Sobelair, Belgium oldest airline and largest charter airline, now with scheduled service, has expanded its fleet of long range aircraft by increasing from 1 to 4 Boeing 767-300s.


This program takes you on a great trip with the airline's Director of Flight Operations from Brussels to Varadero in Cuba and Cancun in Mexico. He continuously gives information about the flight, route, cockpit and much more...   Sobelair started renewing its medium range fleet of 737s by taking delivery of its first Boeing 737NG ; a dash 800 with winglets. We fly the brand new aircraft to Luxor & Sharm El Sheik in Egypt and Alicante in Spain while we return to Ostend Airport.


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Filmed in 2000 - Released in 2001


Great presentation of the route and the whole flight from Brussels to Cuba is nice. Nice job on the approach and navigation charts explaining the route and approach info. Also the 737-800 portion was nice and a great cockpit introduction on the 800. Thanks for keeping the DVD as good! Carl Robinson, USA

I really enjoyed this one. Both aircraft types show us some fantastic action. The B767 action was really well done and explained and fun to watch. But, for me, the best part was the B738 approach into Alicante. A non-standard approach with some great scenery of the Alicante area. This is certainly one of those DVD that is a must have.


The Sobelair Boeing 767-300 cockpit is an excellent program!  Adrian Sacco, CANADA

Another great DVD with amazing landings and outside-views. This DVD brings me many memories of the beauty and lovely Varadero, where I hope return back as soon as possible. Attention dedicated to the New-Generation Boeing aircraft is also a well positive point to make this DVD so wonderful. It's a well worth product that you should buy! Congratulations to all Sobelair team and to World Air Routes to this excellent job! Joao Fonseca, PORTUGAL

My 3rd dvd from you and it is GREAT!!! I would recommend this to anyone. Brian Rosencutter, USA

This is my second DVD and i am VERY pleased with your work. Keep up the good job! Connor Shea, USA

EXCELLENT DVD!! Spectacular flight from BRU-VRA and the 737 APP in Sharm El Sheik. Simon Brygg Ogren, SWEDEN

This is indeed a very nice dvd and what I enjoyed most is the profesionalism in making it. Since the flight preparation to takeoff and landing at Varadero, the first part has everything an enthusiast or interested person can hear and watch. The next part, nice tour at Varadero, nice flight to Cancun, if you noticed there are several electric transmission lines on the ground near CUN (MMUN). I have 10 roundtrips MEX-CUN and believe me, the video is good both in approach and the air-tour over the hotel zone beaches, its like staying there again.
The 737-800 was also a good and nice record, I loved that MD-11 crossing from the left and behind the aircraft over the mediterranean sea. Approach and landing in luxor was astonishing in all senses. What a way to turn left just to land immediatly. BRAVO!!! Nice scenery, brave and untamed of the desertic mountains of the east of Egypt. Marvelous captions of the sea near SSH. Wonderful scenery of the land which Moises took months to cross and the beautiful sobelair bird crossed in few minutes. Nice nigth approach into Brussels. Nice shots to Alps and Pirenees Mounts and nice view of the coast of Alicante, nice approach too, I loved that spanish communication of the woman pilot asking for a VFR plan to ATC. Return scenery was magnificent also, the approach at Ostend very nice, good job of the pilots because they used a difficult approach without ILS help in a reduced visibility day. When the runway is clearly visible the aircraft is almost in "minimums" prior to land. I enjoyed it a lot and be sure I will enjoy them too much times again. Thank you.

Eduardo Villasenor, MEXICO

This is my 6th dvd from Just Planes. The 737 & 767 are my favorite airplanes. Thanks for a great job! Alex Graulau, USA

This Sobelair DVD is extremely well organized and produced. The sound (s) mixtures are excellent - the right balance of engine/cockpit versus ATC radio traffic and pilot conversations. The sounds are such that one does not cut out the other. In other words you actually feel as if you are sitting in the jumpseat during these flights and witness/feel the full effects. Very interesting scenery tour of Cuba - this was even more interesting since we (Americans) are prohibited from visiting Cuba. All of the pilots gave excellent briefings and cockpit explanations. This is an EXCELLENT DVD that should go to the top of everyones order list!!!! Stan Lenox, USA

