Vancouver Island Air is Vancouver Island's premier seaplane company serving coastal British Columbia with a fleet of Beech 18 seaplanes and DeHavilland Beavers. VIA operates a series of scheduled flights to many remote communities on a daily basis. The airline also operates many charter flights as well as Air & Sea adventure tours.

This program is a wonderful combination of aviation featuring 2 very interesting types of aircraft with presentation of their cockpits, maintenance and much more... along with the discovery of one of the world's most scenic places as you fly to a dozen locations in British Columbia. You will even get to see bears, seals and take a ride on a catamaran and last but certainly not least we've arranged for a side by side flight of the Beaver and the Beech with camera's in both aircraft, all together an experience you do not want to miss!



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Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2001


Just finished watching this dvd, the best work so far by your staff. Brought back a lot of memories of my flights on the beaver without the floats. This is my 10th dvd and I loved every minute of this beautiful video. Congratulations to all involved. Looking forward to more dvds.

James Gibson, CANADA


The VIA program is a rare treat! Wonderful old "round engine" airplanes flying over some of the most beautiful scenery in the world at very low altitudes. It's fun to see a variety of the local BC wildlife up close and the boat ride to Big Bay is fantastic too! Very nice presentations by the VIA personel and great air to air photography make this a really complete and enjoyable program! Keep the wonderful work on World Air Routes!

Greg Rowland, USA


THE BEST, THE VERY BEST, a TWIN BEECH 18 Fan's wildest dream! A MUST HAVE VIDEO, the Beech 18 sounds will bring tears to your eyes! PLEASE DO MORE BEECH 18 VIDEOS!!

Larry Green, USA


I have just finished watching this DVD and can say it's great. Very interesting (and perhaps light-hearted) section on maintenance. Lots of unusual footage is included like a catamaran ride and a look at wildlife. This is the first DVD with floatplane operations I have seen and so it was rather special to watch. The best part was the air-to-air footage which lasts over 10 minutes! It was amazing to see the beautiful scenery underneath as the aircraft was flying.  Unbeatable value for 180 mins of footage. I'm looking forward to future releases now.

Hywel Phillips, UNITED KINGDOM


WOW! What a pleasure viewing this unique float plane operation. Brings back memories of this spectacular area of British Columbia. A bit different, and may I say more complete DVD, with segments on Lodge, viewing bears, catamaran tour with a visit to Fish Farm as well as enjoying close-ups of seals sunning on the rocks, and beautiful homes along the waterways. Even a clip on helicopter plucking logs from the clear-cut to the water. Wrap-around windshield on Beach 18 affords unobstructed 180 view of unmatched scenery of British Columbia. Good presentation about the company as well. Maintenance segments are very interesting with an ingenious way to transfer float plane from hangar to the water. Lots of action with numerous take-offs and landings. Low level flying at its best. No computer flying here, hands on the controls all the time. And then, Air to Air segment. One of the best DVD's. SIMPLY SUPERB DVD. THANKS!
Nick Bancic, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg     Flt Time Destinations
Beaver C-GSUE     0h24

Campbell River - Glendale

Beaver C-GSUE     0h20

Campbell River - Brem River

Beaver C-GSUE     0h22

Brem River - Campbell River

Beaver C-GSUE     0h45

Campbell River - Jervis Inlet

Beaver C-GSUE     0h44

Jervis Inlet - Campbell River

Beaver C-GSUE     0h25

Campbell River - Raza Island

Beaver C-GSUE     0h07

Raza Island - Brent Island

Beech 18 C-FCSN     0h17

Glendale - Kingcome Inlet

Beech 18 C-FCSN     0h13

Kingcome Inlet - Blackfish

Beech 18 C-FCSN     0h21

Blackfish - Jackson

Beech 18 C-FCSN     0h20

Jackson - Campbell River

Beech 18 C-FCSN     0h20

Big Bay - Campbell River

Beech 18 C-GVIB     0h14

Campbell River - Powell River

Beech 18 C-GVIB     0h30

Powell River - Towry Head

Beech 18 C-GVIB     0h19

Towry Head - Campbell River