PrivatAir is a leading international business aviation group with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The company has been in operation for 25 years and employs over 400 people. PrivatAir operates a Corporate Shuttle on behalf of Lufthansa on routes from various German airports to the US. For this the airline uses a fleet of Airbus A319 Long Range and Boeing Business Jets (B737-700). They are equipped with 48 business-class seats in a two-by-two configuration. This was the world's first intercontinental business-class-only scheduled airline service. This program is a unique opportunity to see the superb service offered on this very special type of operation.




Filmed in 2003 - Released in 2003

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A319LR D-APAC LH 408 DUS-EWR 8h25

DUS Dusseldorf, GERMANY

EWR Newark, USA


EWR Newark, USA


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This DVD is highly recommended for all aviation fans out there who enjoyed World Air Routes's DVDs that included cabin flights, as this DVD focuses mostly on the airline's cabin and its dedicated onboard services. Considering that this DVD might be the shortest DVD released so far, it still remains the top and my favorite DVD. It is worth every dollar I spent on. If you're into cabin flights and services more than pilot's briefings, then this DVD is definitely for you.

Mohammed Al-Adsani, KUWAIT

A truley great DVD. It is nice to see the B737BBJ and A319LR making these trips and levels of comfort make this a true 1st class operation. James Steiner, USA

I am one of the crew members aboard BBJ between EWR and MUC, it was a pleasure to have JustPlanes filming crew aboard with us! This DVD really shows the best way to cross Atlantic by air, "with outstanding standards and with the finest service ever, just to get customer's smile as prize" this is PrivatAir's label, which I am glad to be part of. Keep going the good work. Kristina Hoffman, GERMANY

I would truly love to have the opportunity to fly onboard this airline one day. This DVD is a must for all of you dedicated, hardworking F/As and those who dream of having that job as well. It was unique because this program focused on inflight service instead of our usual cockpit presentations and observations of pilots at work in their office in the sky. Also its truly amazing to see how much range these planes have when at least half of the seats are taken out of the cabin. Great cabin views as well on this DVD. Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Truly Excellent! What great cabin shots of the inflight service! Nice approach and landing into EWR as well.

Matthew Norman, USA

I enjoyed this program very much. What set it apart from the previous programs is the focus on the inflt service and prospective of the passenger. The wind and cabin shots made it seem like you were actually on the flight. A very different kind of program that I hope just planes will do more of. George Alvees, USA

An excellent presentation of PrivatAir's in-flight service, which was most informative. I found the approach and landings most exhilarating as well as the views across the wing. All in all, it makes me want to fly with PrivatAir sometime.

Paul Taylor, ENGLAND

I just finished the Privat Air DVD. Great job! It was refreshing to see most of the flight from the passenger's perspective. I love the passenger view - "over the wing and engine" views in your latest DVDs. The tour of New York was also very nice, and it would be great if you continued to tour the cities of future DVDs as well. Tom Gazowski, USA

PrivatAir is indeed a very unique program! Most of the footage is shot in the cabin showing the excellent personalized service given by the cabin attendants. But you still get a good amount of cockpit time too. All of the flight crew, cabin crew, and other personnel give excellent insight into the "behind the scenes" preparations including a complete briefing on your options for meals and entertainment - focusing on one passenger helps demonstrate. Also the director of mkt and communications gives a nice overview of PrivatAir itself. The tour of NYC is definitely special - visiting "ground zero" was pretty emotional. I recommended this progam!! Great job guys!! Amy Bubash, USA

The cabin footage was excellent and the explantion they did was also very good. The little footage of the cockpit was excellent and and the view into New York was also excellent with the tour. Jason Thompson, ENGLAND

I just wanted to say that you did another great job on Privat Air/Lufthansa. This is the first time on a DVD that you featured the cabin service during the majority of the disc. All in all, this was a great dvd. There was a good view of the cabin service and this time you even featured a passenger so we could get a good look. (Much different from when you have to shoot from the back.) Michael Bowman, USA

The PrivatAir DVD is a great JustPlanes program. I enjoyed every minute of flight - and it includes a comprehensive overview of the exclusive PrivatAir/Lufthansa onboard service and company background - along with excellent shots of New York! Brian Rynott, USA

Thanks to World Air Routes, The PrivatAir A319LR / BBJ production introduces viewers to the privileged world of First Class service on a Business Class ticket with a DVD budget. The unique nature of the PrivatAir service shown on the DVD makes you want to remain in the cabin throughout both segments. World Air Routes does not disappoint by following the active, sincere and non-intrusive service of the flight attendants as the passengers travelling 8 hours each way whisk comfortably between Germany and The United States. Fear not flight deck jockeys, an added bonus on the DVD is a PrivatAir training flight with the A319 and an inter-European flight in the cockpit of a PrivatAir BBJ. Another marvelous DVD by World Air Routes. Dave Taylor, CANADA

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