MK Airlines was formed in 1990 to provide cost effective and reliable air cargo capacity to the world cargo industry. MK operates a fleet of Boeing 747 and Douglas DC8 Freighter aircraft to destinations all around the world including many exotic locations.  


This program is a wonderful and unique opportunity to join the crew of a "mighty" DC8 as they ferry an aircraft from Manston to the United Arab Emirates in order to transport close to four dozen horses to Ireland. You will witness the entire aircraft operation with explanations from the crew as well as see the special requirements for transporting horses. It is followed by a flight on the B747 from Luxembourg to East Africa with stopovers in Bishkek and Dubai before returning to Manston with full presentations by the crew.



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Filmed in 2002 - Released in 2002


When I found out about this release I said to myself its a must. That is because we get a unique look at DC-8F operations as well as 747-200 operations. These are two aircraft that won't be around for long so its a nice thing to have in your collection. Great walkaround by our 747-200 F/E and just an all around interesting video showing the cargo being carried and having the loadmaster talk to us and explain his duties on board the aircraft. Glass cockpits are great but when it comes to being classy the gauge cockpits truly are with all of those dials. It also really shows us how far we have come in this industry in terms of the transition from gauge to modern glass cockpits.

Jeff Schapira, CANADA

In the last 10 months I have watched the MK Airlines (Douglas DC8-60F & Boeing 747-200F) DVD at least 50 times and I have enjoyed it. Special thanks should go to all of the Pilots and Flight Engineers for their contributions. As for the MK Airlines DC-8 flights F/E Nigel Hogben (Walkaround at MSE & his tour of the F/E Panel) and Capt. Louis De Bruijn (tour of the cockpit) should get most of the credit. Also, acknowledgement should go to the Loadmaster (DXB-SNN) for his presentation. As for the MK Airlines 747 flights: Capt. Nick Harel (Route Information (LUX-FRU-DXB)) and his F/E Bruce Saunders (Walkaround at FRU & his tour of the F/E Panel); F/O John Henry (Route Information (DXB-NBO)); and Capt. Mark Hensman (tour of the cockpit (NBO-MSE)) should get all of the credit. The filming crew did an excellent job with all of the scenery (e.g. Welcome to Dubai, DC8 Aircraft Loading at DXB, and the 747F Loading and Unloading at FRU & DXB). I would like to thank the people responsible for the filming including Director Udo Schaefer for making these DVDs entertaining. John C. McCreery, USA

Just keep those cargo DVD's coming! I am a fan of cargo airliners and I really like the MK operating style, so I shall thank you for providing me with an inside, first class seat, tour around MK Airlines. I hope to get Atlas Air DVD next week and hope that in the future you provide us with much more cargo DVD's from other great Airlines!

Joao Sales, PORTUGAL

I Just received this MK Airlines DVD this afternoon and have already watched it two times. This will, indeed, be a World Air Routes classic. Not only is the B747-200 featured, but you even captured a Douglas DC-8-63 as well. It was also extremely interesting to see how the horses are loaded and flown - which requires much gentler flying by the pilots - turns are not as steep and climbs and descents are much more gradual. There are some excellent (and I do mean excellent) scenery tours of Dubai. This is a must have DVD that everyone will watch many times over. Excellent DVD!!!!!!!!!    Stan Lenox, USA


INCREDIBLE DVD!!! I asked for an Emirates DVD because I wanted to see my favorite city, Dubai. And not only did I get to see Dubai but got to see two "real" classic airliners. Being a big fan of freighters I got to see some operations and the DC-8 was fabulous, I really was surprised how well it was done but not surprised since you guys are the best at what you do. Thanks again for the great DVD this one is one is the best in my 5 DVD collection.

Dan Antos, CANADA

It's nice to hear that companies like yours are interested in making a film about pure cargo operators. Thanks for providing a great and fitting dvd of MK Airlines aircraft and crews. Maurice Spratt, UK

I just received this DVD 4 nights ago. And I have been watching it every evening passed midnight. I enjoyed the MK 747-200F very much. I feel the crew did a very good job. And I hope that Just Planes will release more 747 DVDs. John C. McCreery, USA


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
DC8-63F 9G-MKO MKA 315 MSE-DXB 6h27

MSE London Manston, UK

DXB Dubai, UAE

DC8-63F 9G-MKO MKA 316 DXB-SNN 8h22

DXB Dubai, UAE


B747-200F 9G-MKP MKA 901 LUX-FRU 6h28



B747-200F 9G-MKP MKA 901 FRU-DXB 4h08


DXB Dubai, UAE

B747-200F 9G-MKP MKA 901 DXB-NBO 4h44

DXB Dubai, UAE

NBO Nairobi, KENYA

B747-200F 9G-MKP MKA 122 NBO-MSE 8h43

NBO Nairobi, KENYA

MSE London Manston, UK