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Hong Kong's new long haul carrier becomes the 189th airline in the World Air Routes series. In the cockpit of the B747-400 you will fly the airline's maiden route from Hong Kong to London and back.


After a company presentation by the CEO, Flight Ops and Ground Ops Managers you'll descend from the mountain to CLK Airport in the cable car for some amazing views of the Airport. We then meet the crew who brief us on the flight are ready for takeoff in the cockpit of the 747-400.  


Both Captains give a very extensive presentation of the aircraft, the route, the operation and many other details pertaining to the airline and last, but certainly not least, we take to the sky for the first ever air to air footage of a 747 over the English coast!


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Filmed in 2007 - Released in 2007


The Oasis program is incredible! It has become my favourite of the forty World Air Routes programs I own so far. The company presentation was very interesting, especially how it incorporated a tour of the airline’s headquarters. The flight itself was brilliant thanks to an amazing flight crew. They presented the flights superbly and provided a great deal of information about the operation of the aircraft on the route. The air-to-air segment was certainly something special! Udo did an especially outstanding job capturing the flights, particularly the documentation of the approach into Hong Kong. I’d like to thank everyone involved in making this such an excellent program. I strongly recommend this DVD, don’t miss it!   Luke Harding, UK

I bought this DVD purely because of what a good experience I've had during my flight with Oasis Hong Kong. The DVD itself is very informative and both the captains did a excellent job on explaining the operations on the B744 aircraft. The air to air flight was also very good and gives the beautiful Oasis livery in full view. All in all this DVD is a must buy to remember the Oasis Hong Kong airline.

Roger Yeung, UK

I think I am the only guy in Kenya who ordered this DVD. I love aviation and I want to be a pilot. I learned many things from this DVDs. On this particular one I love the cockpit presentations. Please continue!  Steve Ntaboi, KENYA

I have purchased many of your DVDs and love them all, but I have to say that Oasis Hong Kong is the best yet. The cockpit presentation is absolutely exceptional. You can see that it is given by two instructor/pilots because they explain everything so throughly. What I really enjoyed is not only the cockpit presentation, but the fact that much of the video is made of very good scenes showing what the pilots are actually doing in the cockpit and the communication with ATC. For an airliner and flight sim enthusiast like myself, this DVD is just exceptional. I really enjoyed watching Oasis and will be watching this one over again. Thank you.

Robert Yunque

As a  proud owner of 10 WAR dvds I would say this is one the best. The  Captain rotating the aircraft & the  deploying the  reverse thrust when landing I captured very well by the cameraman. This scene itself makes this dvd a very worthy purchase. I am hoping the new productions will have similar scenes.    Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

This is a gem for Flight Simulator enthusiasts. The pilots on the Just Planes Oasis DVD did a very good job of explaining flying the 747-400 and mentioned a few things that I wasn't previously aware of. Thanks to the Just Planes videos that I have bought over the past few years my interest in Flight Simulator gets a boost as I try to fly the routes and visit the places in the videos.   Tony Butler, UK

I was very pleased with this dvd. I would like to thank Chris Youlten, Atholl Buchan, Stephen Miller, Captain Trevor Cox, Captain Millerin and F/O Paul Robinson. Overall, a very impressive DVD which I am happy to recommend to anyone interested in the 747-400. 

Katherine Kong Sin Fun, HONG KONG

Hi! I have purchased your Oasis DVD... Great job! You guys just keep on the good work. Amos Migliavacca, ITALY

What can add that has not been expressed before except that what you have is 3 interesting sections in 1 film. Section 1/ The introduction of Oasis Hong Kong airline with various staff telling what goes on behind the scenes. 2/ The fights it's self is utterly brilliant with both Captain Cox and Millerin oozing the love and passion. it certainly shows how experienced they are in the way they show us around there office in a enjoyable but informative way. 3/ Last but not least is the air 2 air photography with shots of the South Coast of England. Well done J.P.V/W.A.R. another one to add to your ever growing list of brilliant/enjoyable films.   

Simon Cordall, UK

Just wanted to say that, having received and watched this DVD recently, I am very impressed with the DVD as a whole, and the cockpit presentations by the two captains is one of the most detailed I have seen, and is very informative and interesting. Overall, a very impressive DVD which I am happy to recommend to anyone interested in the Boeing 747-400.   Steve Wald , UK

Just want to say the Oasis 747-400 is the best Boeing 747 DVD from you guys. If you like the 744 this is the one you must have. Chun , CANADA

Just received the Oasis Hong Kong 747-400. This is one of the best productions of the 747-400 I have seen. You guys are really getting it right, capturing some informal moments of the crew, as well as the briefings and the actual approaches and departures themselves, you guys are really stealing the show, and rightly so.  Arnold Aaron, UK

I've got to admit, when I learned about OASIS, and the fact that they would be flying the 747 I was thrilled. I have always been a fan of the 747 and would like every international airline to fly the 747. Therefore I was kind of hoping that Just Planes would release a 747 DVD featuring OASIS. I finally received the OASIS DVD (along with Gemini Air Cargo and Alaska Airlines) last week. I have been up until 2am for the last week watching all three DVDs. I was very pleased with all the DVDs, especially the OASIS DVD. I would like to thank all the employees at OASIS who helped make this DVD possible. That includes Chris Youlten (Director Ground Operations), Atholl Buchan (Director Flight Operations), and Stephen Miller (OASIS CEO). I would like the thank Cpt Trevor Cox, Cpt Doug Millerin, & F/O Paul Robinson who were the flight crew on flights 700 & 707 for there contributions. I want to thank Udo Schaefer for doing a fantastic job with the production of this DVD. Finally, I would like to thank Producer Michel Moskal for all WAR DVDs.  John McCreery, USA

