FILMED : 2012

TIME : 220 mins

PRICE : $30

In 1996 we first filmed Turkish Airlines on an A340 to New York JFK. Now 16 years later we return to Istanbul to find a different company! Now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with a modern fleet of nearly 200 airplanes service close to 200 destinations and winning all sorts of awards including the Best Airline in Europe!


This program features the airlines' largest aircraft operating its nonstop service from Istanbul to Tokyo Narita.  You will find fantastic pilots who present their aircraft, the route and operation in extreme details. You'll see how our crew gets their 777 on the ground in Narita when many diverted to other airports due to extreme winds and windshear. Our cabin crew is also eager to present what goes on with their service during the flight. Enjoy this great airline & program!



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+ Cockpit filming using 4 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

+ Pilot Presentations

+ Flight Preparations on ground and in cockpit

+ Briefings & Checklists

+ Cockpit set-up

+ Cockpit Presentation in details including instruments, systems, checklists...

+ Departure & Arrival charts & briefings

+ Detailed Presentation of the Inflight Service, Meal Preparations, Cooks on board etc...

+ Great scenery Eastbound over China, Westbound over Siberia

+ Turkish Airlines fleet



Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



TK 050



IST Istanbul, TURKEY

NRT Tokyo Narita, JAPAN

777-300ER TC-JJI

TK 051



NRT Tokyo Narita, JAPAN

IST Istanbul, TURKEY

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+I think the Turkish Airlies movie is your the best movie so far! Not only have have you choosen a very nice airline, but you have also filmed some exciting things, as the passenger cabin, and also a major overview of the overhead panel. An other good thing is that there were alot of details about everything. And also the music was very good too :-) I hope you will keep on the good work. And i look forwad too some more excellent videos. A very happy customer! Jonas Jorgensen

+This is another fantastic production by Just Planes. The in-depth coverage of the inflight service and especially the tricky approach into NRT make this program very unique. The co-pilot does a very good job explaining the non-normal checklists on the 777. After buying almost every 777 program that JustPlanes has to offer, I’m still amazed at the amount of new and interesting facts contained in this program about the mighty triple seven. Once again, great job Just Planes and Turkish Airlines.Kristof Barocz


+Amazing DVD. I'm still watching it because on the return leg Kerem Koray does one of the most detailed cockpit presentations I have seen and I'm still trying to digest all the information. The whole video is packed with knowledge and the cabin service portion is fascinating also. I'm planning on going there in November ( LAX-IST) Todd Peterson


+Once again, thank you Michel and Udo (The A-team of aviation videos) for bringing us fans this wonderful production that was absolutely amazing. George Alves

+In my opinion, all of the DVDs featuring the 777s have been outstanding. My complements to the pilots and cabin crew for making the Turkish DVD entertaining. John C. McCreery

+It was very nice to see Turkish Airlines back in the series and hopefully there are more programs to come. The route to Tokyo was very interesting, great picture quality of the scenery as usual, and great crews. The missed approach due to the weather in Tokyo was an added bonus and the crew handled it very professionally.Mark Wilson

+I highly recommend this program, especially for those who love the 777. Crystal clear video and audio quality in the blu-ray. With the highly competent and professional flight crew in this production, I wish Just Planes would feature the THY 737NG series fleet in the near future. Another AWESOME job rated at 5/5 stars! Roy Joven Benzonan

+Really enjoyed this Blue-ray. On most videos, I am not really not interested in the cabin service portion, but I really liked this one. Hats off to? a great Turkish cabin crew and their service! Beckerm

+Seems like amazing! Turkish airlines,773ER,brillant crew both of cabin and cockpit, one of the great destinations Narita.. thanks very much "Justplanes". Hakan

+The quality of this video is second to none. Great job Justplanes! KD

+Fantastic video!!!!!! Francisco Cruz

Great video. Congratulations to? Just Planes and Turkish Airlines Asantana

+Great Flight video .? Turkish airlines is truly amazing. SH

I really enjoy watching this.' Good job! Excellent! FS

Great! Loved it. Ronald

Fantastic! Brandon Osmond

777 DVD's keep coming out and they keep on getting better and better! Thank you again for another wonderful DVD. Michael Karpf

Meet our Cabin Crew...

... and Cockpit Crew

Flight preparations in operations office...

... and in the cockpit

A look at the impressive Turkish Airlines fleet

Following a 737 on our way to the runway

Just airborne from Istanbul

As we turn around we get a great view of Istanbul Airport

Very nice service presentation

One of our cooks talks about his job

A look in the cabin of the 777

Right over Beijing Airport

About to land at Tokyo Narita

Bad weather in Tokyo today!

Our 777 on takeoff from Istanbul

Special livery on the 777 we fly back from Tokyo to Istanbul

Going over our departure from Narita Airport

A look at our entire route back to Istanbul

Following our aircraft as we leave Japan

A look at the entire route

A look at the various checklists on the 777

Cockpit Presentation

A look at the various systems

On final at Istanbul

Copilot making the landing this time.

Side view as we touch down at Istanbul