Qatar Airways, launched in January 1994, is the national carrier for the State of Qatar and one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. The airline operates a modern fleet of Airbus aircraft including the A300-600, A319CJ, A320-200 and A330-200. Qatar Airways is one of the launch customers for the Airbus A380. The airline's network continues to grow with new destinations being added. This program takes you on the main route to London's Heathrow Airport operated with an Airbus A330 as well as to various destinations in the region using the A320 including Beirut, Lebanon ; Damascus, Syria ; Khartoum, Sudan & Kuwait.







Filmed in 2003 - Released in 2003


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Really i did enjoyed this program, interesting routes flown by Qatar airways particularly approaching to KRT and the amazing route to LHR.  Wisam Hashim, QATAR

Again, this is another good Middle East program. I loved scenery to LHR and back to DOH with a spectacular approach in London. I also enjoyed the presentations by the pilots and taxi footage with KRT my favorite.

Spencer Mitchell, USA

The Qatar Airways DVD is, not surprisingly, fantastic! Like the Kuwait Airways double-disc DVD set, this is an interesting and informative look at a professional and impressive Middle Eastern airline, its fleet, and its flight operations. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone interested in Airbus operations, the great scenery of the Middle East, Africa, and London city landmarks, and friendly pilots and cabin crew. I am very impressed with Qatar Airways' operations and would not hesitate to fly them if I had the opportunity. Thanks to our informative, professional flight and cabin crews, and the CEO of Qatar Airways for what they have provided to make this another hit for Just Planes & World Air Routes! Tim Herman, USA

What a fabulous introduction to the Middle East. The intro featuring sights of Doha is amazing and just adds to the overall excellence of this DVD. Keep em comin.

Dave Sadler, UK

This DVD is awesome. Very interesting routes flown by this Airline and in particular the approach into Khartoum. The genral overall of the DVD and its presentation was superb and I recommend this DVD to anyone.  EJL Edwards, UK

This DVD was fantastic. It was a great overview of airline operations over the Middle East and I must say that I was amazed at just how nice the resorts and hotels are in that part of the world. It was so elegant and fancy and I am sure those who have experienced it can appreciate it even more. I particularly enjoyed our autoland demonstration onboard the A320 and our very friendly Captain who showed us how it was done seemed so passionate about his job and what he does which is great for all of those people out there who dream of doing what he does for a career. Great livery as well for this airline. A must have for those interested in airline operations in this part of the world.

Jeff Schapira, CANADA

I want to commend the team of World Air Routes for this great DVD. The culture and scenery seen in the Middle East is amazing. The presentation of the airline and Doha is very good. I am so satisfied with this DVD that I would love if you produced a second and maybe a third DVD of Qatar. Captains Al Siddiqi and Haddad are two of the best that have collaborated to this great seires of DVD's and that's why I look to see more DVD's of Qatar airways. Thank you all very much!   Eduardo Villasenor, MEXICO

Again a worthy addition! The best part in my opinion is the roundtrip to London onboard the A330! That is so beautiful, especially the approach into London. The A320 part is also very nice with some great scenery as you fly to various interesting destinations! All crew members and camera work is again up to Worldairroutes standards. I hope to see more from Qatar in the future.


In my opinion this DVD is Justplanes (World Air Routes) at its best (e.g. the A320 & A330 on one DVD, the interview of CEO Akbar Al Baker, the information on Qatar Airways fleet, and the A319CJ presentation). I would like to complement the director, Tommy Mogren, who did an excellent job with making this DVD very entertaining. Special acknowledgment should go to the filming crew for the scenery on all of the flights (e.g. night scene of London). Special thanks should go to all of the pilots and flight attendants for their contributions. That includes First Officer Paul Fitzgerald (A330 Cockpit Presentation), Captain Haddad (A320 Cockpit Presentation), and Captain Hirschfield (A320 Walkaround). In my opinion Qatar is a very professional airline.   John C. McCreery, USA

The flight from DOH-LHR was the best, with the great description of the Economy Class galley. I loved the return flight from LHR, which would switch from covering the flight in the flight deck, to the Business Class food service. The flights in the A320 were also excellent! A must have!

Matthew Norman USA

This DVD is a must for all Airbus lovers. It shows great views of Both A330 and A320 . Further more the DVD takes you to so many airports around the world. Very impressed with the Pilots although they were of different nationalities they were very clear in their explanation. I recommend this dvd.    Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-200 A7-ACB QR 001 DOH-LHR 7h35


LHR London Heathrow, UK

A330-200 A7-ACB QR 002 LHR-DOH 6h10

LHR London Heathrow, UK


A320-200 A7-ABU QR 436 DOH-DAM 2h39


DAM Damascus, SYRIA

A320-200 A7-ABU QR 437 DAM-DOH 2h09

DAM Damascus, SYRIA


A320-200 A7-ABS QR 520 DOH-KRT 3h26


KRT Khartoum, SUDAN

A320-200 A7-ABS QR 521 KRT-DOH 3h04

KRT Khartoum, SUDAN


A320-200 A7-ABR QR 132 DOH-KWI 1h04



A320-200 A7-ABR QR 133 KWI-DOH 0h53



A320-200 A7-ABU QR 422 DOH-BEY 3h03



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This is my first DVD to purchase from Just planes and I am impressed. The captains have given excellent explanations for several aspects of their work. I enjoyed hearing about the flight-by-wire technology that Airbus introduced to the world of aviation. I join the other reviewers in celebrating the spectacular shots of the descent to Heathrow. To top it off, the exotic Mid Eastern air of hospitality and affluence permeated the show. Bravo, and keep up the good work.

