For nearly 80 years Sabena planes have been seen at airports all around the world. Just Planes was fortunate to have filmed a number of flights on Sabena aircraft from.

The Boeing 747-300 series was not too common. The aircraft basically has the cockpit of a 200 and outside looks of a 400. It first flew in October 1982 and Swissair took delivery of the 1st aircraft while Sabena took the last one in 1990.  Sabena mostly operated them on transatlantic routes to New York, Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Montreal and to Chicago O'Hare where the flight we filmed was going. You will have a great Captain & Flight Engineer who will present this aircraft to you in details!

Bonus on this 3hr DVD is a flight on the 737-300 to Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport and on the 737-500 from Brussels to Warsaw.





Filmed in 1998 - Released in 1998

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-300 OO-SGC SN 539 BRU-ORD 8h12


ORD Chicago O'Hare, USA

B737-300 OO-SYA SN 279 BRU-SVO 2h52


SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo, RUSSIA

B737-300 OO-SYA SN 280 SVO-BRU 3h28

SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo, RUSSIA


B737-500 OO-SYK SN 275 BRU-WAW 1h25



B737-500 OO-SYK SN 276 WAW-BRU 1h59



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Two nights ago I received WARs first ever triple dvd. On the Sabena 747-300 I would like to thank Cpt. Keke Elavia, F/O Daniel Gerard, and F/E Philip Canham for their contributions (e.g. Preflight Walkaround, Takeoff Briefing, Route Information, History of the Aircraft, Cockpit Tour (including the F/E Panel), Progress of the Flight, and Approach Briefing). The filming crew did an excellent job with all of the scenery (e.g. Cockpit Scenes, Cabin Scenes (including the meal services), & Scenes at ORD (including the Sabena Landing on 9R). I also liked the opening with the Sabena 747-300 taking off from BRUs 25R and the closing with the Sabena 747-300 taking off from ORDs 32R (returning to BRU). The Sabena Boeing 747-300 DVD is one of my favorite 747 DVDs and perhaps my favorite of the original Flight in the Cockpit series. Anyway, I have started watching the first DVD (A310 & A330) last night and hope to watch the second tonight.
John McCreery, USA

I've just received the new 3 DVD's Sabena Pack and I have to say that it's a great program! All the dvds are fantastics, done with lots of professionalism and the pack is very beautiful. Thank you very much for your work. Bruno Festre, BELGIUM

Hi! i received your very first dvd in mail about a week ago. i got the sabena 747-300 dvd. i must tell it was worth the money. i was really impressed with it. about the only complaint i have is, it was hard to hear was the flight engineer was saying. his microphone needed to be louder. that was the only thing i have a complaint about. but, this dvd is a neat one. i love the take-off. the landing is spectactular as chicago comes in to view. overall great dvd. i will keep buying more! Keep up the good work! God Bless The USA!!! Jason Jackson, USA

Congratulations for the SABENA Boeing 747-300, it's fantastic. Manuel Capela, PORTUGAL

You did it again! The DVD is spectacular, both in content and image quality!! Just superb! Dave Von Pein, USA

I first flew on Sabena, when I was 3, on a DC 7 seven seas, from the Belgian Congo, where I was born, to Brussels. During the next few years, I flew on Sabena 707, 727, 737 and 747 to Kinshasa and New York. I have a great collection of Sabena memorabilia. I was very sad when Sabena went out of business. This 3 DVD set is fantastic, and will always remind me, when I watch it, of what a great airline it was. You should have it in your DVD library. A must. Michael Lenglez, USA

I just love the DVD, but I miss my home-base airline a lot! A big compliment for the pilots and creators of this superb DVD! Great job!! Rutger Leunen, BELGIUM

I've just received the new 3 DVD's Sabena Pack and I have to say that it's a great program! All the dvds are fantastics, done with lots of professionalism and the pack is very beautiful. Thank you very much for your work. Bruno Festre, BELGIUM

Having spent 6 years in Waterloo. And going to EBBR several times a month and hearing the controllers on my hand-held radio. This 3 disc pack definately made me feel as if this was money EXTREMELY well spent. Each segment is different in their own ways and truely shows how good SABENA used to be! The flight to Africa was beyond detailed! If I am correct, the PIC from that flight is the same from the BOS-BRU flight! Seeing the EBBR scenes again made me feel at home! I recommend this dvd to EVERYONE! It's worth more than the price we pay!! Sumner Rabin, USA

Excellent DVD, all the crews are very kind, it is very well filmed and we can see a lot of landscapes. Thanks to this DVD, we travel all around the world from our sofa! Tom Dallwitz, GERMANY

This DVD is a must. It contains great information about Sabena's History and development. Great Work WAR!!!

Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA


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