FILMED : 2012

TIME : 247 mins

PRICE : $30

One of the airlines most appreciated by our viewers is back in the series and one of your favorite Captains does the honor again as he takes you on a newly delivered Airbus A330 from Zurich to New York's JFK Airport on the early morning European departure and first evening departure from the US. You're once again in for a totally packed program of more than 4 hours with so many interesting presentations, great visuals, the usual multi-camera takeoffs and landings, a special detailed presentation about Transatlantic flight operations by a dispatcher and Capt Covolan's usual bike ride around the city. Another must see program!


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+ Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

+ Flight Dispatcher detailed presentation on Transatlantic operations

+ Look at Flight Planning, how Oceanic tracks are being prepared and picked

+ Detailed pre-flight preparations including route, weather, diversion, etops, notams, fuel etc...

+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ Departure & Arrival briefings with airport/runway charts

+ EROPS/ETOPS Procedures

+ Mixed Fleet Flying Presentation

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Diffrences between A330 and A340

+ Great scenery en route and during approaches and landings.

+ Meal Service Presentation including a look at different courses & choices

+ Bike Trip around Manhattan with crew



Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-300 HB-JHL

LX 016





A330-300 HB-JHA LX 017 JFK-ZRH 7h23



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+ Fantastic video Jackie Lim

+ Yet another masterpiece from the folks who do it best! I was very much delighted to see the Swiss A330 join the series, especially flying into JFK! I saw many Facebook fans mention how much they'd like to see a Swiss A330 program, and we definitely got all that we asked for! Stunning "pilots-eye" views over the beach into Kennedy as well as approaching RWY 34 back in Zurich are amazing, putting us in the pilots' seats in crystal-clear HD. Another win for this program is Capt. Covolan and his crew, who all go beyond their normal duty to make our viewing a pleasure. Finally, the ride through NYC completes the experience, providing us with more of New York than just the airport, and would be awesome to see more of these in future programs! Fantastic.Joseph Maner
+ Nice video! You made a good mixture. Not just flying, but some personal words from the captain, some sightseeing tour etc. This makes complete a flight video for me! Solti
+ The captain is a totally awesome captain, I wouldnt mind working with him GG
+ Excellent video, thanks, this guy has a great attitude... Gary
+ Thank you for bringing us another great Swiss program and a big thank you to Swiss for their continued cooperation. Swiss truly is a great international airline. Captain Covolan was a great host again and I am impressed by the professionalism of the entire Swiss crew. The arrival into New York was very interesting as always and the departure from New York was even more spectacular, especially in Blu-ray. The arrival into Zurich was equally spectacular. Of all the flights in the series into Zurich, this program probably had the best weather to see all the mountain scenery. Hope to see even more Swiss programs in the future. Mark Wilson

+ Another truly wonderful and beautiful video. Thank you! Alex F
+ I own all of the Just Planes Swiss programs, but this one takes the cake. This program includes the initial stages of flight planning with an impressive level of detail, but it doesn’t stop there. The entire flight is captured with impressive sights, details and explanations. I was very happy to see the return of this awesome Captain, he really goes into every aspect of flying this route, his tact and personality just add to the enjoyment of the program. If you want to experience what flying an A330 from Zurich to New York is like, don’t hesitate, buy this program... as Cpt Covolan would say “Just do it”. Great job Just Planes. Kristof Barocz
+ This is amazing, very inspiring crew and captain some sound words of advice. AP
+ Fantastic video... Thampy Mathai 
+ I was happy to see Swiss return once again to the series featuring their brand new A330-300's. JFK airport was chosen and this choice could not have been better. This was a very complete production which includes a very in depth presentation by dispatch regarding flight planning for the route to New York. Cpt Covolan once again did a masterful job keeping the viewer informed throughout. I love his enthusiasm for his job and that great to see in today's society! The first officer was also very informative with his various explanations of aircraft systems and procedures. I very much enjoyed the New York tour which added a special touch to the DVD. The music selection was wonderful as usual and really sets the mood. We also caught a glimpse of Udo in New York, I guess a spot the director bonus :) As always Michel and company, keep up the excellent work! George Alves

+ The production of these videos just get better & better. MA
+ Simply the? best! Congratulations to Swiss Air Team and Just Planes. And thank you.  And another note: The Captain is the best I`ve knew indeed. He is a complete pro: technically and as a person to manage his crew with passion. Please send him my best wishes. Swiss continues at the top of the worldwide airlines ranking. Number 1. Wagner Roberto Hermanson
+ I thought the Turkish 77W program was top notch but this one even tops it off. I love the detailed view into Dispatch work, NAT planning and the well executed briefing by Dispatcher to the JP viewers. Then of course it was great to see a returning face with the Pilot in Command, his crew are fantastic and it’s enjoyable from the first minute. I was able to fly on board an A333 myself back in October flying LX22 GVA-JFK. Great experience as well so it very well reminded me of my own flight. This clearly is my favorite JP Bluray so far, top notch! Christoph Sebek
+ Nice video ....loved it :) Ray F
+ Another great one, and again capt Covolan did a fantastic job of presenting us with a fantastic experience. Thank you! Marcel Laroche
+ I love this Captain, he's a good man and awesome pilot. Harry Giannias
+ I just finished watching the SWISS A-330 flight to NY, And I was very pleased with the DVD program which I would rate up there with the SWISS MD-11 Program. I never really understood how much prep work goes into preparing for a flight and Christopher Knox really explained all the Route Planning and Flight Planning really well.
+ Capt Covolan did an excellent job explaining his preparations for the flight with his F/O and I was impressed with how he was when meeting the cabin crew. I always love to watch the outside walk around by the Capts. This Capt really knew his stuff on the walk around and really explained things well. Capt Covolan explained all the pre-flight cockpit checks in great detail. I would like to thank all at JP Video and this SWISS crew for making this GREAT video, I would Highly recamend everyone to get this DVD. It is a 5 Star in my book!!!! Thanks again to all, And Udo, Great Work! John Linder
+ Great quality, great landing, great airport. Oh I love JustPlanes! Ron
+ Absolutely love the Swiss videos!! These and the Air Canada series are the top two series in? my book. I fly Swiss once a year from KORD-LSZH-KORD. Love their service! Beckerm
+ AMAZING!!! always a pleasure to watch your vids! this one made my day. Amos
+Really awesome video!! Love my home Airline! Great video plus the HD format! Keep flying JustPlanes!SM
+ Brilliant video many thanks for this B Laxton

+ Another fantastic program on Swiss with Captain Covolan! A big thank to Captain Covolan and his crew, Swiss International and Just Planes for another fantastic program! Greg Rowland

+ Your videos are just great. I'm really looking forward to flying to New York with Swiss! Alex Kay


Flight Dispatcher North Atlantic Presentation

Complete Flight Preparation

External Walkaround

How to start the APU

Takeoff and turn from Zurich

Beaturiful view on the airport after takeoff

Pointing out locations we overfly

Going over departure & arrival procedures

Service Presentation

Including a look at all the meals

Over Logan Airport and Just Planes' main base!

Descending towards JFK. Notice the blimp!

A view of Manhattan in the distance

View of JFK Airport in the distance

Approaching runway 4R

CTouching down on Rwy 4R at JFK

Bike tour around Manhattan

Break with the crew

Taxiing out for takeoff at JFK

Rolling on 13R for takeoff

Just airborne from JFK over the 4R approach

Leaving the coastling of NY

Sunset and more cockpit presentations...

...including the differences between A330 and A340

Sunrise at the end of our Oceanic crossing

Beautiful approach into Zurich with balloons in the area

About to land at Zurich...

...and touching down.