This is our very 1st Cockpit program that actually got our series started. We did not really plan/intend things to happen but they did and this lead to our very popular Flight in the Cockpit and  World Air Routes series!

Carnival Air Lines, based in Florida, operated from 1988 through 1998. One of the aircraft in its fleet was the Boeing 727 with up to 7 aircraft in service. This program follows Carnival's Chief Pilot on a flight from Ft Lauderdale to Newark. See the pilots at work, hear the checklists, communications and more





Filmed in 1993

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B727-200 N805EA KW 082 FLL-EWR 2h27

FLL Ft Lauderdale, USA

EWR Newark, USA

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My first Just Planes DVD was Flight in the Cockpit 23 SABENA B747-300 and it was when I decided to keep acquiring your excellent DVDs. Thanks for bringing back the trailblazer one. This beautiful video presenting the wonderful B727-200. Though a short runtime DVD it's a delightful and feelthere way to remember this marvelous, powerful classic bird. Also to celebrate your 20 years. Congratulations! Eduardo Zarate

You all do such an awesome job, and your work means a lot to those of us who are passionate about commercial aviation!! Dave
Wow. Dials, needles and even a flight engineer... Definitely old skool! Keep up the good work!!NS
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