Swiss operated the MD11 for a dozen years on routes all over the world. Swissair was one of the launch customers of the MD11 and became the largest operator of the type in Europe.

This dvd allows you to discover everything about this great aircraft inside and out. The crew does an outstanding job in presenting the cockpit and the operation of a long haul flight to South America. You will see what they need to do before they get on the plane, follow the checklists, hear communications with ATC, get route briefings and much more including an external walkaround, a visit in the avionics department where a new tv system was installed plus views in the cabin, the usual scenery, a presentation by the ground engineer and more...




Filmed in 2003 - Released in 2004


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
MD11 HB-IWI LX 094 ZRH-GRU 11h26


GRU Sao Paulo Guarulhos, BRAZIL

MD11 HB-IWK LX 094 GRU-EZE 2h17

GRU Sao Paulo Guarulhos, BRAZIL


MD11 HB-IWK LX 095 EZE-GRU 2h03


GRU Sao Paulo Guarulhos, BRAZIL

MD11 HB-IWN LX 097 GRU-ZRH 10h44

GRU Sao Paulo Guarulhos, BRAZIL


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As I have come to expect from JustPlanes, another excellent DVD. Abseloutely love the MD-11 but this video showed me much about it that I didn't know already. Capt. Frick is very passionate and is an excellent host for the duration of the video, and at one point shows us the avionics bay - was great to see the actual control cables! One slight niggle was that there seemed to be some interference at times on the captain's microhone, but apart from that (and some slightly choppy editing,) this is a fantastic DVD with an amazing airliner, crew, great info and beautiful flights. A must for any MD-11 fan.

Ben Kolbeck, UK

The Swiss MD-11 DVD was the first WAR program that I purchased, I now own 18 Just Planes videos. This flight crew's professionalism and teamwork are astounding. My favorite part of this program was the departure from Zurich, it was very interesting to watch the Captain and the flight dispatcher plan around the bad weather. The Captain did a great job explaining the MD-11 and how it fits into Swiss's operations. It is truly sad that the MD-11 is slowly disappearing from the skies, so make sure you grab this DVD before they are sold out! This is another fantastic production from Just Planes!

Kristof Barocz, CANADA

This is one of those World Air Routes DVD's you must have, definitely the best of the series I ever saw, believe me it was worth every penny I paid for it, buy it now you won't regret!!! Omar Montiel Rodríguez, MEXICO

My first MD11 DVD. If I have to describe this DVD with one word, I would say: Excellent!! Good cockpit presentation. The weather was very bad in the beginning of the DVD, with crosswind during take-off. The pilots did a great job during take-off to hold the aircraft steady. This is definitely a recommended DVD. Keep up the good work guys.


This is one of the best WAR DVD's I have seen to date. The amount of information about the MD-11 and other aspects of the aviation world is enough to cause an overdose for aviation enthusiasts! Capt. Frick is an amazing host, providing us with all the details that we could dream for about the MD-11. It's a shame that the MD-11 sees little commercial service anymore. The DVD is a great tribute to such a beautiful aircraft. With great views of the flight deck and scenery, I would recommend this video to any new or returning WAR customer. Bravo! Matt Armstrong, USA

I really ejoyed the Swiss MD11 dvd. I’m currently an MD11 Captain flying for UPS, and I bought the DVD to for my son to watch. The exterior takeoff/landing sequences, interior cockpit takeoff and landing sequences are great to watch. These MD11s are all being converted to freighters for UPS, and it is a great freight aircraft too. I’ve flown these MD11s all around the world. It is a wonderful long range aircraft from the pilots perspective. Thank you. John Larson, USA

It is a wonderful program. It is fair to applaud and thank Captain Frick for his extraordinary explanation of his MD-11 navigation, computer avionics systems and other well detailed aeronuatical informations that shows his good experience as commander of this aircraft. GREAT job by the WAR team. I advise others to get it.

Mohamed El Mohtasseb, FRANCE

I recently received my Swiss MD-11 DVD and watched it as soon as I got it! It is one of the best flight in the cockpit DVD's out there! The WAR team provides the viewer with a full view of the flight process from the interaction between the flight crew and flight dispatch when planning the flight to the understanding of how they plan a transatlantic flight. I enjoyed the view of the st elmo's fire on the windshield over the southern atlantic! If you don't have this DVD, you need to get it! Christopher Snyder, USA

Making this my 7th WAR dvd I must say that each dvd outdoes the previous one. With such a variety of choices it's hard to go wrong! This Swiss MD11 dvd is by far the best! Be it from the rainy dept from LSZH or the intra-South America flights and back to ZRH you can't go wrong! I like how the cockpit explaination is broken into chapters! would love to see more of that. Also, the knowledge from the crew and Avionics bay explanation. he also points out upgrades in aircraft safety since the tragic MD-11 crash years ago, along with cabin preparations you feel as if you're really there! I recommend this dvd to anyone, regardless if you like the MD-11/Swiss or not! It's a must have. Sumner Rabin, USA

When I saw that this program was coming out, it was a must for me as I always enjoyed the DC-10 and MD-11 family of aircraft and it was a unique opportunity to see a well known MD-11 operator in Swissair now Swiss Airlines. The MD-11 is truly a beautiful aircraft. The flightdeck presentation was very good and the treat here was when we were provided with an avionics bay tour and explanation by our Captain. Scenery enroute was nice but for me this DVD was more of a nostalgic purchase for the airline has ceased MD-11 operations. The MD-11 has found a good niche as a freighter and lets hope for the possibility that World Air Routes can perhaps make a program of an MD-11 Cargo operator in the near future. Jeff Schapira, CANADA