Louai Bilal, Philadelphia PA, USA

This is the fifth DVD I purchased from Just Planes and it is awesome. I just love the flight DOH-LHR-DOH especially the approach into London. It is amazing to follow the descent, how the plane is vectored into Lambourne holding pattern (with "delay 10 minutes") and then the final approach into Heathrow with spectacular views of central London at night. I have made that approach many times and it is just as great on the DVD as it is in reality. The crew members did an excellent job explaining the cockpit and different approaches and I was amazed by the in-flight service provided, would love to fly Qatar Airways one day. We also get to see many exotic locations in the Middle-east. This is a superb DVD. Thank you!

Kevin Leigh ; London, UK

Hi just watched the Qatar Airways DVD and its great. I loved the approach into London provided a great view of the London bridge and city centre. It gave a nice insight into the Qatar airport with its really long runway. Also I loved the sound of those big A330 engines. Great Stuff.

Lawrence Ashworth ; Manchester, UK

The Qatar Airways DVD is amazing! Very nice desert scenery, cabin information, pilots, etc. One of the things that I most appreciated on the program was the introduction with many exterior shots of Qatar Airways aircraft, very good indeed! I also liked the landing of the Airbus A330-200 at Doha and the Autoland approch into Doha which was very well explained by the pilots who were all brilliant! Congratulations and keep them coming!!!

Filipe Couceiro ; Oporto, PORTUGAL

Your DVD covering Qatar Airways was truly fantastic. Thanks

Ghassan Zumot ; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

This is an excellent DVD of Qatar Airways. I am extremely impressed with Qatar Airways hospitality and excellent customer service. Their C.E.O. (who gave an excellent briefing) said they have big plans to grow in the upcoming years with addition of new routes and new aircraft. Judging their presentation in this DVD, there is no doubt they will succeed and do very well. All of the captains gave excellent briefings (especially Captain Haddad) and even showed us a nice autoland in the A320. Excellent scenery veiws, excelllent cabin presentations and food displays. EXCELLENT DVD!!!!! This is one that I will be watching many, many times. Thank you World Air Routes.

Stan Lenox : Nacogdoches, TX USA

Salam Alaykum! The Qatar dvd is brilliant. I loved it! The picture quality is excellent and the in-depth detail of the program is outstanding, definitely worth the money! Thanks for such a great dvd.

Alhan Abdullah ; Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

This program is without a doubt the best World Air Routes produced. The action from DOH/LHR/DOH along with the very interpretive flight status by the two crews is simply stellar! If you dig wild approaches, you will get serious with the right angle bank into DOH from LHR!!!! A must purchase for Airbus and aviation aficionado's worldwide!

Dave Taylor ; St. Albert AB, CANADA

I must say I was again impressed by the quality job done on this DVD. Undoubtedly a "must have. The approach into Heathrow is amazing ( long holding pattern with night views over London... ). Nice explanations from the QR crews. The flights in the Middle East were also great thanks to the scenery and the beautiful light. I especially appreciated the Auto land procedure on the A320. Enjoy !!!!!

Olivier Deuson ; Namur, BELGIUM

Well this has to be by far the BEST dvd I have got from Just Planes its simply FANTASTIC! Where do I start, the A330 section was super and I have never seen a better approach into Heathrow, its pure magic!!! I have had the pleasure of flying with Qatar Airways and its nice to meet the people that make my journey possible. The views from the cockpit and cabin of the scenery outside was awesome and the dvd also covered all aspects of the airline which was a delight to see. The A320 section was good as we got to see a lot of approaches and departures from middle eastern airports. GREAT job to all those at Just Planes you really struck gold with this dvd and keep up the good work!!!!

Mandeep Dhanapala ; London, UK

One word description: superlative! The Qatar Airways dvd is the best thusfar in my opinion. If you love Airbus aircraft, you will get fantastic views of the flightdeck and interesting/varied geographies including Khartoum, Sudan and Beirut. The approach into London Heathrow at night is spectacular with great views of Big Ben and the Tower of London. The cockpit explanations are great and I really like the views of the pilots using the side-stick on approach and landing (great camera angles over the shoulder). The clarity of this video is fantastic - great work and keep them coming!

Brian Gustason ; Pasadena CA, USA

I got your new DVD for Qatar Airways and Air France A330-200. They were wonderful. Keep up the good job . Thanks!

Abdullah Humaid ; Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Just Planes has done it again, another awesome DVD.  Some very interesting Middle Eastern airports, a cool evening approach into Heathrow, with great night views of London.  Lots of cabin and galley shots along with Qatars Elegant inflight service, and some great cockpit crews describing the A320 and A330, including a Full Autoland in a A320. Another must have DVD.

Ron Peel ; New York City, USA

An excellent DVD with great footage of the A330 and detailed explanation from both the Captain and FO and a great look inside the cabin of Qatar A330. I would give this 10/10 and recommend it to anybody. Great views of the Middle East, Turkey etc. Well done!

Adam Gungah ; Burnley, UK