For nearly 80 years Sabena planes have been seen at airports all around the world. Just Planes was fortunate to have filmed a number of flights on Sabena aircraft from Brussels.


This program features Chief Pilot Captain Bondroit who contiusly gives the viewer detailed explanations about the aircraft, the route and more... The first section features the Airbus A310-200 on a very interesting flight to Africa as we take off in Brussels bound for Nigeria and Cameroon. The second section features the Airbus A330-300 on a flight from the USA as we are bound for Brussels from Boston's Logan Airport.


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Filmed in 1996 - Released in 1997


A few words of praise for you regarding your Sabena A310/A330 DVD (2005) ..... I was recently looking through my collection (JP) of African destinations, specifically for Lagos (for a view of the immediate vicinity of the recent Dana Air MD-83 crash). The DVD in question gave me what I was looking for and more: The exterior views (runway views) of arrivals and departures as well as the non-flight crew commentary (the crews were excellent as well) increased my enjoyment of this already fine production. These fairly unusual techniques allowed me to connect more closely with the aircraft and were much appreciated. Wow, that 333 has some beautiful lines.
Steve O'Connor,  BERMUDA

EXCELLENT!! This DVD is a must for every aviation amateur. As a First Officer I Flew many times with Saussez (who is now a Captain). Great videos! Renato Wagner Morais, BRAZIL

I really loved the Sabena Airbus A340-200 and Airbus A310-200 programs  Sanja Fays, BELGIUM

Greetings from Sri Lanka.I have more than 15 WAR DVDs .Very impressed with the A310 section of this DVD. Rotation & reverse thrust is very well captured by the cameraman. Hope to see more of these scenes in future DVD releases.    Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

Sabena to Africa: excellent!  Andre Brandao, PORTUGAL

I want to thank the people at Justplanes for doing a fantastic job with the production of that video (including the “Information of Sabena” as well as the Crew Briefing scenes at Flight Dispatch). I also liked the air to air scenes of the A330-300 as well as the takeoff scene at BOS. The filming crew also does a great job with the cabin scene. Chief Pilot/Flight Instructor Luc Bondroit, who was the Captain on all of the flights, deserves most of the credit. Along with his co-pilots, F/O Christophe Saussez (BRU-LOS-YAO) and F/O Mark Wethelet (BOS-BRU), Captain Bondroit does a wonderful presentation of both aircrafts. That includes the Route Information, the Cockpit Tour, and other interesting information (e.g. ETOPS, Fly-By-Wire, & Cat IIIB Landings). I think that we should acknowledge Cpt. Bondroit for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help make “Flight in the Cockpits 11 & 21” entertaining. Please note that OO-SFN, which was the A330-300 featured in Flight in the Cockpit 21, was one of the A330-300s featured on the WAR DVD featuring SN Brussels Airlines – (BRU-FNA-ABJ-BRU). I am happy that Justplanes is doing a new run of the SABENA (A310-200 & A330-300) DVD. I am looking forward to buying this DVD. And I hope that all of your viewers will buy it too John C. McCreery, USA

Just bought the Sabena A310, it's great ! 

Claus Hansen, DENMARK

I watched the first DVD (A310/A330) last night and I have to say I am really impressed with the quality. This is the kind of film I like most: lots of cockpit shots, background info and indepth explanations on every phase of the flight. Kind regards and thx again for this great product. Bjorn Comhaire, BELGIUM

I liked the Sabena A310 video a lot.   Ilari Kousa, FINLAND

Excellent video. I will be ordering more. Keep up the good work.  S. Ganeshan, UK

Having spent 6 years in Waterloo. And going to EBBR several times a month and hearing the controllers on my hand-held radio. This DVD truely shows how good SABENA used to be! The flight to Africa was beyond detailed! If I am correct, the PIC from that flight is the same from the BOS-BRU flight! Seeing the EBBR scenes again made me feel at home! I recommend this dvd to EVERYONE! It's worth more than the price we pay!! Sumner Rabin, USA

The Sabena A310 is just wonderful! Congratulations! 


I first flew on Sabena, when I was 3, on a DC 7 seven seas, from the Belgian Congo, where I was born, to Brussels. During the next few years, I flew on Sabena 707, 727, 737 and 747 to Kinshasa and New York. I have a great collection of Sabena memorabilia. I was very sad when Sabena went out of business. This DVD is fantastic, and will always remind me, when I watch it, of what a great airline it was. You should have it in your DVD library. A must.Michael Lenglez,  USA

Great DVD for all aircraft watchers.

Gunther Vandeuren, BELGIUM

Excellent DVD, all the crews are very kind, it is very well filmed and we can see a lot of landscapes. Thanks to this DVD, we travel all around the world from our sofa! Michael Viardot, FRANCE

The Sabena A310 is really excellent stuff. 

Ralph Selwyn, AUSTRALIA

I just love the DVD, but I miss my home-base airline a lot! A big compliment for the pilots and creators of this superb DVD! Great job!! Rutger Leunen, BELGIUM

I have to say that it's a great program! All the dvds are fantastics, done with lots of professionalism. Thank you very much for your work. Bruno Festre, BELGIUM

The Sabena Airbus A310 is excellent!  Bryan Lilleyard, USA

Excellent DVD, all the crews are very kind, it is very well filmed and we can see a lot of landscapes. Thanks to this DVD, we travel all around the world from our sofa! Tom Dallwitz, GERMANY

This DVD is a must. It contains great information about Sabena's History and development. Great Work WAR!!!

Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

The Sabena A310 must be one of the greatest cockpit video achievements, it was superbly done! I really enjoy the wat the Captain used "Blind Transmission" over the Algerian desert and the fact that he explained almost every instrument in the cockpit, also excellent views over Niamey and the mighty Niger river! Would like to see more, keep up the good work!!    Paul Kuo, USA

I recently ordered 2 Sabena programs. After viewing them, I must say that they are very realistic and no details have been forgotten. I hope to see more excellent programs in the near future.  Christophe De Smet, BELGIUM

I wish to compliment you on your Flight in the Cockpit A310 to Africa it was well presented and I would recommend it to anyone.  Adam Gungah, UK

Fantastic program. Congratulations 

Jose Miguel, PORTUGAL

We have the Sabena video with Captain Bondroit, and have enjoyed it very much. In fact, we are planning to order the new video with Capt. Bondroit due out at the end of this month. Please keep more Capt. Bondroit coming--we enjoy his narration.  Brigette Pache, USA

I have four videos from Flight in the Cockpit and I am very pleased with them. They are all four about Sabena.(or Sobelair).The last one I bought, sabena A330 BOS-BRU was also very interesting.  Bart Van Goethem, BELGIUM

I just got your Sabena A330-300 video and it is BRILLIANT . Well done!  Anthony Martin, IRELAND

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A310-200 OO-SCB SN 515 BRU-LOS 5h57



A310-200 OO-SCB SN 515 LOS-YAO 1h25



A330-300 OO-SFN SN 534 BOS-BRU 6h20

BOS Boston, USA



Flight In The Cockpit 11 is possibly the best installment in this series to date. Sabena's Airbus Chief Pilot and Flight Instructor Captain Luc Bondroit and First Officer Christophe Saussez take viewers on a flight from Brussels to Lagos, Nigeria, and then on to Yaounde, Cameroon, on an Airbus A310.
The video starts off with a history of the A310, giving significant dates for the type, and its history of deliveries to Sabena. The specifications are given over some excellent factory-provided air-to-air footage. All of the pre-flight activity by aircraft cleaners, caterers, and fuelers was briefly shown to give viewers an impression of what it takes to prepare an airliner for flight.
Captain Bondroit, who seemed to truly enjoy working with the film crew, gave an interesting pre-flight brief and description of the 6-hour, 5-minute flight to Lagos. Both pilots are then observed during the dispatcher's briefing, followed by the first officer's walk-around inspection. Explanations of the various cockpit boxes including the Flight Management System, moving map, the different glass screens and their functions were detailed, yet understandable by the lay-person.
Seeing a cockpit crew at work is the attraction of these tapes, and from the footage shown, they really earn their pay. Push-back, start-up, taxi, and takeoff - and the checklists for each - took up a good 20 minutes of the video. One of the highlights of the film is the split-screen on takeoff showing the view from the cockpit as well as the ground.
The obligatory shots of landmarks 33,000 feet below included Nice, France, and a number of North African dots on the map. On approach to Lagos, the ILS system was inoperative and the cockpit crew had to shoot a non-precision VOR approach. This approach through rain added an interesting dimension to the flight. The 1-hour, 25-minute flight to Yaounde was uneventful.
Just Planes has added a brief commercial message promoting the next video in the series, a Sabena A340 flight from Brussels to JFK. Sounds interesting, but will it be as good as Flight In The Cockpit 11?

Reviewed by Airliners Magazine


This review takes a look at one of a series of "in cockpit" videos produced by Just Plane Videos, of Boston.
This particular product, featuring Sabena Airbus A310-221, 00-SCB, allows us to join Chief Pilot and flight instructor Captain Bondroit, for the Sabena scheduled flight from Brussels to Yaounde, Cameroon, via Lagos in Nigeria.
Our journey starts in the operations office at Brussels, where the crew will be briefed on the flight. We then follow the crew through their various checks as they prepare the aircraft for departure.
The video starts with Airbus Industries advertising of an early A310 in some quite extraordinary air-to-air footage.
We then witness takeoffs, landings, see some quite spectacular scenery, including the various deserts, listen to all communications with Air Traffic Control, and much more.
Captain Bondroit briefs us on the progress of the flight including detailed description of the instruments and a special look at the radio communications over Africa, (HF, or short wave), and blind transmissions.
I was particularly impressed with the attention to details. For example, on take-off from Brussels, in order to monitor the instrument panel, the forward view of the runway is all but lost, so a second, and smaller video screen appears with the take-off run clearly displayed. The Captain briefs us on just how the aircraft systems deal with on-board emergencies, (he shows us a fuel pump failure). Very impressive, I shall have to fly airbus in future!
We take off from Brussels at 0930hrs GMT, and route over France, the Mediterranean, Algeria, and a long leg over the Algeria desert, across Mali and Niger before entering Nigeria for Lagos, landing at 1530hrs GMT. A one hour stop-over in Lagos before the same crew take the aircraft on to Yaounde in Cameroon, landing at 1750hrs GMT.
For the crew, quite a tiring, and perhaps in places, boring, double sector flight of some 9 hours. For us, thanks to video editing and very clever use of some excellent footage, we are presented with an extremely professionally produced, 2-hour flight of fantasy. A professional product I can recommend to you.

Reviewed by Digital Flightmag