This DVD is absolutely the greatest which I´ve ever seen! Since I´ve got it, I watched it two times and I enjoyed every second of it! Great thanks to Cpt. Frick and his Crew! Just everything is perfect!! Congratulations! Michael Sams, AUSTRIA

This DVD is an absolute Master piece and worth a Million Dollar, not just because there are no Swiss MD-11s today but because of the high quality content of the DVD. The only way we can get exposed to the "LOST WORLD" now is through the WARs Swissair MD-11 Program. The efforts and the enthusiasm of the Flight crews, Cabin crews and Ground engineer to bring up in and out of operating the plane, making it very interesting and educative is invaluable. Capt Frick gives clearcut presentation before every flight explaining the Route, Weather, etc which makes the viewer "Situationally Aware" of that flight. He also gives you all the information about the winds and how that has affected the performance of the aircraft in terms of fuel burn and flight time. The technical presentation by Capt Frick is something which makes this DVD very unique. The Very detailed explaination of EFIS, Centre Pedestal, Overhead panel, Navigation systems etc is really very down to earth and easy to understand. The illustration of programming the FMS for the complete flight is really superb. Also he explains many computers the Avionics Bay and most interesting part for me was to know about the enhancements of the Smoke detection system in Swissair MD-11s after the Halifax incident. You also get to know about the Cabin Services and Ground Engineer also brings out to us, his duties before every flight is being dispatched. To conclude, you have everything what you expect in an Airliner's DVD. Good amount of Technical content, Nice Scenery and Brilliant Photography. If you ever think of purchasing a DVD from WAR, Swiss MD-11 is the first one to pick!!! My sincere Thanks to WAR team for their efforts in bringing out this Great dvd. Srihari Jayathirtha, USA

This 201 minute DVD is by far the best airplane DVD movie I have ever seen. It covers everything from preflight preparations to engine shutdown. I myself have made this trip several times! Stopping at Sao Paulo and continuing my journey to Buenos Aires. I always thought I knew the MD-11 quite well but this movie has tought me very new interesting facts. The best of all is that the whole movie is detailed, the takeoffs, approaches and landings are covered all the way, well except for the landing at Buenos Aires. If there is any airplane DVD that HAS to be bought is the MD-11 of Swiss International Airlines. Amir Kia, SWEDEN

This excellent World Air Routes program has allowed me to discover an airplane I knew very little about. It covers many interesting points about the MD-11, and the whole operation of the aircraft is documented very well from start to finish. Thanks very much! Luke Harding, UK

I never liked the DC-10 and I never wanted to fly on the MD-11. But this DVD has made me think twice about the MD-11. Udo Schaefer and his team did a wonderful job making this one of my favorite DVD. That includes the Swiss/Swissair MD11 action, flight preparations, route information, cockpit presentations, aircraft walk around, and cabin presentation. I also enjoyed the four takeoffs and landings. I would like to complement Captain Thomas Frick, the Pilot, who did an excellent job with his contributions (including his avionics presentation and the information about the MD11) which makes this DVD very entertaining. Special acknowledgment should go to the all of the copilots and flight attendants for their contributions. Also, I have to agree with the comments from both Lonnie Miller and John Linder. Finally, it is my opinion that the two DVDs featuring Swiss are among the best WAR DVDs featuring the widebody jets and I hope that Justplanes will do more DVDs featuring Swiss John C. McCreery, USA

I received my SWISS MD-11 DVD, and I could not be happier with it. The MD-11 DVD is exactly what I was hoping for, it is great. Congratulations! Jurg Bolli, USA

The War team has done it again! I just want to say that this DVD of the Swiss MD-11 is just out of site, very detailed in-flight information of the cabin and most of all the cockpit presentation was just awesome. The best part of the DVD is the last flight from Sao Paulo to Zurich, you can actually hear the full 62,000Ibs thrust rating on takeoff, I'm a Swiss MD-11 lover and really hate to see that carrier retire them in favor of going airbus, but the Swiss A340-300 DVD is very good and if other club members have not purchased it, please do so and add it to your Swiss collection, trust me you will enjoy it. This dvd is worth purchasing for those of you who love the MD-11, thanks WAR team you did a great job on filming, and hope to see more exciting DVD's produced. Lonnie Miller, USA

I must tell you that the Swiss MD11 dvd is First Rate, like the other Swiss dvd (A340). First of all, I really enjoyed the whole thing. The SWISS MD-11 Fleet in action was very interesting. Captain Frick and his crew where great at keeping the viewers apprised of the flight and the information about the cockpit during the flight to Brazil and Argentina. Seeing the Avionics bay of the MD-11 was very interesting. The Aircraft walk around was quite interesting. I do believe that Cpt Frick was the Capt. on a flight I took a few years ago. The Flight back to Zurich Airport was also very interesting. One thing which was quite interesting was on departure from Zurich, you see lightning,or Hells Fire as they called it. Many Thanks to the World Air Routes team and Crew. And many Thanks go to the SWISS Crews. GREAT JOB!!! Keep up the Great work, and Great DVDs. John Linder, USA

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