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Filmed in 2004 - Released in 2004

Orient Thai, operates a fleet of Boeing 747s on flights across Asia. Routes include Bangkok to Seoul as well as service into Hong Kong from various cities in Thailand.

This program takes you on a roundtrip from Bangkok to Seoul's Incheon Airport in South Korean followed by 2 roundtrips from Bangkok to Chep Lap Kok International Airport in Hong Kong with the later one returning to Phuket. You will be in the cockpit to watch the pilots at work. Included is a presentation of the cockpit by the Captain, First Officer and Flight Engineer. On several occasions we visit the cabin for a look at the airline inflight service and one of the two flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong is filmed from the aircraft's upper deck cabin.


I have watched about four of world air routes DVDs and Orient Thai is my favorite. The technical crew which includes some  Thai nationals  were clear in their explanation. The aerial view of Seoul and Hong Kong Airports was very well captured. The cockpit presentation especially the flight engineers panel was very impressive.

Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

The views inside the 747-100, and 200 models were outstanding. What a great inflight service! I also throughly enjoyed the descriptions by Captain Cosford. I had forgotten how different the 747-100, 200 cockpits are to the 747-400. The radio transmissions were extremely clear, and the scenery throughout the entire movie was great!

Matthew Norman, USA

I just finished watching the Orient Thai DVD and needless to say it was great. A good briefing of the company right at the beginning explains what this Thai airline is all about. Wonderfull explanations of the cockpit specially the flight engeneer panel. The cabin shots were also very nice showing alot of their inflight service. Good job on another well done DVD. I highly recommend it.

Roberto Ladeira, BRAZIL

The Orient Thai 747 DVD is another fine production from World Air Routes. Excellent presentation from the flight crew on these classic airplanes and great camera work as well. I especially enjoyed the "cabin" presentation as it gave me the feeling that I was there with them. Well, W.A.R., thanks again for another satisfying DVD.

Alexan Wong, USA

In the last 2 days I have watched the Orient Thai (B747-100 & B747-200) 3 times and I enjoyed it. As for the I would like to thank Capt. Peter Cosford and his crew (BKK-ICN-BKK) for their contributions (e.g. Cockpit Presentation (including The Flight Engineerís Station)). The filming crew did an excellent job with all of the scenery (e.g. Cockpit Scenes, Cabin Scenes (including meal service), & Scenes of Bangkok). I also liked all of the takeoffs and landings and the scenes at all of the airports (especially ICN & HKG). I would like to thank the people responsible for the filming including Directors Tommy Mogren and Udo Schaefer for making these DVDs entertaining. The Orient Thai DVD is my favorite 747 DVD. I strongly recommend that DVD to everyone.

John C. McCreery, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-100 HS-UTD OX 300 BKK-ICN 4h50


ICN Seoul Incheon, SOUTH KOREA

B747-100 HS-UTD OX 301 ICN-BKK 5h07


ICN Seoul Incheon, SOUTH KOREA

B747-100 HS-UTJ OX 200 BKK-HKG 2h17


HKG Hong Kong, CHINA

B747-100 HS-UTJ OX 203 HKG-BKK 2h29

HKG Hong Kong, CHINA


B747-200 HS-UTP OX 200 BKK-HKG 2h09


HKG Hong Kong, CHINA

B747-200 HS-UTB OX 219 HKG-HKT 3h00

HKG Hong Kong, CHINA