Ocean Airlines, established in 2003, operates Boeing 747 Freighter service from Italy to destinations in Asia and plans to add routes to others parts of the world. This program takes you on a typical flight from Brescia to Hong Kong. Eastbound we're able to make it nonstop, on the way back we make a technical stopover in Kazakstan. During the program we get several presentations of the cockpit from the flight engineer's area and pilot's area, the F/E takes us for an external walkaround check of the 747 as well as an internal safety check. We follow the pilot briefings, communications and much more...

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Filmed in 2005 - Released in 2006


The "OCEAN AIRLINES" dvd is superb! I couldn't stop watching it! It was really interesting to see how cargo flights work...the great cockpit explanations and the beautiful "OCEAN AIRLINES" aircraft make this dvd a must have :) I'll definitely buy more dvd's from you guys..you did a great job!!

Daniel Shub, ISRAEL

You have done it again, This program is truly awesome and in particular the flight from Cheplok to Italy. Nice to hear pilots complaining about the order in the cue and seeing a women flying them 747s. This program is truly inspiring as it shows anyone can fly those aircraft no matter what. A must for all budding cargo freaks.
EJL Edwards, UK

I am an Aviation enthousiast and am collecting "cockpit videos" but especially of the Boeing 747-200 Classic airliners! And I must tell you that I liked most the "OCEAN AIRLINES" DVD...not just because of the elegant lady copilot but because of the perfect style of the Switserland born Flight Engineer with his very clear and understandable explanation of the various systems. I myself work in an ex-KLM Boeing 747-200 at the Aviation Theme Park at Lelystad The Netherlands,also giving visitors explanation in the 747 cockpit.

Thanks for this magnificent production on the Boeing 747-200F operations by Ocean Airlines of Italy. I found this DVD to be fascinating, inspiring, and an outstanding production from the first seconds to the last. Thanks also to everyone at Ocean Airlines, and especially the flight crews for their professionalism and the in-depth presentation of aircraft systems and operations. Would love to see more 747 cargo operations around the world, if possible. Keep up the wonderful work!!!
Tim Herman, USA

The crew explaining the workings of the 747-200F and the fascinating ground action at HKG make this DVD a real winner! Great photography and communication between the flight crew made this a fun adventure! Thanks to all the people that put this together.
Chad Smith, USA

Wow! It is so nice to see some A/C wearing an Italian livery !! Hope this DVD will be the first of a long series... My passion is freight operations, and this video is highly recommended. You cannot miss this DVD if you are interested in airplanes: the Pilots and Flight Engineer did an excellent job in giving an overview about their very complex cockpit. I love the 747 Classic, and it is so nice to see it again operating in Italy. Ocean Airlines and the crew itself are great, in particular the First Officier Paola Gini (also for her smile !!), who is the only woman in Italy who is flying the Boeing 747 !!! Congratulations Paola, keep the Italian flag flying !!!
Luigi Carlotto, ITALY

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-200F I-OCEA VC 902 VBS-HKG 10h48

VBS Brescia, ITALY

HKG Hong Kong, CHINA

B747-200F I-OCEA VC 903 HKG-ALA 6h09

HKG Hong Kong, CHINA


B747-200F I-OCEA VC 903 ALA-VBS 7h08


VBS Brescia, ITALY