VG Airlines operated long haul transatlantic routes from Brussels to Boston, New York JFK and Los Angeles during 2002 with a fleet of 3 Airbus A330-200s ; the Los Angeles service continued to Yerevan in Armenia. In addition the airline operates services for several other airlines in and around Europe.


VG Airlines hired former Sabena crews to operate its aircraft and they will give you a nice tour of the Airbus A330 as you fly in and/or out of each of its 3 North American destinations. Learn about the aircraft systems, how the ETOPS routing works during the Oceanic crossing and much more... The dvd also includes a great sunset departure from New York JFK and spectacular night approach into Boston's Logan Airport.


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Filmed in 2002 - Released in 2003


The VG Airline DVD is indeed a very special DVD. While it is one of the shortest DVDs, its content is by far very unique and exciting.

The first flight featured in this DVD was the 11+ hour flight from Brussels to LAX. Some of the highlights I thought many of you would enjoy are the walk around inspection of the aircraft, oceanic clearance procedures, meal service and the scenic views from the cockpit on departure and especially on arrival at LAX.

It’s not very often you get to see approaches into major US airports and thankful it doesn’t stop there. The next flight segment featured a very interesting short trip from JFK to Boston. There are very few Just Planes DVDs that feature flights from and to a US airport so this segment was also very special. I especially enjoyed the clips of other aircraft as they departed JFK at dusk and the amazing views from the cockpit of our A330 as it departed into the darkening skies over New York.

The final flight takes us from Boston back to Brussels for an uneventful landing and an end to a great journey. I think most of you will really enjoy this DVD and especially so if you are a fan of the A330 or any Airbus aircraft. Don’t be fooled by the short duration of the DVD (90 mins) because I can promise you it will be 90 minutes of your life well spent viewing this great DVD.  Reviewed by AvSim


You did it again, World air routes, a great presentation of the A330. Too bad VG airlines does not exist anymore.
Marcel Laroche, CANADA

The VG program was a truly excellent program. Our approaches into LAX were amazing showing us the density of that airspace and the thing that made this DVD was the night approach into Boston Logan for Rwy 27 with the city in the background. It was truly fascinating. I was impressed at how young the crew looked for the flight from Boston to Brussels considering they were flying the A330. Another good feature of this program was when we were at JFK waiting to depart for Boston and we got some nice shots of aircraft departing right by us. I believe another good reason for getting this DVD is that the airline ceased operations making it a nostalgic collector's item. Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Great job for this DVD!! The Airbus 330-200 is truly a beautiful lady. Is just very sad the fact VG has been one more victim of modern concept of short living airlines like many others. Anyway, we enjoy flying and WAR is there to take us to the air with lovely DVDs. Thanks!!! Renato Da Silva, BELGIUM

The whole DVD is nice! Especially the Brussels to Los Angeles flight. I liked the shots outside, the moving map, and the airport shots outside(Especially Las Vegas and the United 777 taking off). I enjoyed the DVD!

Carl Robinson, USA

One word for this DVD is Great!!! The sound and picture quality is just so good. The aircraft walkaround at BRU and the take-off at Boston is just the best. It contains all of the pre-departure checklists and Captain's speech. This video would have to be one of the best so far. 10 out of 10 WAR. This is my 4th, but not my last. Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

A stunning DVD, the taxi and take-off out of JFK gave me the chills. Breathtaking images with that skyline of NY in the setting sun, that in combination with the nice effect of all those wide-bodies with their strobe and anti-collision lights and their engines roaring, rolling past the VG A330s cockpit at the holding point. Also very nice and recogniseable images of the harbour of Antwerp and its nuclear powerplant. A very nice plane that is filmed excellent in this DVD.  Bart Van Goethem, BELGIUM

The VG Airlines dvd is one of the best in the World Air Routes series! and especially nice presentation of the A330 with a detailed walkaround to show the external features of this magnificent airplane. The nonstop flight from Brussels to Los Angeles features spectacular scenery of Greenland, northeastern Canada and the western United States in clear weather. The evening flights from JFK to Boston and from Boston to Brussels are equally impressive with fantastic views of operations at JFK and loud & clear ATC. The extensive preflight preparations and checklists for Boston to Brussels add a lot to an excellent program which includes some very nice shots of the cabin and the view from the cabin windows. World Air Routes is the best! Please keep them coming! Greg Rowland, USA

A friend of mine recommended this DVD and I have to admit: this is a DVD you must have! After I saw the whole DVD I just wanted to see it again, especially the JFK - Boston part. Also the outside cockpit views on the different airports and in the air were great. Remarkable is the clear ATC communication. VG Airlines A330-200 is DVD you can't miss in your collection! Keep up the good work! Marcel Venema, NETHERLANDS

