About Air Canada & the Embraer 190

The Embraer 190 first flew on March 12th, 2004 and Air Canada signed to order 45 aircraft in September of that year. First delivery occured on December 12th, 2005. With 13 Embraer 175s already in service at the time Air Canada became the 1st airline in North America to operate 2 models of the E-jet. The order for 45 EMB-190s was to be completed by the end of 2007. The jets are configured with 9 Executive Class and 84 Economy Class seats.


About George Town, Exuma

Exuma is a district of the Bahamas comprising more than 350 islands.  The Capital George Town is located on the largest island, Great Exuma, also the location of its airport known as Exuma International Airport. Most service is to the USA with Air Canada providing the only scheduled service to another country and also the longest range route from the airport.


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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2011


Widescreen DVD filmed in High Def features :

More than 4 hours in dept EMB190 presentation!

Multi-camera views, 4 cameras in cockpit!

Includes Pilots, Instruments, Runway, Sideviews

Detailed Pre-Flight Briefings, Checklists

Takeoff & Landing Briefings

Detailed Pilot Presentations all along the flights

Navigating from US into Cuban airspace

Cockpit Presentations

Aircraft External Walkaround

Cabin service

1st flight into Exuma, Bahamas!

Great Scenery all along the way

EMB-190 Runway Action

and a lot more.....

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
EMB-190 C-FFYT AC 1764 YYZ-GGT 2h58


GGT George Town, Exuma, BAHAMAS

EMB-190 C-FFYT AC 1765 GGT-YYZ 3h08

GGT George Town, Exuma, BAHAMAS


EMB-190 C-FHOS AC 970 YYZ-HAV 3h19


HAV Havana, CUBA

EMB-190 C-FHOS AC 971 HAV-YYZ 2h58

HAV Havana, CUBA


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Reviewed by Airways Magazine

Just Planes has once again produced another exceptional HD DVD featuring Air Canada. This DVD features the operations of Air Canada’s E190 to two unique destinations.

Our first round trip takes us from Toronto to Exuma in the Bahamas and as usual, we start off with an introduction to the captain as he reviews the flight plan and other necessary documents prior to pushback. From the cockpit viewers are able to join the crew as they complete cockpit setup and the departure briefing.

Highlights of this flight include thorough reviews of each phase of flight which gives the views all the reasons for each decision the crew makes during the flight. This includes an easy to follow explanation of the route and departure and arrival procedures. Other highlights come as the crew shows the viewers a very unique and highly accurate flight planning software that is used by Air Canada.

It would be a gross injustice not to also mention the stunning beauty of the Caribbean sea and the islands of the Bahamas as the E190 makes its approach to George Town.

An added feature to the filming of this DVD is the availability of multiple views from the cockpit which is shown during take off and landing on each flight. The final highlights of this return trip include a thorough walk around of the aircraft, VFR departure from Exuma, views of the cabin service, Thorough cockpit presentation featuring the PFD (Primary Flight Display) and autopilot.

Our final round trip takes us from Toronto to Havana, Cuba. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to see video documentation of this destination and it was a definite highlight of this DVD. Highlights of this flight include the captain discussing with the viewers some of the special procedures required for flying into Cuban airspace, views of Cape Canaveral and a continuation of the cockpit presentation which covers the MFD (Multi Function Display), ICAS and other systems of the aircraft.

This DVD was an absolute pleasure to watch and I think it deserves two thumbs for the creative editing and overall entertaining content!

