Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2003

Corsair started operations on 17 May 1981. The airline provides domestic and international services to more than 60 destinations around the world on a regular basis using a fleet of Airbus A330s, Boeing 737s and Boeing 747s.
The 1st part of the program features the latest addition to the fleet, the Airbus A330, with a transatlantic roundtrip flight to Montreal's rarely used Mirabel Airport.

The 2nd part is on the Boeing 737-400 and a roundtrip flight from Paris to the very scenic island of Sicily.

The 3rd part of the program, previously released on video, shows a rountrip flight to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean Southbound ont the Boeing 747-300 and Northbound on the only European Boeing 747SP which has since been retired.

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What a great program. All the Pilots and crew give a lot of good info about the different aircraft and what a nice surprise to see the 747SP. The approach to reunion Island was really neat and the runway looked a little short.Keep up the Great Work.    John Linder, USA

This is a fantastic program and a real treat to see 747SP operations as well as flying into the rarely used Montreal Mirabel Airport. I truly enjoyed this DVD because of its variety in aircraft types.   Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Excellent dvd, the part about the 747-300 and 747SP is very interesting with many explications about the navigation into Africa. The two others flights to Montreal and Palermo are great with beautiful view of Palermo. The ETOPS rules are explain and describe for the flight From Paris to Montreal and we have the pre-check landing to Montreal during the flight, it's just so cool! Big thanks to Just Planes Team for this fabulous DVD!  Julien Roquoplo, FRANCE

After watching merpati DVD, i ordered another 2 dvd. Corsair and United 777. The Corsair DVD is very informative, especially on the olry-reunion legs using 747 classics. Capt. Legault explained the special procedure when overfly africa. Once again WAR have execute a good dvd, with a clear pictures and a crisp sound....once again i say "a job done well is a job well done" keep up the good work guys. At the moment just ordered another set of dvd. Air France, Swiss air 340 & MD-11, hapag lloyd, helios, orient thai and gol... and im sure that im going to enjoy watching your high quality dvd.  Ari Margono, AUSTRALIA

I have watched this dvd countless number of times. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Cpt. Wilfrid Legault deserves Merci Beaucoup for his contribution. That includes the introduction prior to both flights, the route info, the B747SP Cockpit Presentation, and other important information relevant to Long-Haul Flights (e.g. a possible diversion to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and the difference between the B747SP to the other B747s). I also enjoyed the cabin scenes on both flights and some important information from the Chief Flight Attendant. . In my opinion the Corsair DVD is Justplanes (World Air Routes) at its best. The film crew did a wonderful job with all of the scenery, especially Paris. For the A330 flights I would like to complement Cpt. Jean-Claude Denece for his contribution (e.g. External Walkaround, Tour of the A330 Instruments, Route Info, & ETOPS). For the B737 flights I would like to complement Cpt. Christian David. I want to thank Tommy Mogren and Michel Moskal for doing a fantastic job with the production of this DVD. Also, I have to agree with the comments from both Stan Lenox and Robert Apps. And I strongly recommend this DVD to all your viewers.

John C. McCreery, USA

I did not know much about CORSAIR so it was great that World Air Routes featured this carrier. The A330 and B737 portions of this DVD are great. However, the B747-300 and B747SP portions are definitely the highlights. In my opinion the B747's that are featured are the best that World Air Routes has done to date. Pilots of these older aircraft definitely earned their money - no computers to figure everything out. On the flight from Paris to St. Denis (Reunion) the B747-300 takes off with the maximum weight allowed for the long 10 hour/50 minute flight. Therefore the pilots are constantly checking fuel levels to insure there is, indeed, enough to complete the trip. The return leg on the B747SP appears a little easier as that aircraft was originally designed to travel further distances. The Captains do an excellent job explaining the routes of flight and approach briefings. Having flown on many B747's (and the B747SP as well) it was great to get a good view of how they are flown via this DVD. Furthermore, I especially enjoyed the scenery tour of St. Denis - very pretty beaches and resorts. So once again World Air Routes has done their usual EXCELLENT work in producing this DVD and they are to be commended many times over. Great work!!!!! Thank you.

Stan Lenox, USA

I have just spent the evening watching this production - for the fifth time, and it improves with keeping. Quite compulsive viewing.  Robert Apps, UNITED KINGDOM

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-200 F-HBIL CRL 900 ORY-YMX 7h19

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

YMX Montreal Mirabel, CANADA

A330-300 F-GJSV CRL 901 YMX-ORY 7h24

YMX Montreal Mirabel, CANADA

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

B737-400 F-GFUH CRL 500 ORY-PMO 1h58

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

PMO Palermo, ITALY

B737-400 F-GFUH CRL 501 PMO-ORY 2h12

PMO Palermo, ITALY

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

B747-300 F-GSEA CRL 910 ORY-RUN 10h50

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE


B747SP F-GTOP CRL 911 RUN-ORY 10h54


ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE