United was the launch customer for the Boeing 777 on 15 Oct 1990 and became the first airline in the world to introduce the 777 into commercial service on 7 Jun 1995 from Washington Dulles to London Heathrow.
United's Director of Flight Operations Control, Captain Eldridge, gives you a very in-depth look at the operation of the Boeing 777 between two of the largest and busiest International airports in the world.

In detail you will see how the pilots prepare the flight before and after boarding the aircraft and find out how the state of the art cockpit works. Witness the takeoffs, landings, many nice views from the cockpit and much more....




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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



UA 928



ORD Chicago O'Hare USA

LHR London Heathrow UK

B777-200 N770UA UA 929 LHR-ORD 8h07

LHR London Heathrow UK

ORD Chicago O'Hare USA

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Fair price for a good production.



This is the third DVD in this collection I have bought and easily the best. Captain Eldridge leaves few stones unturned as explains so much more than other (albeit good) ones. I learned a lot. A must have for anyone interested in the operations of flight.
Robert L. ; Chicago IL, USA

I really recommend this DVD, where we can now be and feel inside of the B777´s flight deck. Because my last flight from Mexico to Paris CDG on B777,with this DVD I came back to remember a lot of this regarding the B777 and her powerful. I love the American and Typical English of the crew.
Ing.Héctor Alejandro Rodíguez de Alba ; Aguascalientes, MEXICO

Just watch the UA 777 DVD. It gives a very clear picture of the UA operation. Captain Eldridge is very clear in his explanation, He is a very good TV presenter. Very nice shots of ORD specially the runway areas, even the LHR shots were impressive.

Deepal Perera ; Moratuwa, SRI LANKA

This is my first world air routes video. Also being a frequent traveler on United Airlines I felt right at home. This is a perfect video for a quick get away in your own living room.

Greg ; Chicago IL, USA

Have purchased quite a few vhs tapes and dvds and I have to say I really enjoyed this one on the B777, a truly spectacular aircraft. I am still awe struck at how big some the airplanes are and yet the performance is quite good! I did have some sound issues, it must be my system. Anyway a marvellous dvd, highly recommended.
Anthony Plowden ; Richmond BC, CANADA

Very well done! As a retired United Captain also type rated on 777 I thoroughly enjoyed the memories.. Kudos to the professionalism of my former colleagues at UAL! I highly recommend this DVD.
Captain Ross "Rusty" Aimer ; San Clemente CA, USA

Another home run from the Justplanes folks. The in-flight presentations of the 777 cockpit were very good. I was quite surprised how different the 777 cockpit architecture is from the 757. This is my second DVD from Justplanes and will not be the last. I have my eyes on the Sabena collection. Again thanks for a wonderful DVD!
Kersi Billimoria ; San Diego CA, USA

The UA 777 DVD is probably my favourite in all of the World Air Routes Series for the following reasons:
1) It was my first DVD in the series
2) The choice of flight was excellent going from the World's Busiest Airport for aircraft movements at Chicago O'Hare to the World's Busiest International Airport at London Heathrow and the last time I checked it was third busiest in the world
3) It was a unique opportunity to witness crews at work for one of the world's largest airlines
My comments on the show are that it was absolutely fantastic. Our Captain gives us an incredible cockpit description on the 777 and what ETOPS flying is all about. It was great to see so much behind the scenes footage of the UA Flight Ops area at Chicago. It was also nice to see footage of UA 777s operating in and out of many major airports across the globe.  This is a must for all of you that enjoy this DVD series. So well done and lets hope for some more major carriers such as this in the near future.
Jeff Schapira ; Toronto, CANADA

I bought this DVD Because 777s are one of my favourite airplanes.My whole life I have absolutely loved airliners and are delighted to be able to see flights from the pilots point of view.I have got quite a collection of Justplanes videos and DVDs and the United 777 is such a good one to have.Captain Eldridge and the crew were supurb.Thank you Justplanes and keep up the good work.
Adam van Tol ; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

I absolutely love the flying in this cockpit dvd. I will definately get a different one of those.
Samuel Pieper ; Whitewater WI, USA

The United Airlines video may be your best yet!! I have had to re-order the video because I wore out the first copy! Captain Eldridge and crew do a fantastic job with their cockpit presentations. World Air Routes hits another home run with this dvd!
Christopher Ramirez ; Houston TX, USA

Excellent !! as if you were inside !... professional staff with highly competent pilots !!...on board one of the best airplanes flying today. Thanks for your excellent dvds!! I enjoy them!!
Pol Bacquet ; Geneva, SWITZERLAND

I got my DVD on the United Airlines and could not wait to watch it as I did not have a DVD player yet. I do now and I've already watched the video several times. It is my favorite because the 777 is my favorite airplane. I work for American Airlines and I have only flown on the 777 91 times..Make that 93 after next week. Even the fact you did it with another airline made it no less enjoyable. Captain Eldridge gave a very good and concise explanation of the 777 cockpit. The scenery of London on approach was beautiful, especially downtown London. I also loved the UA 777's Around the World part. You still produce outstanding DVD's. I hope you do more on the 777..I love that airplane
Michael Karpf ; Irving TX, USA

My wife got my the United Airlines 777-200 DVD for Christmas and I absolutley love it!!! Great job!!
John Proctor ; Salt Lake City UT, USA

I just wanted to say that i just received the dvd of the united airlines 777 and must say it is a wonderful movie to watch. It has so much info and detail of the 777 cockpit and instruments etc... I am a true aviation enthusiast and have loved planes my whole life and have always wanted to learn & see more in-depth footage of one of the biggest commercial jets that are in service today. Capt.Eldridge gave a spectacular presentation of everything before the flight and during the flight. I watched it yesterday and im gonna watch it again and again cause it is so educational and interesting. And I also wanna give a thanx to Just Planes for their time and work into filming all the wonderful flights around the world for the people who do not actually get to see the work from the captains point of view.
Adam Angelo ; Weymouth MA, USA
The United flights from ORD-LHR and LHR-ORD were packed with tremendous attention to detail. I have flown through Chicago many times, and enjoyed the coverage of the taxi to the runway from the 777 cockpit. I also enjoyed the landing into LHR, and the flight over Greenland on the return trip.
Matthew Norman, Rye ; NY USA
Another great presentation from World Air Routes. I found the United 777 DVD to be quite entertaining and educational. Great flighdeck presentation and CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) interaction. Nice approach view of London.
Alexan Wong ; Los Angeles CA, USA
Ual 777 is perfect video great dvd recomend it to anyone who likes airlines and aircrafts
Rolando Medina ; Chicago Il, USA
The United 777 DVD joins the league of the JP Swiss A340-300 DVD as an instant classic and a must-have item for any aviation enthusiast. The Captain's thoroughness in presenting the phases of the flight and his attention to the B777's technical details are simply outstanding. There is very little meaningless out-of-the-side-window shots and the overall photographic and editing techniques are very professional. Despite the rather poor audio works, this is a superb DVD. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing the Swiss MD-11 DVD.
Sam Wang ; Sydney, AUSTRALIA
What a great dvd, one of the best dvd`s l have in my collection keep it up guys! Once again thanks.
Paul Jones ; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
This was my second dvd from your great company. Both are GREAT. I would recommend them to anyone. I just ordered a third dvd from you today, I am sure it will be as great as my first two. Keep up the great work.
Brian Rosencutter ; Tulsa OK, USA
The United Airlines 777 looks magnificent the cockpit seems so less intimidating then some of the other older cockpits, the pilots make it look so easy using the ACARS and route request systems on the FMC. A nice morning approach, showing all the London landmarks visible on the way to 27L. The Chicago run also impressed with a nicely rounded off landing. Great DVD!
Lawrence Ashworth ; Manchester, UK
After purchasing this dvd some months ago. I've watched it dozens of times. Each time I learn something new. The detail and the footage is the best I have yet to see. I recently flew UA941(EDDF-KORD) this past summer and I was shown the flight deck briefly. With the knowledge I learnt from this dvd I felt as I was Capt. Eldridge. I'd like to thank ALL at United for that magnificent flight and for United allowed W.A.R to film the two flights. I'd like to also note that the head persur on UA928 was one of my actual F/A's when I flew IAD-LHR in 1999,also on a 777. Congrats on another masterpiece and thank you for showing the aviation community what a great Airline United Truely is.... "It's Time to Fly."
Marcus ; Chicago IL, USA
This is, without any douth, the best DVD from you guys. The United Crew look so different from the others, so much character and power in any action. I think we should have more DVDs like this one, which shows plenty of things about the Crew before the flight. A big thanks to you from WORLDAIRROUTES!!!
Renato Da Silva ; Mons, BELGIUM
The 777 is my favourite modern airliner and the United DVD was really interesting. The DVD showed some amazing exterior footage of the aircraft landing and taking-off around the world which was a nice addition. The approach into Heathrow was great as last minute the runway changed and the pilots had to scramble to get the new approach charts ready. The cockpit presentation was very good and included all systems including the overhead panel and pedestal. This taught me a lot about how the aircraft operates. If you only buy one DVD in your life, make it this one! Highly recommended
Hywel Phillips ; London, UK
This DVD is the best, so far! I´m an Swedish truckdriving airplanefreak, just loves to watch airDVD´s. Got six of them allready, and is looking for more. This one about the triple seven, is the best, and also very proffesional made. Thanks guys, and keep the good work up!
Peter Roadson ; Skurup, SWEDEN
I have seen your United Airlines 777 dvd and it was amazing ! Especially the explanation of the cockpit controls.
Andreas Vavra ; Frankfurt, GERMANY
The United 777 program is great! Capt. Eldridge did a great job of showing us the pre-flight paperwork and his briefing with the head flight attendant was nice to see. His cockpit tour was detailed and very interesting. While watching the walk around, we can see what a HUGE jet the 777 really is. Great approach shots into London and some nice shots of Greenland on the way, combined with the previously mentioned briefings all make this a great package! Also, a nice descripiton of ETOPS requirements. Recommended to all!!
Amy Bubash ; Pittsburgh, PA
I have seen this so MANY times and i am also a fellow traveller on United Airlines and a Mileage Member as well. I experienced the thrill of flying in one of their 777s to London just right after I recieved this DVD. the procedures of pre-flight checklist and everything that Captain Craig Eldridge did was just remarkable. It shows to the world that United really is a WORLDWIDE PROFESSIONAL AIRLINE COMPANY. And they are! keep it up United!!
David Kapsner ; Irvine CA, USA
After I received this dvd I have watched it almost 20 times fully and never got bored at any point of time!!! The is an absolute master piece and a unique program where you get the best mix Aviation Beauty and Technological Wonder!!! To Start with we are part of the Preparations made by the Pilots and this gave a very good insight of the preflight preparations.. Walk around is too good. Then programming the FMS through the Datalink and getting the Oceanic Clearance through the MFD is something which makes the Video very unique... Captain Eldridge illustrates this in a fantastic way!!! He is simply superb.. Taxi is also very nice to watch as we see the Cars and trucks go below us!!! The cockpit overview is given in a neat way.... London approach is too cool... Also UA B777 In action is very good.. you can see some cool takeoffs and Landings of B777... Thanks to Just Planes, United Airlines and special thanks to United's Director of Flight Operations Control, Captain Craig Eldridge and his fellow pilots.
Srihari Jayathirtha ; Bangalore, INDIA
This DVD gave me a very interesting and professional overview of this unique machine: the 777. Cockpit presentation is very clear and concise. It's made easy for everyone to undertsand it. Moreover it features two great international airprots: London Heathrow & Chicago O'Hare.
Olivier Deuson ; Brussels, BELGIUM
As one of the many people who designed the Boeing 777, the Air Europe and United DVDs are great!
James Pernikoff ; Marietta GA, USA
The United 777 is one of the best detailed start to finish flight filmings I've ever seen. Nice job.
William Crowley ; Dorchester NH, USA
Love the dvd perfect for a future commercial pilot awesome a++++++++++++
Ryan Arucan ; San diego CA, USA
I love this DVD..the colors are exuberant and I feel like im flying along with the crew even though I hate heights! I was looking for a great DVD and I found it. Keep it up!
Sonja Bartoli ; Colorado Springs CO, USA
I bought the UAL 777 a while ago and just love it! Detail shots in the cockpit are really interesting and the captain went through every control on all panels, one by one. THANKS, and keep adding titles!
Vivian Watts ; Davis CA, USA
It's hard not to like this DVD. Capt. Eldridge is a born entertainer in the best sense, turning what could have been a technical bore into a fascinating look at modern air transport. The photography and sound are good with only a few small glitches. If you're looking for a great gift for an aviation buff this is a good bet!
Bill Allen ; Minneapolis, MN, USA
This United 777-200 is absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Everything is perfect from start to finish (even the bumper music at intro & end). Captain C. Eldridge did a wonderful job piloting the plane, preflight crew briefings, and explaining the cockpit instruments. The background sounds were excellent as well; I could the engine sounds during taxi & take-off. The bonus coverage of UAL 777's taking off & landing at various airports around the world was excellent as well. So all in all, this was an excellent DVD (the best I've seen so far - and I have 9 World Air Routes DVD's) and the staff/producers/ UAL pilots & professional deserve an A+ rating for this production. GREAT JOB!!!!!!
Stan Lenox ; Nacogdoches TX, USA
I love the DVD it is the Best Christmas gift I have and love everything in the DVD about The United Boeing 777- 200
Paul Bihl ; Saint Cloud, FL, USA
This DVD was outstanding and provided a hands-on look into United's automated flight operations.  Captain Eldridge set a high standard in his presentation. This DVD should be required viewing for any future WorldAirRoute crews who want to be filmed in future DVDs. If you were only going to buy one of the DVDs, this would get my unconditional endorsement.
Patrick Morrissey ; Dededo, Guam, USA
I Purchased United 777-200 with Cpt Eldridge I have to say, fantastic!!! excellent! I recomend this one to any Flight Enthusiast. Eldridge Really gives the viewers an indepth look at how the pro's prepare and land this particular aircraft. GREAT JOB CPT ELDRIDGE THANX ALOT
Steve Hughes Jr ; Gibbstown NJ, USA
This is my first DVD that I bought in WorldAiroutes, JUST GREAT. Excellent. I will buy more DVDs.
Tatiana Macchiavello ; San José, COSTA RICA
My second fourth video purchase and I am very well pleased at the time and effort it took to produce this dvd. The aircraft was explained in more detail than I ever expected and the video and sound were outstanding. I plan on adding additional videos to my collections soon.
Michael Gibson ; Allen TX, USA
This is the first DVD I purchased from your company, and expected to only get an average experience at best. I was happy to see that I was wrong right away! The captain actually took the time to explain what was going to happen near step by step prior to push back and the commencement of taxi ops.
From preflight briefings with the United Airlines company itself, to joining them in the flight operations building to a walk around of the 777 itself (where one can really get an idea of just how massive this jet is), to being dropped just behind the captain and the copilot to be a first hand witness to preflight checks, to pre push-back, to taxi (where the captain explains why they interestingly enough do not stop on bridge taxi ways), to take off…this experience just doesn't quit! Once airborne, I was expecting just a lot of outside shots of another 777, equipped with a commentary of the jet's capabilities, and perhaps some United Airlines advertising, but instead, you remain in the cockpit and the captain offers a mid-flight explain the instrumentation of the Boeing 777 from the overhead panel instrumentation to the dash, he covers it all in a way that is detailed, but not to the point of being boring. I almost felt like asking him to scoot over and let me have some "stick time"! The presentation is also thoughtful enough to update the viewer of the geographical location of the jet, and time in flight. Then, you watch the checklist for the descent into London's Heathrow (where the captain demonstrates the value of having sharp eyesight), followed by the landing, and taxi to the gate. Then, you see an interesting set of clips of 777 takeoff's and landings from around the world, its time to head back to Chicago. ……a repeat performance! All in all, I found this presentation to be interesting and educational. I'm not a pilot, but instead a computer flight simmer, and I'm glad I bought it!! I think you will too!
Chris Taylor ; Minot ND, USA
Great stuff, as in depth as you want, some great airport shots, especially the taxiing around O'Hare, and some great pics of the cockpit, with good commentary by the captain. This is the third I have purchased by just planes and they seem to get better and better. Keep up the good work.
Lee Owen ; Manchester, UK
Fantastic 777 DVD! Very Good!
Alex Juestel ; Reutlingen, GERMANY
This DVD is a great product : the views are superb : airports, walkaround, overflight above Greenland ... and the comments of the crew (Capt Eldridge is perfect) are really interesting. It's perfect to know how a 777 flight is managed.
Ben Voisin ; Avon, FRANCE
Fantastic , congratulations with the United 777. Captain Eldridge and his crew do a wonderful job!
Thanks very much Justplanes.
Filipe Dilson ; London, UK
This is a high quality production giving insight into intercontinental operations and the B777. Transoceanic clearences were new to me. Highly recommmended to anyone interested in this aircraft or transatlantic operations.
Paul Newton ; Chicago IL, USA
Fantastic , congtatulations,and i hope you continue to make us very very happy.
Antonio Maluf Junior ; Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
I received my UAL 777 dvd and I must say that it was absolutely outstanding . I've never seen a aviation dvd that good.
I'm a Delta Air Lines 777 pilot and I can tell you that this dvd is almost as good as the real thing. Keep the good work up. Sincerely ,
Dan Covington ; Atlanta GA , USA
This is incredible, this dvd of the UAL 777 should be purchased by everyone who is an aviation buff such as myself. You really hear and understand the crew on the briefing of the aircraft and you also learn how such a high tech aircraft really work's. Real good!. Keep up the good work.
Lonnie Miller ; Los Angeles CA, USA
I just received my UNITED 777-200 DVD and I need to say thank you for all of World Air Routes to the great quality of this videos. Congratulations for this job. I am looking forward to the next dvd!
Carlos Hermida ; Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
I got the United 777 and Lan Chile fleet DVDs and you have done the usual terrific job. The United 777 DVD was very detailed, the scenery was excellent and they showed a lot of detail about the aircraft. I was surprised at how helpful the crew was in the making of this DVD. I think you and the crew did United proud. I hope you do another DVD with United.
Michael R Bowman ; Portland OR, USA
I received my dvd and I enjoyed it very much. My hat off to the crew who made it possible.
Rodney Taylor ; New Orleans LA, USA
Having spent some cockpit observation time in a SABENA A310, a British Airways 747-200 and a British Airways 777-200, I can say that this DVD accurately captures the atmosphere and feeling of really being there. And, in light of the fact that getting to ride in the jumpseat is near impossible after the events of September 2001, if you want to see what it's like, this production may be your only choice. It will not only appeal to Private Pilots like myself wanting to experience the cockpit of some heavy iron, it will appeal to Desktop Simulator Pilots and airliner enthusiasts too. It's well worth watching!
David Newman ; Kingston MA, USA
Jaw dropping wow!! I am so glad you did it! Can't thank you enough. I am definitely gonna become a regular here!!! Thank you!
Sumner Rabin ; Fairfax VA, USA
I am type rated on the B-777 and this DVD is the most realistic experience you can have next to doing it yourself. Imagine being lucky enough to have two consecutive beautiful days in London. As the Head of Human Factors at UAL, this was an excellent representation of what we get to do and are fortunate enough to have your staff capture this in such an eloquent fashion. Thanks
Jack Rubino ; Denver CO, USA
I received my UAL 777 dvd yesterday, thank you so much. I wanted to let you know I watched it and that I find it very interesting. You really get to know the crew and get more insight of the 777. Its a beautiful aircraft. Again thanks, and keep up the great work. Sincerely,
John Linder ; Pembina CA, USA
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