After having covered a wide variety of medium haul routes in our first LTU dvd we're now releasing the airline's 2nd program which focuses on some of the long haul routes LTU operates to Asia.

The first roundtrip features a flight to China departing Dusseldorf for Beijing and returning from Shanghai. The second roundtrip departs Frankfurt for the islands of Male returning to Munich.  Our pilots will give you an in dept look at the A330 including walkaround, cockpit, preflight, arrival briefings and route information.


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Filmed in 2004 - Released in 2005


This is the series where we sit in the jump-seat and hear ATC, watch the instruments and look over the shoulders of the crew. LTU is fifty years old this year, one of the largest German holiday airlines - no budget wunderkind! It has a modern fleet of A320, A321 and A330 serving over seventy destinations. The DVD joins the crew on a roundtrip to China departing Dusseldorf for Beijing and returning from Shanghai. The second round trip departs Frankfurt for Male (the Maldives) returning to Munich.

Review by Pilot Magazine


WOW! I was impressed by this DVD as I consider it to be one of the TOP DVD's (not the best though) created by World Air Routes. We begin with the exterior walkaround of the A330 followed by a flight from Dusseldorf to Beijing. The cabin presentation was somewhat disappointing but the last 2 flights (roundtrip from Dusseldorf, GERMANY to Male, MALDIVE ISLANDS) were the best part of this DVD as you can see a clear view of how the island and its ocean looks like. Overall I would recommend this DVD.

Mohammed Al-Adsani, KUWAIT

A fantastic add on, to nicely complement the LTU Fleet DVD. No.19 in my collection. Great Work!!

Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

In my opinion both DVDs featuring LTU are well done. My complements to everyone at Just Planes (especially Michel Moskal & Udo Schaefer) for making both DVDs entertaining. I enjoyed all the scenery (e.g. China, Croatia, and Greece). My favorite scenes were the landing and takeoff from Male, Maldives Islands. I also enjoyed the Flightdeck Scenes (especially one scene with the Co-Pilot operating the side-stick). I must thank every pilot (especially F/O Alexander Lemmon, Co-Pilot of LT1682 & LT1687) at LTU who contributed to the filming of both DVDs. That includes the Preflight Walkaround, the Cockpit Presentation, the Route Information, and finally the Takeoff and Landing Briefings.

John C. McCreery, USA

A great program on the LTU A330! Nicely done cockpit and cabin crew presentations, but the major attraction on this one is all of the interesting scenery en route, especially the departure from the Maldives with beautiful tropical islands and atolls on a perfect day for photography! The scenery reminds me of the South Pacific and it is very nice to see such a rarely seen destination as the Maldives. Nice work!

Greg Rowland, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A330-200 D-ALPB LT 1682 DUS-PEK 8h41

DUS Dusseldorf, GERMANY

PEK Beijing, CHINA

A330-200 D-ALPE LT 1687 SHA-DUS 11h41

SHA Shanghai, CHINA

DUS Dusseldorf, GERMANY

A330-200 D-ALPA LT 742 FRA-MLE 8h47

DUS Dusseldorf, GERMANY


A330-200 D-ALPC LT 733 MLE-MUC 9h36