FILMED : 2016

TIME : 225 mins

PRICE : $30

Just Planes is overly delighted to welcome Aer Lingus, its 264th airline in the Flight in the Cockpit series, on this St Patricks Day and less than a month from the airline celebrating its 80th Anniversary!


Aer Lingus operates an all Airbus A320-A330 fleet that serves more than 80 destinations! For this program we will fly the A330-200 on a great route to San Francisco which on a great day, as you will see, offers an absolutely beautiful arrival and departure!


Our 3 pilots have done an absolutely outstanding job presenting all the steps of this operation to you in details from the moment they get to the airport in Dublin until the Airbus reaches the gate back at Dublin! They also give you an interesting inside into how they became pilots.


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+ Cockpit filming using up to 7 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

+ Pilot Presentations

+ Flight Preparations

+ External Walkaround

+ Cockpit set-up

+ Briefings & Checklists

+ External Walkaround

+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Great scenery including amazing arrival & departure at San Francisco!

+ Cabin views


Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



EI 147




SFO San Francisco, USA



EI 146



SFO San Francisco, USA


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+ Downloaded the video today and its excellent! Chris Carlson

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+ Very indepth and informative program. It showed every vital aspect of the flight and how the crew communicated with eachother. I also think that Aer Lingus is a very good airline to feature due to the simplicity of their flying , and how friendly and supportive their crews are I would love to see some Aer Lingus short haul featured! Simon Harkness

+ I thought your A330 was one of your best. David Carlson

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+ This was the 1st video I bought from Just Planes. It was great! The crew are the definition of professional. Their clear and concise communication at all times was extremely impressive. Well done to Just Planes and Aer Lingus. John McAvinue

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+ Best program yet! Simon H

+ I love the kind of optimism and life-affirming attitude the crew shows in this video! DV

+ I really like the Aer Lingus program. It is great! I kept watching it until 1am. I can not remember when it was the last time that I did so. The highly motivated crew did a great job! I especially liked the comprehensive walkaround. Sven Gruetz

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+ Awesome program. Your videos always remind me why I love aviation as much as I do. AS

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+ Just love this!!!!! Love Aer Lingus, its a great airline to travel with. Thank you so much for the upload.CUD

+ Just wanna say a big thanks to you guys! Your Aer Lingus video reminded me of what I want to do and why. Watching it has made me focus on my goals and has pushed me to study towards my dreams. Gareth O'Driscoll

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+ The video gives a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes on an international flight. Very enjoyable  Richard O'Connor

+ Very awesome video! Certainly shows the many beautiful aspects of aviation and has reinforced my desire to be an airline pilot! DFW

Flight Preparations in Dublin

Our crew walking to US Pre-clearance in Dublin

Detailed external walkaround

Cabin Manager welcome's us on board

Cockpit Preparations

On time push back from the gate in Dublin

Our 3 pilots are ready for takeoff!

Captain Owen rotates his A330-200

EI-LAX departing Dublin

Inflight service

Some of the starters...

... dessert and snacks

Meet up with KLM 747 over the Atlantic

Condor 767 flying next to us at the end of the crossing

Over Canada

Nice scenery en route

Preparing our arrival into SFO's runway 28L

The view we wanted!

Wingtip view of the city and 2 bridges

Making our turn towards the airport

Fantastic view of the city and the Oakland Bay Bridge

Right over SFO Airport at 10,000 feet!

On final for runway 28L

EI-LAX landing on 28L

Fiona flying the return to Dublin

Preparing her takeoff

IAG partner British Airways A380...

landing and taxiing right in front of us

Watching a side by side approach...

... and landing on 28L and 28R

#2 for depature

Into position

Cleared for takeoff from 28L

Just airborne

Right view from the airport

Climbing out for a beautiful departure

The Oakland Bay Bridge at night

Leaving the coastline

That was an amazing departure with incredible views!

Cockpit Presentation

Fiona very focused on her landing

Runway 16 at Dublin

Max crosswind on landing

Approaching the Dublin terminal