Our program starts in the Austrian Operations department where the crew is being briefed on and prepares the flight. After a walkaround of the 767 we join the pilots in the cockpit for the pre-flight preparations. They explain everything in detail.

During the flight we visit the cabin to learn more about the meal service and often the pilots jump in to explain what is going on with the aircraft, communications and more. In Toronto we visit the CN Tower with spectacular views of the city and the downtown Airport before returning to Vienna with further presentations by the pilots.




Filmed in 2008 - Released in 2008

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B767-300 OE-LAT OS 071 VIE-YYZ 8h54



B767-300 OE-LAT OS 072 YYZ-VIE 8h12



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As with most DVDs, we start off with a briefing for the flight to Toronto. After the briefing, we are taken on a walk around of the 767 which was well done by the Captain. We then join the First Officer as he continues to perform his cockpit preparations such as paperwork and taking down the ATIS report. He also takes time to give us an explanation of the overhead panel and flight instruments both during the preparation and cruise phase of the flight.

During the cruise we are again given added information on the 767 and ETOPS flying by the Captain and First Officer. One of the features I enjoyed the most was the cabin crew service. Austrian Airlines has an in-flight chef on board its aircrafts and from the look of the meals you can tell this is not your ordinary airline food. Back in the cockpit, the Crew takes more time to explain the instruments, overhead panel, center pedestal and how to program secondary routes on the FMC. After the landing in Toronto, the DVD features some clips of Toronto from the CN Tower I believe and they are quite nice.

Finally, on the return leg from Toronto, the F.O gives us more details on the pre-flight checks to be carried out on the 767. The final flight also features very nice views from the cockpit on takeoff, cruise and on landing back at Vienna.

This DVD is a great addition to the list of DVD titles and one that any 767 fan will enjoy.

Reviewed by AvSim

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This was my first WAR DVD purchase. As an aviation enthusiast and flight simmer, the presentation was really wonderful. I appreciated the aircraft walk-around prior to cockpit preparation. The cockpit procedures and checklist were easy to understand (despite their accents). Another great feature was the inflight meal preparation which was meticulously done by an inflight chef. When the crew encountered a fuel imbalance during cruise, I paused the video and thought of the possible solution. I'm glad that it was right! This DVD is a truly recommended material. A great way to start my WAR collection. Roy Joven T. Benzona, UAE

"The co-pilot did a fantastic job explaining the checks he completes when entering the aircraft. Goes into the detail you want if you're a simmer like myself. Both pilots are good presenters in flight, demonstrating a fantastic knowledge of the aircraft they obviously love flying. The oceanic part of the journey is a good tutorial and it's interesting to see the use of the SELCAL when in a HF region. A DVD you can watch over and over and learn a phenomenal amount from. Well recommended." Dave Potter, UK

Well I think it is safe to say that this is definitely one of the best DVD's that WAR has produced! The quality of the production on this particular video is amazing. The views of the flight deck, airports, scenery and cabin are simply spectacular. For anyone who is a Boeing fan and even those who may not yet be, this DVD will reinforce the beauty of the 767. All of these factors make for an excellent DVD, however, the best part of this DVD is the crew. The Austrian crew is welcoming and extremely informative. The first officer walks us through EVERYTHING we could want to know about flightdeck procedures. Not to mention that Captain Gruber is probably the coolest pilot ever featured on a WAR DVD. For beginning buyers or even the most seasoned shoppers like myself, I highly recommend this Austrian 767 DVD. You will not be disappointed! Bravo! Matthew Armstrong, USA

In this program, we fly with one of Austrian's B767-300 aircraft from their homebase in Vienna to Toronto and back. All the presentations are superb, and the views from the CN Tower in Toronto was a great idea! Very detailed explanations and information of the aircraft, the route, and the meal service, to mention just a few of the things featured in this DVD, definitely one of the best to date. Tim Herman. USA

If you just buy one DVD buy this one. This program has everything in it, a wonderful crew who give you a comprehensive tour of their working environment. You get wonderful views of Toronto and its surrounding area. The 767 as been featured before but it is always a pleasure to see how different companies operate the aircraft. It is nice to see not everything goes to plan we see a fuel in balance and how they deal with it. The presentation is well up to and I would say exceeds the very high standard that JPV produce. I have two admit that the 767 is my favorite Boeing aircraft so I am a little biased. Simon Cordall, UK

Compliment for the great job done with this DVD, the best 767 program. Excellent pilot explanations, wonderfoul images.

Amos Migliavacca, ITALY

Wonderful job in producing this DVD. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. The Cockpit Presentation, The Meal Presentation, along with all the other presentations are well done. The Toronto scenery (including landing & takeoff, and views from the CN Tower) is fantastic. I like the format on the Austrian 767 DVD. Thanks,

John McCreery, USA

Recently purchased an 767 simulation add on for Flight Simulator, now it was great to see how the real thing worked and the Austrian 767 program is definitely a must-have in each and every WAR collection.
Great route, very friendly crew (well yes, they are known for it) and very detailed explanation into all the 767 systems, an interesting visit in the cabin, the short sighting tour of Toronto (I've been there myself in 2000) and last but not least the NAT-operations, I would have never thought it would be that complex as seen in the video.

Words can hardly describe how I felt during watching, this one is definitely my favorite WAR DVD so far. As said above, A MUST-HAVE! Christoph Sebek, AUSTRIA

Your best 767-300 DVD to date, very in-depth and informative from start up to shut down. With some great views of F/O Wutterna and CPT. Gruber greasing the landings at CYYZ and LOWW respectively, amazing footage to say the least.

Allan Stiff , CANADA

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