This 2 hour program takes you to some of the largest airports in the US including Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare & Dallas Ft Worth. You follow the pilots at work before and during the various flights. The crews will give you a complete description of the cockpit and that will allow you to see the differences between the -200 & -400 aircraft. Pilots also talk about the advantages of flying for Atlas Air, amongst others, the fact they fly to all corners of the globe.




Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2004


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-400F N498MC CAL 228 ANC-MIA 7h03

ANC Anchorage, USA

MIA Miami, USA

B747-400F N498MC CAL 227 MIA-ORD 2h42

MIA Miami, USA

ORD Chicago O'Hare, USA

B747-200F N528MC CAL 351 DFW-ATL 1h28

DFW Dallas Ft Worth, USA

ATL Atlanta, USA

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This DVD starts off with clips of the Atlas Air 747 in action both in the air and on the ground. The first featured flight takes us from Anchorage to Miami onboard the 747-400F. As usual we start off with a preflight briefing which is made even more interesting with clips of the 747 in action. After the briefing the Capt takes us to the ramp where we meet the Atlas Air 747 in the livery of one of its customers (China Air Cargo).

The Capt takes a few minutes to explain the reason for the non Atlas Air livery and other details on Atlas Air operations. Some of the interesting features of the departure out of Anchorage were the various views from both inside and outside of the aircraft along with the views of the snow topped mountains of Alaska. Other areas of interest include the cruise period from ANC to MIA when the Capt gives details on the flight and on the 747 itself. The First Officer also takes the time to present to the viewers a cockpit presentation featuring the FMS, Flight Displays and much more!

One of the most unique features of this DVD, in my opinion, pertains to the First Officer taking the time to explain a lot about his job, unique types of cargo he has transported and the life of a cargo pilot at Atlas Air in general. For those of you ever considering the career of being a cargo pilot, these bits of information will prove to be very helpful.

The arrival into Miami at 4am proves to be uneventful as is the departure to Chicago. During the cruise to Chicago our new Capt talks to the viewers about the highlights of working at Atlas Air with some of the perks being the opportunity to fly all over the world providing an exciting and challenging everyday experience. After our landing at Chicago the viewers are treated to more clips of the 747-400 but this time with various customer liveries such as British Airways World Cargo, Alitalia Cargo, China Airlines Cargo and others.

The last leg of this DVD takes us on a short hop from Dallas to Atlanta onboard the 747-200. Highlights of this flight include the flight engineer panel presentation and the brief cockpit presentation by the captain. This DVD was a pleasure to look at and it was also very informative to both enthusiast of the 747 and to those of you who enjoy cargo airline operations. This is a great addition to your DVD collection!

These DVDs are an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home.

Reviewed by AvSim

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My passion is freight operations, and this video is highly recommended. This DVD is a must have for anyone interested in airplanes, operations, or someone who wants to learn about the guys who get no glory because they don't haul passengers. I hope that there are more freighter DVDs coming, as I will keep buying them all! Alex Epstein, USA

I really enjoyed this DVD. Its nice to see freighter operations as well as pax. There are some great destinations on this DVD and the scenery is really nice. The pilot and crew descriptions were very good and they all seemed very comfortable in front of the camera from what I recalled. I love the 747 and it was so nice to see some of the different variants on this program. Jeff Schapira, CANADA

The video begins with a nice brief introduction followed by a very Scenic Takeoff/Climb from Anchorage. The mountain views are just breathtaking during the climb. Once in cruise The Captain and the Co-pilot both talk a lot. The great thing about this video is that the all the Crew Presentations are really very informative Pilots not only talk about the Instrumentations but they also give a nice overview of the cargo operations, the variety of Cargo being transported using their 747s, about the ACMI operations and things like that. The Approach and Departure at Miami was really very pretty, mixed with excellent photography. The flight from Miami to Chicago, with different crew giving information about advantages of flying Atlas and the typical Atlas routes circling the globe is just simply fantastic. The Classic 747 Pilots and Flight engineer also did an excellent job giving an overview about their very complex looking cockpit. Worth to mention here that I really enjoyed the 747s in Action at various parts of the video and the cockpit takeoffs and landings are something which I played many times. The Camerawork is just perfect !!! I shall give 3 big Cheers to the ATLAS Crews and the WAR team for their excellent Video. Srihari Jayathirtha, USA

The Atlas Air dvd is simply phenomenal!!!! One of your best yet!!! I especially liked the Anchorage departure, with the snow-capped mountains in the background. Keep up the good work!!! Christopher Ramirez, USA

Just an awesome well put together dvd to keep you watching over and over again. The 747-400 is just an amazing aircraft. The dvd is a must have for any aviation lover!! Mike Singleton Jr, USA

I agree with all of the WAR club members, this DVD is just great. I'm not a freighter person, but this has changed my outlook on how B747 freighters operate and would love to see the WAR team film several more freighter carriers. Great job team. Lonnie Miller, USA

This is the best dvd that I have ordered from you guys. I love the 747 and the great views. The best part is the part from DFW to ATL in the -200. I love the old -200 with an old, well experienced crew. Keep up the great work. Cant wait to order my next one. Brian Rosencutter, USA

I have the Atlas Air video on VHS and won't hesitate to buy it on DVD as well. This is by far the greatest aviation video ever, especially for 747 and cargo fans like me. And many feel like I do and that's why its been made on DVD. If ever you get a video, this is the one to get. Thanks for making this one! Daniel Antoszczyszyn, CANADA

WOW!! I am blown away by the Atlas DVD. I am a general electric airplane engine enthusiast, and will tell you that whenever I fly SAA to south africa, I love sound of the start up of the engines. Furthermore, hearing the exact same sound on the start of the engines of the 747-400 at anchorage was amazing. triggers great memories. the whole video was top notch and I have to say that it has encouraged me to buy another. Lyle Cain, USA

I have to agree with Mr. Juan Ramirez's comments on the Atlas video (now being released on DVD). I think that justplanes did an excellent job with the filming and the pilots did a fantastic job with their presentation. Cpt. John Roberts (who did an excellent job with his presentation on the Boeing 747) and F/O Steve Muratore did a wonderful job with their explanation about Atlas, incuding a tour of the flightdeck. Cpt. Stephen Richards and F/O Peter Hayward did a great job with explaning the advantage of flying for Atlas. F/E Steve Cole (ex 747 Cpt.) does a wonderful job with his tour of the F/E panel. Special Thanks should go to F/O Ron Eggleston {Pilot Flying(CAL351)} with his performance from engine start at DFW to the landing into ATL. I should thank Captain Ken Evers for taking the time to give the viewers a tour of the cockpit (747 Classic). I was very happy to learn that Atlas allows their Co-Pilots taxi the airplane. I am looking forward to buying the Atlas DVD and sharing it with my friends. John McCreery, USA

Your Atlas Air World Air Routes video is excellent, as well as a Collector's Item. The program combines the best of your Flight in the Cockpit videos (very technical in terms of cockpit and instrumentation functions) plus what makes World Air Routes videos excel, which is to see exterior views of the concerned aircraft as well as exciting views during all the phases of the flight. The airline is excellently profiled, including the fact of its exchange with China Airlines as well as many others (interesting as well the fact that the aircraft had China Airlines colorscheme). The night approaches to and from Miami were good as well as the wintry Chicago O'Hare, which seemed to be surrounded of snow much more than even Anchorage. And the Final approach and landing in Atlanta was superb! Excellent program, in my opinion! Look forward for more. Juan Ramirez, USA

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