Rusts began operations in 1963 and has continuously grown its fleet. Today Rusts and K2 Aviation are based at Lake Hood and Talkeetna, Alaska. The 2 airlines operate passenger and cargo flights around the region as well as a number of sightseeing services.


After a company presentation by Todd Rust and a pilot presentation of an aircraft cockpit and outside walkaround we are off for flights to several of the Lakes in the area.   We also go on  a Mt McKinley viewing tour and a Prince William Sound viewing tour and end with another first in the series as we make a glacier landing!  All in all a wonderful Alaskan adventure!


Rusts is the only authorized airline to land in Denali National Park. Ruth Glacier is located at an altitude of 6,000 feet & offers the closest possible views of Denali (formerly Mt McKinley), North America's tallest peak at 20,310 feet.



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Filmed in 2007 - Released in 2008


Just got the Rusts and K2 dvd. It is truly excellent and i am really enjoying it. It is a welcome addition to my collection and beautifully complements the Alaska Airlines and Lynden Dvd's. Well done.


Nice to see some more general aviation action added to the WAR collection! Scenic flights in the 206 and Beaver on my 37" HDTV just blew me away. I loved hearing Jimmy Buffett while flying tables and mattresses in the turbo otter as well. Every pilot did a great job explaining everything as well. This DVD is a tree top flyer's must have, almost every flight was never higher than 2000 feet AGL. Each landing back at lake hood took my breath away coming in over the houses and FBO's right next to the cargo ramp at PANC. And then seeing a 747 rotate off the runway at PANC just as our plane pulls out of the water was neat too. Great Job WAR team!

Allan Stiff, CANADA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Route Flt Time Area / Tour
DHC-3 N2899J

Lake Hood - Butchina Lake

Butchina Lake - Lake Hood



C-206 N626KT

Lake Hood - Flatan Lake

Flatan Lake - Lake Hood

DHC-2 N4444Z

Lake Hood - Lake Creek

Lake Creek - Lake Hood

C-206 N626KT

Lake Hood -

Lake Hood

2h24 Mt McKinley Tour
C-206 N626KT

Lake Hood - Derikson Bay

Derikson Bay - Lake Hood

1h37 Prince William Sound Tour
C-206 N4596U



DHC-2 N323KT

Talkeetna - Ruth Glacier

Ruth Glacier - Talkeetna

1h18 Glacier Landing