Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2002


Yes Linhas Aereas, TAP Air Portugal's charter company, started operations in 2000. The airline operated a fleet of Lockheed 1011-500 "Tristars" mainly on charter flights from Lisbon to Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Yes also operates charters on demand around the world and is used by Air Portugal when it needs additional capacity.

This program takes you on 2 roundtrip flights from Lisbon to Brazil and the Dominican Republic. Learn about these routes, the 1011 cockpit and much more... The highlight of this dvd is a special departure from Punta Cana where the aircraft remains at 1000 feet! as it flies alongside the coastline of the Dominican Republic for amazing scenic views of the island.


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
L1011-500 CS-TMX YSS 9657 LIS-NAT 6h52



L1011-500 CS-TMX YSS 9658 NAT-LIS 6h21



L1011-500 CS-TMX YSS 9617 LIS-PUJ 7h14


PUJ Punta Cana, DOM. REP.

L1011-500 CS-TMX YSS 962P PUJ-LIS 7h18

PUJ Punta Cana, DOM. REP.


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This DVD has been sold out for quite sometime and I am more than happy that I had the opportunity to find out why! We start off from Lisbon to Natal Brazil on board the L1011-500. First, the crew completes their preflight checks then taxi’s the aircraft for departure. During the flight the viewers are able to see the cabin service along with a brief presentation by one of the flight attendants.

Other highlights of our round trip to Brazil include presentations by the Captain on the history and operations of the airline, cockpit presentation, flight engineer panel presentation and many wonderful views of the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands as we make our way to Brazil. The return flight to Lisbon was less eventful but still enjoyable as the L1011 made its approach to over Portugal at night.

Our final round trip takes us from Lisbon to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Before our departure, the Captain takes the viewers on a walk around of the L1011 which was very interesting and detailed. After the departure, the Captain discusses the routing and approach procedures. It is during all of these activities that the CEO (By means of a pop up window) discusses with the viewers the background as history of the airline.

The arrival into Punta Cana was by far one of the highlights as the L1011 soared over the tropical coastline and forests while making its approach to the runway. The return trip was equally as beautiful as the L1011 departs the runway and flies along the coastline at low altitudes. This was so amazing that even the pilots remarked on how beautiful a view it was. While there are not many other highlights specific to the return flight it was very insightful into the operations of the L1011.

The L1011 was the very first aircraft I flew on as a child and it was a huge influence on me becoming a pilot. This DVD is not only unique because of the destinations but more so the aircraft itself. It is not very often that you find an L1011 in service today and this DVD you would say is a collectors item for fans of the L1011.

This DVD was an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy this. At a cost of $25 these DVDs are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home.Reviewed by AvSim

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I bought this DVD because I love the L-1011 and she was shown in all of her glory so nicely in this program. We had great scenery in this program, very nice cockpit descriptions by both our pilots and flight engineer. The takeoff and low fly by of Punta Cana was breathtaking. I also enjoyed the landings at Lisbon during the night. The L-1011 truly is a wonderful aircraft and it was great to see it flying again in this program. Jeff Schapira, CANADA

I would like to thank justplanes for there excellent job on all of the DVDs featuring the L-1011s. I have watched the Yes DVD 22 times in the last 2 years. I thank Cpt. Braga Goncalvez and F/E Mauricio Caldas (YSS9657) for their tour of the flightdeck (including the F/E Panal), F/E Fernando Oliveira (YSS9617) for the Aircraft Walkaround, and Cpt. Pedro Cortesao (YSS9617). But special thanks should go to Cpt. Felipe Villard Cortez (YSS962P) and his crew for giving us a excellent view of the coastline at Punta Cana. John McCreery, USA

I have just seen the dvd 5 times and i have to say that is difficult to get a better one. The arrival in Punta Cana and in Lisbon at night is, in my opinion, the best i have seen. Congratulations to the crew and also to the producers.

Joao Fonseca, PORTUGAL

i must say that watching this DVD of Yes Air brought back so many memories of when i was a flight attendant for the now defunct Eastern airlines, looking at the cockpit layout of the old dial's compared to the new Generation technology it's really amazing. the inside cabin view made me feel as if i was onboard that trip, great photo shot's of the approach to both destination's and most of all i liked the departure out of Punta Cana, this is a must see for all who really like the Lockheed L 1011, keep up the good work. Lonnie Miller, USA

I just finished watching the YES L1011-500 DVD and want to compliment you on an EXCELLENT presentation. Previously I have flown on many L1011 Tristars in the USA and to Europe and it is so sad to see them disappear from airline inventories. The L1011 Tristars were such a reliable/workhorse aircraft and I have spoken with many pilots who enjoyed flying them. However, with this DVD you were able to find an airline who still operates a few L1011's and capture a wonderful presentation for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! The presentation by YES's C.E.O was great as well as Captain Cortesao. I would also like to thank Captain V. Cortez for the his outstanding pilot/flying skills as he took off from Punta Cana, flew at 1,000 feet and gave us a WONDERFUL view of the coastline. GREAT JOB Captain!!!!!! Thank you again for a wonderful presentation of the L1011-500 and I would defintely recommend this DVD to everyone. GREAT WORK.

Stan Lenox, USA

I just loved this DVD! Great destinations, the best aircraft in the world, and a great airline! It's just perfect! Enjoy the power and the beauty of the L-1011. Congratulations. Joao Sales, PORTUGAL

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