FILMED : 2016

TIME : 187 mins

PRICE : $30

For the 6th time in the past 20 years we return to French airline Corsair where we've filmed some very interesting routes all over the world from the A330 and B737 to the B747SP, B747-300 and the B747-400!  This time we visit the island of Mauritius for another very interesting exotic adventure! A great crew presents this flights in details as well as their aircraft and some really awesome scenery at the departure and arrival destinations and all along the route!

+ Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras

+ Fantastic views on takeoff & landing!

+ Detailed Preflight Preparations

+ Crew Briefings

+ Checklists

+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Detailed Cockpit Presentation

+ Pilot Presentation

+ Great scenery

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
747-400 F-HSUN CRL 952 ORY-MRU 10h31

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE


747-400 F-HSEA CRL 953 MRU-ORY 10h57


ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

Flight Preparations

Lining up



Just airborne from Paris

Climbing and making a left turn

Descending into Mauritius

Over the island

On final

On short final

About to touch down

Landing at Mauritius

Reversing the engines

Taxiing to the gate

Job well done!

Preparing our return flight

Lined up, ready to go

Just airborne

Flying over the end of the runway

Leaving the island

Some magnificent views...

as we climb out of Mauritius

Turning North

Having to avoid some weather

Scene 1, Take 1 ;)

Cockpit Presentation

Cabin service

Upper deck of the 747-400

Some scenery... we fly over Africa


More of Egypt

Leaving the African continent

Over Greece

Saudia 777 passing

Great view of our wing and winglet

Starting our descent into Paris

Nice time of the day to make our approach

View of Paris and the Eifel Tower

Making our turn towards Orly Airport

Making our approach

Final approach

Nice wing view on final

About to land

Taxiing to the gate, passing a Corsair A330

Happy Captain shows his plane