In 2002 we filmed our 1st program with Air France!

On this program we ferry the A330 to Chateauroux where the crew does a training flight. From the tower we observe the touch & go and go-around maneuvers before we take the aircraft back to Paris. This is followed by a transatlantic flight to Boston which features a great approach with spectacular views of Boston Logan Airport as well as the city of Boston. Also included a visit in the cabin of this brand new Airbus.




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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations






CHR Chateauroux, FRANCE


A330-200 F-GZCD AF 332 CDG-BOS 7h17


BOS Boston, USA

A330-200 F-GZCD AF 337 BOS-CDG 6h22

BOS Boston, USA


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All I have to say Is WOW, what an amazing production. The shots in Boston were amazing, including the approach, landing and taxing split screen shots. What a masterpiece.
Gerry Babcock, CANADA

There is only one word for this World Air Routes DVD on the Air France A330. Wonderful!!! This DVD gives a truly fantastic experience on the A330-200, with great shots of Boston Logan Airport. This is my 8th WAR DVD and not my last. Great Work WAR.
Matthew Albiston ; Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Watching this DVD remember me my last trip to Paris and the great Charles de Gaulle Airport. Although we flew in B777 MEX-CDG, we did´t have the same service as seen in this excellent DVD on board of this Air France A330.
Hector Alejandro Rodriguez ; Aguascalientes, MEXICO

For those of you out there who love circuits this is a real treat for you. It was also nice to see the welcome on the MCDU on behalf of Justplanes before the our flight landed in Boston. I also enjoyed how the screen was split to show the views from the cockpit as well as from outside. Nice touch there.
Jeff Schapira : Toronto, CANADA

Another great DVD by Just Planes!! It would be really hard for anyone to make an A330 DVD better than this Air France one. The highlight being the training circuits and the cabin features demonstration. Just Planes sure goes to full limits when it comes to filming opportunities, from every angle possible!! An excellent DVD that clearly (& entertainingly) outlines the Airbus A330 and Air France, with constant interaction with the crew, instead of just solo filming.
Jack ; Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

I just received this DVD yesterday and I must say it is absolutely awsome!!! The editing was done perfectly because every single minute is so entertaining. The audio and video quality were just as superb. This is a must have I recommend to everyone who likes World Air Routes.
Adam S. Khan ; Windemere FL, USA

Another excellent Just Planes DVD! The tour through the cabin of the A330, was the high point, along with the split screen taxi, and takeoff from Boston. Merci!
Matthew Norman ; Rye NY, USA

I like the french comments when the takeoff to KBOS happens : "C'est pas un avion de tarlouzes ! Ca grimpe !" . I will let those who wants to translate. Very good explanation on the ETOPS procedure and ETOPS areas over the atlantic. Good buy.
Jerome Covini ; Ajaccio, FRANCE
What an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable DVD on Air France and the A330! I have always been a bit of an Boeing fan, but the A330 is an impressive airliner! I cannot believe some of the touch-and-goes it did during the training segment. The cabin flights were great, and a nice balance between the cockpit action. It would be good to see more cabin footage in the future. The pilots were very informative, including a good demonstration of the MCDU. The approach into Boston was the highlight, no doubt. The scenery around Boston is spectacular to see. Keep up the good work!
Hywel Phillips ; London, UNITED KINGDOM
I would like to complement justplanes on there Air France DVD, Especially the flights between Paris and Boston. I enjoyed the approach into Boston.
John C. McCreery ; New York NY, USA
Another awesome DVD - Air France A330. Like a previous reviewer stated, I am more of a Boeing fan, but the A330 is an impressive aircraft to see! The in-cabin flights in France are great - the approach into Boston is spectacular to say the least. The crew gives us a nice detailed briefing on the ETOPS rules, and they show off many cabin features of the aircraft. Overall, another great production. Thanks again!!
Amy Bubash ; Pittsburgh PA, USA
Absolutely one of the best videos I have ever seen! The first officer explains the rules of ETOPS well and they show great interest in there new plane which make the footage outstanding! Also the touch and go footage is amazing! This is definitely a must have DVD!
Pablo Marrero ; Philadelphia PA, USA
I just purchased 5 DVD"s of Air Mandalay, Air France , KLM City, Sobelair and Air Calin. I really liked the Air France A330 especially the performance of the A330 in Action.
Paul Matti ; Bacolod City, PHILIPPINES
I like Boeing aircraft and have never been too much of a fan of Airbus Industries. However, after watching this DVD of Air France; I must admit that I am very impressed with the A330-200 and its performance. Furthermore, Air France goes to great lengths to showcase all features of this aircraft. I really liked the "touch-and-go" and "go-around" the A330 performs at Chateauroux. Amazing. Nice cabin views as well. Great flight presentation to Boston with excellent scenery views. Keep up the excellent work.
Stan Lenox ; Nacogdoches TX, USA
I love the Air France A330. The approach into Boston runway 4 right is just spectacular! I know, I did it on Alaska last year. Good job!
Michael Bowman ; Portland OR, USA
I order the Air France A330 dvd and I must say, it's super ! Very interesting ! I'm a student commercial-pilot ! Keep a good job !
Alexandre Petit ; Bouaye, FRANCE
I got your new DVD for Qatar Airways and Air France A330-200. They were wonderful. Keep up the good job . Thanks!
Abdullah Humaid ; Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
This is definately a MUST have DVD. The touch and go's were great and also a GA (Go Around). There are great shots in this dvd.
Jose Rafael Navarro Rodriguez ; Ciudad Bolivar, VENEZUELA
Touch and go's in a brand new A330, from the cabin and the control tower, that's what I call fun DVD watching. Also great cabin views and descriptions, well done Just Planes.
Ron Peel ; New York City, USA
Once again a great job !!! The touch and go session makes you realize the level of performance of the A330-200. I loved the approach into Boston Logan, it was breathtaking. ETOPS explanation is also a valuable part of the program. Finally, this plane is brand new and you can feel it when you look at the cabin presentation. Keep up the good work !!
Olivier Deuson ; Brussels, BELGIUM
You see great views of Boston Logan Airport. Also the tour of the A330 inside the cabin is great, you can see how attractive Air France products are for its customers. The First Officer does a good explanation of the flight.
Adam Gungah ; Burnley, UK
The touch and go footage is phenomenal. You would never believe that an A330 can do the things it does in this dvd. Also, the in cabin footage makes you feel like you are actually flying along with the passengers and crew. This is a must have dvd.
Chris McKeithen ; Mandeville LA, USA
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