The 2 pilots on this program which runs more than 4 hours long! give you all the information you want about the aircraft, the route, oceanic crossings and much much more!  This is a wonderful occasion to follow a flight to the US as we fly into busy Newark International Airport. You will see some of the traffic as we taxi for takeoff including a go-around and more presentations by the pilots on the overnight return crossing to Stockholm.

Also included is a detailed cabin presentation by the flight attendants and a look at the superb inflight service of SAS!




Filmed in 2009 - Released in 2010

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-300 SE-REF SK 903 ARN-EWR 8h07

ARN Stockholm Arlanda, SWEDEN

EWR Newark, USA

A330-300 SE-REE SK 904 EWR-ARN 7h41

EWR Newark, USA

ARN Stockholm Arlanda, SWEDEN

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When I first saw this DVD I was intrigued by the fact that this flight takes us from Stockholm to Newark airport. It has not been very common to find US destinations among JustPlanes DVDs and I would imagine that this is in part due to many regulations since 9/11.

This DVD is also very informative as it features various aspects of preparing an aircraft for an international flight. This DVD goes a step further by also showing how the flight attendants prepare for their duties, highlighting when and how certain items are served. The approach into Newark airport was a highlight due to the fact that the crew had to contend with some very bad weather on their approach. The return flight was also unique in that you are given a priceless view of the New York City skyline at night. It also shows just how busy the skies of NY can be at times with a view of aircraft lined up one after the other to land at Newark Airport.The segments showing the cabin crew’s preparation and service were very interesting to say the least

All in all this DVD was very enjoyable and I am happy to add it to my collection. Would I buy this DVD again if it were lost? Yes I would! It is definitely high on my list of some of the best JustPlanes DVDs available and I would tell anyone that these are a very good addition to your collection, especially if you are an Airbus fan.

Reviewed by AvSim

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This program is one of my top 10 Just planes videos. The pilots give a very detailed presentation of the entire flight, from planning to shut down, this program will give you a great overall impression of SAS’ transatlantic operations and the A330-300. I greatly enjoyed the detailed explanation of the data link and randomized transatlantic tracks. But my favourite part was definitely the tour of the galleys and cabin amenities of the SAS A330. The Purser did an excellent job of explaining the inflight services that SAS offers and the set-up of the different galleys onboard. Kristof Barocz, CANADA

If you love to see how a transatlantic flight is carried out by a major European carrier then this is just a great opportunity for you. Captain Rosen and his FO take you from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport on a return flight to Newark Liberty airport. The pilots give you a broad explanation of how the Atlantic crossings work (on both flights). There is extensive cabin footage, a very long taxi time towards the runway while waiting for departure from Newark and also the approaches into Newark (low visibility) and Arlanda are very spectacular. Both the cockpit and the cabin crew do a magnificent job in explaining how their daily work looks like. Besides that, there is also a detailed cockpit explanation of the A330-300. Resuming: this is a fantastic DVD, one of the better ones in the entire series of Just Planes. Thanks JP and SAS for a fantastic product! Paul Nibbering, NETHERLANDS

Again you have pulled out of your magic hat a true masterpiece. The cockpit crew did a fantastic job of explaining to us what they do every day; but I must make a mention to the cabin crew . They are true ambassadors for SAS, their explanations of the service and galley layout was a wounderful addition to the film. Well done! Simon Cordall, UK

I have just watched the SAS A330 Dvd and it is excellent. The pilots were very professional and enthusiastic to share information about the A330. The stormy landing in EWR was quite memorable. I particularly enjoy any opportunity to watch Airbus pilots use the side-stick on takeoff or landing and this video provided a great view of the FO using the side-stick (filmed from behind) on takeoff from Stockholm. I hope to see more Airbus side-stick action filmed in the future. A very well done video. Brian Gustafson, USA

I am totally amazed with this great production. I especially enjoyed the landing in EWR. The combination of the bad weather and the busy atc made it a great viewing pleasure. The taxi footage from landing to the tow in to B68 was wonderful. I always love when taxi footage is included and this is most I have seen in a DVD. I appreciate it so much that it was included. I use to work in EWR for Continental but transferred to IAH 3 year ago and this DVD brought back a lot of memories. Especially now with the Continental name going away, this will be a great memento of Continental Airlines. The cabin footage and the crew made made this DVD a real keeper. Thanks again JP! George Alves, USA

I am totally amazed with this great production. I especially enjoyed the landing in EWR. The combination of the bad weather and the busy atc made it a great viewing pleasure. The taxi footage from landing to the tow in to B68 was wonderful.Flight deck explanation by FO was great, in details and thorugh..Highly recomended. Great job by WAR.

John Markarosian (Threshold), CANADA


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