In 1998 we releases this program on video featuring the last part 121 scheduled Boeing 707 in North America, weeks before it was retired from service ; 8 years later we're happy to bring this unique and rare 707 program back on dvd!

You will enjoy 3 flights in the cockpit from Miami to Honduras and Nicaragua with some nice presentations by the Captain and Flight Engineer.

On December 20th Boeing celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 707s 1st flight. This DVD is a rare opportunity to take a trip back on this great aircraft!




Filmed in 1997 - Released in 1998


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B707-330C N707HE CAC 039 MIA-SAP 2h39

MIA Miami, USA

SAP San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS

B707-330C N707HE CAC 039 SAP-MGA 0h48

SAP San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS


B707-330C N707HE CAC 040 MGA-MIA 2h20


MIA Miami, USA

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This DVD is my second World Air Routes film to add to my collection. It was really excellent to fly on an aircraft that is just so old it is rarely seen now these days. The walkaround check done by the F/E was very interesting. It was very nice for cpt. Mendez to welcome us aboard flight WE 039. The key facts that were reviewed while on the ground at San Pedro Sula, Honduras did give me more insight on this aircraft's history. Cpt. Mendez did an excellent job presenting the cockpit on the return flight to Miami. And the presentation of the Flight Enginner's panel while on route to San Pedro Sula was also interesting too. And last but not least is at the end of the film when cpt. Mendez talks a little bit about the aircraft he has flown for Challenge Air Cargo. This is a must have if you like classic aircraft like the Boeing 707-330C. Spencer Mitchell, USA

Although my favorite airplane is the 777, I'm glad I got this DVD. As a matter of fact, I watched it while flying on a 777 between DFW-KIX. I'm glad you made this available as a DVD because for anyone who remembers the 707 it will always go down as one of the greatest airliners in history. It was the first American built jetliner in service, and it was the first jet airplane I ever flew on, back in 1965, on a TWA 707 from EWR-IAD. I still have memories of that flight. The crew presentation and scenery was excellent. I especially appreciate the nostalgia of the pilots as they recalled their fondness for the airplane. Thank you for making it available in DVD. Michael Karpf, JAPAN

Just got the DVD. The 707 is one of the avaition greats. Very detailed DVD and some real hands on flying. The crew gave a detailed overview of the aircraft and their duties during the days flights. True affection for this aircraft shown by the crew. Well their not the only ones sorry to see this aircraft retire. Thanks W.A.R for releasing this DVD. Another one to add to my growing collection. Jim Muir, UK

I also own the VHS version of this video and I have to say it is fantastic. We get a great detailed walkaround by the F/E and as far as I can remember it was unique to see the last 707 in service in North America at the time before it was shortly retired. The destinations visited in South America were great. A must have for all classic jet lovers. Who knows, I might even buy the DVD in the future for the quality will be much better. Jeff Schapira, CANADA

I only have the video tape, but planning to buy the dvd. What I like about this program is the flight engineer's detail explanation that covers both in and out of the aircraft. Outside preflight list is just amazing, this is what separate this program from the rest. Not to mention the professionals skills on these crews when they work together to bring this old workhorse up in the sky . It's great to hear those engines rev for the very last time in United States. Two thumbs up to WAR Team. Nicolas Hwang, USA

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