For more than 20 years, Heavylift has been the company organizations turn to when they need to safely and reliably transport a large piece of equipment by air. That is why today Heavylift is recognized around the world as the first choice outsize carrier for businesses in a wide variety of sectors. The Belfast first flew in 1964 and only 10 were built for the RAF. Half of those ended up in service with HeavyLift.

This program shows exactly what kind of operations Heavylift undertakes as we ferry the Belfast from Paris to Madrid to pickup a crane destined for Dakar in Senegal. Because of the weight of this piece of equipment we have to stop in Las Palmas on the Spanish Canary Islands to refuel the aircraft. On the way back from Dakar to Southend we are empty and as a result the Belfast can do a 9 hour nonstop flight!




Filmed in 2002 - Released in 2002


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
Belfast G-HLFT HLA 886 CDG-MAD 2h33



Belfast G-HLFT HLA 886 MAD-LPA 4h27


LPA Las Palmas, SPAIN

Belfast G-HLFT HLA 886 LPA-DKR 3h40

LPA Las Palmas, SPAIN


Belfast G-HLFT HLA 887 DKR-SEN 9h13


SEN Southend, UK

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Congratulations and hats off to Just Planes for this DVD! This one is in my top 10 favourites at least in my growing collection. Okay first off this program is unique. The Shorts Belfast was an aircraft that was rare to see and from what I heard is not flyng anymore at least not for Heavylift. I loved the intro. The music, approach and landing clips were phenomenal. I felt like I was on the grass at the side of the runway. Also in the cockpit you gotta love the deep moan of thos Rolls Engines. I must say the cockpit was unique too as it seems there were two sets of throttle quadrants for both pilots. The departure out of Paris was quite nice and we got to see some very well known sites from the air. I can only imagine how heavy that crane was to transport, I was impressed big time. This airplane's beauty to me is seen in how its built like a tank. One unique aircraft, one unique program, its a must in any aviation enthusiasts or pilot to be collection.

Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Having been on that Actual Aircaft many times whilst on cargo ops at Birmingham, It was good to see it in action in other parts of the world, Great DVD, A must for anyones collection. Dave Hart, UK

Living near the airport of Le Bourget, I often see the take-off of that impressive aircraft, and now with that video I can board into this monster. I particulary love the first sequence, a flight starting from Roissy CDG, with a sky full of clouds and some rain showers. Imediately after take-off, the Shorts Belfast overfly the near airport of Le Bourget, with very detailled views, then after the left turn for departure, all remarquables monuments are spotted by the camera, Le stade de France (soccer world cup 1998), Eiffel tower and La Defense complex. The Belfast realy comes from another century, watch the panel ! only gauges, no modern display, and a crew of three is just enough to control it. Loading procedures sequences are very instructives, and I also apreciate to discover flights over spain and Africa deserts areas. Yes, this DVD differs from others. Enjoy ! Thierry Davroux, FRANCE

Although flying high and fast is always fun, it is a nice change of pace to slow down a bit. With "HeavyLift" you're a little closer to Mother Earth. And, by traveling a little slower you get to take in the sights. The departure from Paris, the trek across the Spanish Desert, the approach into the Canary Islands and the Northwest African coastlines are breathtaking! Keep up the great work. Ted Barkley, USA

As a former Flight Operations Controller for HeavyLift, and having worked with the Belfast and the crew members, I found the DVD to be as close to the experience of the Belfast without actually being able to be there. I always loved to hear the sound of her 4 Rolls Royce Tynes on taxi home. Great to see, and would loved to have seen more. A real MUST BUY. Wayne Williamson, USA

The heavy lift programe was really good with excellent sound quality and brilliant pics of the old beast. Been viewed several times and will never get bored of the program. keep them rollin.... Lee Owen, UK

I am fascinated by the Heavylift Shorts Belfast DVD. I can't stop watching it!! Thanks to Just Planes and Heavylift for creating what is now the only way of experiencing this unique beast of an aircraft!! I love the noise of those Rolls Royce Tyne engines and the amazing views of Paris, not to mention the other outstanding scenery. This DVD is a winner!! You MUST by this piece of history!! I look forward to more outstanding programs. Mark Walkington, UK

A great video of a great - in every sense of the word! - aircraft. The engine noise was not much of a problem, and hardly intrusive. An excellent production which I am pleased to add to my collection. Roger Thiedeman, AUSTRALIA

I love the Heavy lift Shorts Belfast program. It is very interesting, and I recommend it highly! John Linder, USA

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