The Sobelair Boeing 767-300 is very good!  Gerald Meese, BELGIUM

I was sad to hear that Sobelair was declared bankrupt and suspended all operations. I had bought the DVD 6 months ago and have seen it 10 - 15 times. Anyway, I think that we should thank all of the pilots who contributed to the filming. Capt. Jean-Pierre Notte and F/O Olivier Biertho for all of the 767 flights. Their contributions to the flights to Cuba and Cancun really made this DVD one of my favorites. That includes the Flightdeck Presentation, the External Walkaround in Cancun, the route information, and the approach briefing on all of the flights. Also, wonderful views, including Bermuda. I hope that both of them will find 767 positions at another airline soon. Also, special thanks should go to Capt. Lieven Lavaert and F/O Wim De Wannemacker who piloted the 737 flights to/from Egypt. And Capt. Joost Smits and F/O Bert Derieuw who piloted the flighs to Spain and Ostend. Everyone of them gave alot of detail on the 737-800. That too included the route information, approach briefing on all of the flights, External Walkaround, and Flightdeck Presentation. I hope that all of them will find 737 positions at another airline soon. Anyway, I strongly recommend this DVD to everyone.

John C. McCreery, USA

Very excellent work in this DVD. I appreciate the scenary in B737-800, the cabin description, the quality of film. Best compliments!!!! Amos Migliavacco, ITALY

After living in Waterloo for 6 years and plane spotting at EBBR several times a month I was happy to see that the planes that I have photographed were ACTUALLY IN THE MOVIE!! when the Sobelair flight lands at ebbr.. I was plane spotting then! The footage is by far impressive and the destinations make for this dvd to be worth every penny. Marcus, USA

The Sobelair DVD was very well done. A good mix of cockpit, scenery and cabin shots. The pilots did a great job of explaining the systems on both the B767 and B737NG, .in particular the explaining of the Atlantic Crossing with the B767. The flight deck views on both aircrafts were spectacular. Great job! Keep up the good work, I like to see more of this.... Raymond Giets, BELGIUM

Great on this DVD are the recognisable approaches. For example: the B767 approach on RWY02 in Brussels ( a great place to spot ). I can recognise the tower of Belgium's national TV station. Landings on this RWY are exceptional, only when there's a northerly wind. Superb DVD! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy it... Bart Van Goethem, BELGIUM

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B767-300 OO-SLS SLR 1865 BRU-VRA 9h44


VRA Varadero, CUBA

B767-300 OO-SLR SLR 1862 VRA-CUN 0h58

VRA Varadero, CUBA


B767-300 OO-SLR SLR 1862 CUN-BRU 9h14



B737-800 OO-VAS SLR 8425 BRU-LXR 4h24



B737-800 OO-VAS SLR 8425 LXR-SSH 0h30


SSH Sharm El Sheik, EGYPT

B737-800 OO-VAS SLR 8426 SSH-BRU 5h05

SSH Sharm El Sheik, EGYPT


B737-800 OO-VAS SLR 2563 BRU-ALC 1h47


ALC Alicante, SPAIN

B737-800 OO-VAS SLR 2564 ALC-OST 2h13

ALC Alicante, SPAIN


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The Sobelair 767 is great! Sanya Fays, BELGIUM

I just received the Sobelair Dvd. It is very well done. I found the cabin views to be interesting and the pre flight computer work to be a nice way to make paperwork less. Can't wait for more DVD's! M.Martin, USA

A great DVD once again from World Air Routes. The 767 flights are very thorough. Also the 737 is great with good explanations of the route and the flight deck. Once again World Air Routes has done it again, overall this DVD is very good. Andrew McMenamin, USA

I'm very impressed with the 767-300 of Sobelair !  Ivan Garces, USA

A very good program. I liked the views of the Caribbean Beaches in Mexico, and the view of Bermuda Island. The Captain does good briefings of the flight. The flight to Egypt was also great, views of the Pyramids and Red Sea and good explanations of the route, and good look at the B737NG Cockpit. Adam Gungah, UK

This DVD was part of a package when I ordered the Turkish Airlines 777-300ER IST-NRT-IST. I'm glad you included it. Although I am familiar with both aircraft (my Just Planes DVD includes other DVD's than the 11 777 DVD's you've put out so far!), this DVD took me behind the scenes at both an airline I am not familiar with as well as flying into airports I am not familiar with. You've expanded my vision Just Planes.
The DVD showed a lot of beautiful scenery, and the cockpit presentations and walk arounds were also very good. I did not know about the two air traffic control centers (Greek and Egyptian, right?) that were not talking to one another!
I did not know Sobelair had gone bankrupt, so this DVD is definitely a part of history. Thank you for including it as part of the package on the TK 777-300ER. It was a great choice.
Michael Karpf, THAILAND

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