Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2001

Scenic invites you to come experience what 10 million passengers have done over the past 34 years while traveling to the Grand Canyon and other parks throughout the great American Southwest. You will see that when it comes to Scenic's Grand Canyon Experience…there is just no better way of looking at it. Scenic initiated service in 1967 with one 5-seat aircraft and 2 employees at the Las Vegas North Town Airport.

Today Scenic is the largest aerial sightseeing operator in the world! This dvd takes you for 2 roundtrips from Vegas to Grand Canyon Airport. En route you can enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery around the world with comments from the pilot plus nice shots from the strip, the Grand Canyon & a spectacular fireworks






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As an F27 affecienardo, your Scenic Airlines Fokker F27 dvd almost makes my heart ache for the memory of the Rolls Royce Darts of the now defunct East-West airlines' (and it's rival Ansett-Airlines of NSW) Fokker f27s here in Australia but to the principal players of the Scenic dvd such as Cpt. Chiccarell  "thanks for the memories and to you at Just Planes Videos, well done, I love this dvd to pieces.

Jim Thompson, AUSTRALIA

This dvd on Scenic Airways F-27 is a definite must to own. The sound of the Rolls Royce Dart turboprop engines is a sound that takes me way back to the 50's when Capital's Viscounts dominated Washington National Airport. The overhead shots of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are terrific. The most spectacular shot is that of the F-27 on its final approach to the Las Vegas Airport at dusk. I rate this video A++++.

William Eline, USA

Wow! Another awesome program. The Scenic DVD is full of beautiful scenery of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Las Vegas. Most memorable is the little tour of the Grand Canyon with the nice patriotic music in the background. Nice subtle score, not too loud to disrupt the peaceful shots of the canyon. Also great is the dusk flight into Vegas - a great opportunity to see the Stratosphere and the strip in lights. Can't forget the fireworks show at the end of the program. Another A+!!!!

Amy Bubash, USA

This would be one on the most interesting DVD of the eight World Air Routes dvds that I own, the scenery of the grand canyon is spectacular to say the least. The quality of the DVD is excellent, also the commentry given by the pilots to the camera man is well done, the photography especially of the Fokker F27 flying in the opposite direction, the logo on the tail was clearly visible. Last but not least the view of the Colorado river and the Hoover dam is breathtaking.


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
Fk27-500 N283EA YR 283 LAS-GCN 0h52

LAS Las Vegas, USA

GCN Grand Canyon, USA

Fk27-500 N283EA YR 283 GCN-LAS 0h45

GCN Grand Canyon, USA

LAS Las Vegas, USA

Fk27-500 N283EA YR 283 LAS-GCN 0h48

LAS Las Vegas, USA

GCN Grand Canyon, USA

Fk27-500 N283EA YR 283 GCN-LAS 0h43

GCN Grand Canyon, USA

LAS Las Vegas, USA