I just recived the VG airlines DVD a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was the takeoff from JFK. Also liked the cabinscenes. Sid Basu , USA

After just playing this dvd I got goosebumps after seeing the stretch from New York JFK to Boston at dusk/night! That was the best part I have seen so far! The view from the cockpit on the departure queu at JFK is beautifull! It is also really interesting to see the crews 'wrestle' with the taxiways on the airports. The conclusion is that this tape shows you three breathtaking flights with great scenery and good and clear ATC communication. Only too bad that the ETOPS explanation is relativly short. But don't let this stop you from getting this VG Airlines DVD.


Great DVD, with an interesting look at the advanced A330. Greg Schneider, CANADA

A terrific job with good cockpit and cabin shots. It is always a good when you show what is going on inside the cabin as well as the cockpit. Keep up the good work, I will look forward to Aurigny. Michael Bowman, USA

I enjoyed your VG Airlines DVD, the approach into Boston was stunning at night and the best, excellent look at the A330 Panel. Any chances of releasing DVDs weekly? (they are so good), keep up the work. Adam Gungah, UK

This is an excellent dvd. Nice cockpit presentation and great night scenery. I'm looking forward to your next program. Thanks to all the crews and film makers.

Ted chen, TAIWAN

Although one of the shorter running times among the vast World Air Routes assortment available (clocking in at 96 minutes), the VG Airlines Airbus A330 program is well worth the money and the time spent watching this great twin-jet being prepared for the three flights presented on the DVD. The 11-hour-plus flight from Brussels to Los Angeles is a top-notch chapter, with fine scenery and frequent updates on the progress of the flight via the aircraft's TV monitoring system. The taxiing after landing at LAX gives the viewer a good idea of what it's like to move about on the taxiways of an extremely busy U.S. aerodrome! Although it's a relatively short distance to our A330's gate assignment, we're still treated to some nice footage of the various Jumbos that are constantly pounding the pavement and pressing for space at LAX. I wish the taxi segment could have been longer, but it was still long enough for the viewer to digest the feverish amount of activity that is ever-present on those LAX tarmacs. Major U.S. airports are just about unrivaled for their breakneck pace of airline operations. It's fascinating to watch the amazing coordination and timing that is employed by ATC controllers in getting these massive birds in the air, one after the other. Another fine example of busy ground operations is evident in this VG program's JFK-to-BOS chapter. I thoroughly enjoy watching segments like this, where the aircraft we're flying is shown progressing through a long queue of planes. Our A330 is in line behind a number of heavies while awaiting departure from JFK's very bumpy active runway! And this is a beautiful "at dusk" takeoff for Logan in Boston as well, making the scenery all the prettier! Our final flight features a non-stop run on A330 "OO-SFR" from Boston back to Brussels. I've grown to love the Airbus A330, and it's nice to see that Just Planes has now produced several different programs highlighting this gorgeous airplane.
Lest I forget to mention the very nice musical intro for this VG program. Excellent choice. Plus a nice full and robust-sounding Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo soundtrack (as is the case with all the World Air Routes DVDs). I've noticed that all of the Just Planes programs are encoded with 2.0 soundtracks that are transferred to the DVDs at a much higher volume than almost any other DVD products you're likely to find on the market today. Which I like very much! You don't have to crank the volume up to 7 or 8 (out of 10) just to hear the action. Just Planes DVDs are much LOUDER than nearly any movie I have on DVD, which is especially nice for the action sequences on the JPV Airport Series of DVDs! Believe me, you won't want to crank your stereo to "max." on those programs, or you'll find yourself making a trip to the store to replace your blown-out speakers!
I must also make mention of the very tasteful and well-designed DVD Menus on ALL of JPV's DVD products! Very simple and to the point, without all the irritating music blasting at you each time you hit the "Menu" button, which can be very annoying after a while. JPV's menus are "silent", which I like, with nicely-designed "underlayed" images to spice up the Main Menu on each DVD. Kudos on the Menu designs!
Overall, I'd say this VG Airlines A330 program is one of my favorites in the continued excellent World Air Routes series! I'd highly recommend it, or any of the other many Just Planes products. David Von Pein, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-200 OO-SFS IV 005 BRU-LAX 11h03


LAX Los Angeles, USA

A330-200 OO-SFR IV 003 JFK-BOS 0h41


BOS Boston, USA

A330-200 OO-SFR IV 004 BOS-BRU 6h16

BOS Boston, USA