One word summary - Brilliant ! The presentation from both pilots was second to none. I'm very pleased with this dvd and would say it is my favourite so far. Well recommended!! Thank you.  Al Fraser, CANADA

What a delight to watch this DVD. What came through for me was the freshness of a new start-up, and the professionalism of the flight crew. If I ever needed to fly between Hong Kong and London Gatwick, Oasis Hong Kong would be a serious contender for my business. From what we see on this video, you'll be in good hands. One can't help but get the sense of how much attention is paid to safety. Possibly the best 747 production from JustPlanes. Very educational too, particularly to hear of the intricacies in the approach pattern into Chek Lap Kok Airport. Highly recommended.  Winston Ee , SINGAPORE


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-400 B-LFA O8 700 HKG-LGW 12h27

HKG Hong Kong, CHINA

LGW London Gatwick, UK

B747-400 B-LFA O8 707 LGW-HKG 11h11

LGW London Gatwick, UK

HKG Hong Kong, CHINA

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Thank you for another outstanding DVD. Prior to the advent of the 777 the 747-400 was my favorite airplane for ultra long haul flying so I was very happy to see a DVD on it. I would have to say that a take off in a 747-400 loaded to it's maximum gross weight is still my favorite flying experience and although it's been several years I have been fortunate to experience as a passenger, in the flight deck jumpseat and actually flying a 747-400 simulator). This DVD takes us to 2 of my favorite cities so I enjoyed both flights. Oasis Hong Kong is a new airline I don't know much about, so the presentations at the beginning of the DVD were very informative. The 2 captains gave very good presentations and I liked the air to air sequences of the 747-400. Thank you again for this DVD.  Michael Karpf, JAPAN

I've just received my copy of the DVD in the mail today and this is now my favorite DVD in my collection! There was a great introduction of Oasis and its headquarters in Hong Kong, topped off by beautiful view of Hong Kong and its Ngong Ping 360 cable car (which unfortunately has now been indefinitely stopped). Afterwards Captains Cox and Millerin gives very detailed explanations of the 747-400 systems and flight procedures, and give very frequent updates on the position of the flight and weather at the destination. A must have for all Hong Kong/747-400 enthusiasts!!  Yiu Cheong Chan, USA

You guys have done it once again! Received the Oasis Hong Kong DVD yesterday and watched it right away. This is my favorite DVD yet from you as I love the 747-400, and am familiar with it and Hong Kong through Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. It goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that I recommend this one highly to everyone! Loved Cpt Cox & Cpt Millerin and all they offered to the program. One of the most in-depth presentations so far!     Tim Herman, USA

I am addicted to Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and have been a fan since the very first version.  I recently added the PMDG B747-400 and its associated FS2Crew add-on, giving me realism in flight simulation never before attained on a PC. The PMDG B747-400 simulation is so complicated that one has to read the Pilot Operating Handbook to understand its systems and program the FMC.  I purchased this DVD to help me in understanding better how the 747-400 is flown and operated so I can simulate its operation on my simulator. I was really amazed at how similar the simulator is to the real B747-400.

This DVD starts off in the headquarters of Oasis Hong Kong at HKG. We are introduced to their staff and operation. According to the Flight operation Director, Oasis has the most qualified pilots on the 747-400 in the world! All their pilots have at least 10 years experience on the B747-400. Oasis uses 32 pilots for each of its B747-400. All their flights are long haul, with Hong Kong (HKG) to Gatwick (LGW) and back to Hong Kong on a daily bases. They recently introduced a daily service from Hong Kong to Vancouver. These long haul flights are about 12 hours in flight time. Usually there are 4 pilots on each flight. Two pilots fly the first 5 hours of the flight; they then retire to the bunkers to sleep while the other two pilots, who were previously resting, take over. When about an hour and a half of flight time is remaining, they are replaced by the original two pilots, who are now well rested. So the same two pilots perform the takeoff and then the landing. I find this procedure quite interesting. This DVD will show you first the flight from Hong Kong to London, filmed entirely in the cockpit from cockpit pre-flight, pushback, taxi, and takeoff, to the landing and arrival at the gate in Gatwick. The DVD will then show the flight back to Hong Kong, but on this leg back, the film will start in the cockpit at cruise over Moscow, and will continue to the approach and landing at Hong Kong.

You will witness all the procedures and checklists the pilots go through in all phases of flight. Of interest is their continuous monitoring of emergency landing airstrips throughout their route, and escape routes in high terrain should an engine fail.It was amazing when near Moscow they cross another Oasis aircraft in the opposite direction en-route to London. The other aircraft flashes its lights, just like truckers do when they meet on the road. It was really interesting and fascinating to watch. Because of this 200 minutes DVD, I can now enjoy flying the PMDG B747-400 on Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The operation is amazingly identical. Sahra Badou - Amazon, JAPAN

In every WAR production, the true 'star' of the show is the aircraft itself - in this case the 'Queen of the Skies' - but the true success greatly depends of the flight crew, which in this case, has done their part in an outstanding manner. I absolutely love and highly recommend this program, especially to aviation and flight simulator enthusiasts (like me). A perfect rating at 5/5 stars!    Roy Joven Benzonan, UAE

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