Reviewed by AvSim

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Just got the Aircanada Emb190 for my birthday and I love it! Great job on puting this one together. I'm glad to have it in my collection. Thankfully, Jefferson Davis, USA
Just planes, you did it again. Another great program. Capt Lewis did a fantastic cockpit presentation. Thanks !
Marcel Laroche, CANADA
Just Planes has once again exceeded my every expectation. This program is Just amazing. Captain Lewis did an outstanding job in every aspect. The new camera angles and the HD format really highlights the interesting approach into Exuma and gives the entire DVD a up-close and intimate feel. Just Planes has really impressed me with its Air Canada collection. I own all 4 programs and it would be impossible to name just one as my favourite. I really commend Air Canada for it’s professionalism and for letting us see what happens behind the scenes. Maybe you are a Boeing or an Airbus fan, but I promise you, watch this DVD and you will have a new found appreciation for Embraer and their aircraft.
Kristof Barocz, CANADA
Absolutely Brilliant!!!! For the 4th time, Just Planes and Air Canada have teamed up together and gave us yet another incredible program featuring their E190. This DVD is packed full of in depth information from start to finish with amazing picture clarity and top quality editing. A special thank you goes out to Captain Jeff Lewis for the professionalism, effort and enthusiasm you treated us for 247 mins. Your pre flight briefings, walk around in Exuma and in depth presentations of the PFD, MFD and EICAS were outstanding and very informative. Another great little feature that Just Planes added to this program was including the E190 aircraft specs during the airport action footage which again shows us that they're always coming up with new ideas to incorporate into their videos. Last but not least a very big thank you to Air Canada for giving us an inside look into the operations of your fleet and allowing us first class access to the 767-300, 777-200LR, 777-300ER and E190. I think I speak for all Just Planes fans when I say we hope to see the completion of Air Canada's fleet featuring the Airbus and maybe with a little luck we might even get to see the 787 in 2013 and one more program on the 777 flying the Polar route:) You're continuing relationship with Just planes is much appreciated by all fans. Brent Ktytor, CANADA

I received my copy of the AC Embraer 190 program on Friday, hardly 6 days after I had placed my order for it. Fast shipment - satisfied customer.I think you could not have chosen a better Captain for a production of this kind. I was amazed by Jeff Lewis' enthusiasm and professionalism in bringing the Embraer closer to the audience. Also, I found that he has a great sense of humour, and I chuckled at quite a few of his comments along the flights. Of course, the two F/Os acted highly professional as well.

As for the destination choice, it could not have been better as well in my opinion. I was excited when I saw that GGT would be one of them, as I had flown in there in the flight simulator about two years ago. It was interesting to see how arrivals and departures are handled there in real world, though - like the pilot of a presumably small aircraft coming on the radio and asking the AC pilots what direction their aircraft was coming in from. The flight into Havana -an aviation museum, according to the Captain- was worth seeing as well.

Well done justplanes. I really like this production and will be watching it a few more times -- as my aim was also to learn more about flying the E-Jets, which I definitely have. After following all these AC programs, booking a flight on the carrier seems inevitable now. I just hope I get to sample a few types shown in the videos.Marius Stach, GERMANY

I just received my copy this afternoon ... all I can say is wow !! talk about attention to detail. I really appreciate where the camera is situated, as you feel like you are actually riding the jump seat. Fantastic dynamic by the crew and they have a great sense of humor. Thanks again for a comprehensive insight into Air Canada's operations.  Paul O'Dea,  AUSTRALIA
This is another top release from Just Planes. This latest Air Canada release shows yet again the special relationship that has emerged since the first release of their B767. The EMB-190 is featured and highlighted beautifully. Yet again the Air Canada crew shines in this production. Captain Lewis was very eloquent in his explanations of the aircraft and routes. I especially appreciated when he mentioned all the airline departments behind the scenes that are responsible for making a flight happen. I thought that was a nice touch because they are not mentioned very often. I hope to see more Air Canada DVDs in the future. George Alves, USA
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Air Canada Project Pilot Captain Lewis.....

... and his crew on the Embrer 190


Departing Toronto bound for the Bahamas

Great scenery of the Bahamas islands


Going over the approach details for George Town

Passing over Nassau on our way to Exuma


EMB-190 External Walkaround in George Town

Taking off from Exuma International Airport


Cabin service

Very detailed cockpit presentation


Final Approach at Toronto

Landing at Pearson Airport


EMB-190 runway action

Just airborne from Toronto bound for Cuba


Final Approach at Havana

About to touchdown on Rwy 24


Flight Preparations at Havana

Taking off from Cuba to Toronto


Passing over the Keys

About to touch down at Toronto Airport