the systems

On final for a rainy arrival at Oslo

Touching down at Oslo Airport