From tiny beginnings in 1959, Polynesian Airlines has become one of the Pacifics most significant carriers, linking islanders with families and friends abroad and bringing overseas visitors to experience the diverse and unique cultures of the Pacific Islands within our network. It is a role we undertake with great pride.

Polynesian took delivery of its 1st new generation Boeing 737-800 in November 2000 allowing it to operate nonstop flights from Apia to Sydney and Honolulu.

In this program Polynesian takes you on regional flights operated with its fleet of Islanders & Twin Otters as well as on its modern B737-800 which are equipped with winglets for first class service across the Pacific.





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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations

Twin Otter




FGI Apia Fagali, SAMOA


Twin Otter 5W-FAY PH PPG-FGI 0h30


FGI Apia Fagali, SAMOA

Islander 5W-FAV PH FGI-MXS 0h16

FGI Apia Fagali, SAMOA


Islander 5W-FAV PH MXS-FGI 0h21


FGI Apia Fagali, SAMOA

B737-800 5W-SAO PH 875 APW-AKL 4h07

APW Apia Faleolo, SAMOA


B737-800 5W-SAM PH 746 AKL-TBU 2h41


TBU Tongatapu, TONGA

B737-800 5W-SAM PH 746 TBU-APW 1h21

TBU Tongatapu, TONGA

APW Apia Faleolo, SAMOA

B737-800 5W-SAM PH 362 APW-HNL 5h10

APW Apia Faleolo, SAMOA

HNL Honolulu, USA

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Fantastic dvd, clear comments by the captains, and very beautiful pictures. Samoa is so far away, but so near with that dvd.

Gottfried Prinz-Fueloep ; Wiener Neustadt, AUSTRIA

As my mother inlaw was born in Western Samoa I had to buy this DVD. I enjoyed the commentary from Capt Paul in the Twin Otter and really enjoyed the mixed route and aircraft. Most of all the overall presentation was awesome. Keep up the good work.
EJL Edwards ; Wales, UK

Scenery is what this DVD is all about. What a beautiful place to see from the air. Great footage from our 737-800, Islander and Otter flights. One has got to love those engine sounds from the Islander and Otter. Nice landing shot at night to finish off the program from inside the cabin at Honolulu. I also loved the small airfields that we saw operations into and out of which makes for some very challenging, exciting and rewarding flying.
Jeff Schapira ; Toronto, CANADA

Absolutely fantastic DVD.....I'm addicted to Just Planes, and am in the process of ordering a few more now as I type this. The Polynesian DVD is another fine example of the great work you do....stunning footage, excellent camera work and great interaction with the crew!!!
Daniel Moroz ; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

This is my third DVD great work.
Matthew Albiston; Sydney, AUSTRALIA

What a great DVD! I love the flight from Apia to Auckland in the 737-800, and the flight in the cabin from Apia to Honolulu. The views in the Business Class cabin were great along with the descriptions by the Captain.
Matthew Norman, Rye NY, USA

Your best DVD yet! Great scenery and great aircraft in one breathtaking program. Very good cockpit explanations on the 737-800 make this very interesting. My favorite aircraft is the BN Islander/Trislander and the footage of the Islander was amazing - the typical 'lawnmower' sound of the Lycoming engines making it complete. I'm looking forward to the Winair DVD now for more great footage of the DHC-6 at SXM! Many thanks.
Hywel Phillips ; London, UNITED KINGDOM

I really enjoyed the Polynesian DVD that I received as x-mas gifts! Each of these programs are fully loaded with awesome scenery - sparkling aqua water, green islands, white beaches..............and this scenery is complimented nicely with great cockpit tours, walkarounds, and info from the airline personnel. The flights in the Twin Otter, Islander, and ATR's are particularly scenic. Thanks again - I will be re-watching these over and over again!
Amy Bubash ; Pittsburgh PA, USA

I really enjoyed Polynesian Airlines & Aircalin DVDs. They are very well done. Excellent coverage of the Twin Otter instrumentation in the Polynesian one. Nice south pacific sceneries.
Damien Collard ; Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

I really enjoyed Polynesian Airlines DVD. Split-screan take-offs are great. View of Pago Pago airport from Twin Otter is exceptional. Filming from F/O seat on Islander flights between Apia & Maota gives appreciation of the to beauty of these islands. Nice captains briefings on aproaches to Aukland and Tonga with great details. In cabin service adds a nice touch. Thanks.
Nick Bancic ; Hackensack NJ, USA

Fantastic dvd!!!!! The visuals are incrideble.
Antonio Maluf Junior ; Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Bravo on the Polynesian dvd - extremely well done! If you love beautiful airplanes (nice winglets and advanced flight deck on the 737-800), beautiful scenery (contrasting aqua-colored water and super-green palm trees), and excellent & clear camera-work (great, fluid camera shots), then you will LOVE this dvd. Samoa and Tonga looked beautiful from the air - I now hope to visit someday. I really enjoyed the low and fast approach in the 737-800 into Apia from Tonga - great view of the city. The flight into Auckland was also interesting with its varied landscape. The Twin Otter landing in Apia left me holding my breathe as it cleared the trees - very good pilots. Great dvd in general - well worth the money. This dvd is a "keeper" and will remain near the front of my dvd pile. Great work - especially from a filming standpoint - good work Jan!
Brian Gustason ; Pasadena, CA, USA

Fa'afetai tele (Thank you very much) for your wonderful program on Polynesian Airlines of Samoa. Lots of beautiful South Pacific scenery and a very unusual mix of aircraft types. The flights on the Islander are especially fun! Great coverage of the Twin Otter and B737-800 with instument presentations and cabin footage also. The Apia to Honolulu flight in the cabin is a highlight with fantastic views of the takeoff and turning climb over the lagoon. I'm looking forward to future World Air Routes programs!
Greg Rowland ; North Hollywood CA, USA

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