Kingfisher commenced operations in 2005 and ranked in the Top 2 airlines as far as domestic Indian flights and market share. It operated 400 flights a day to 77 destinations and won a number of awards. Just Planes spent a week with Kingfisher in India during 2008 filming flights to half a dozen cities in India as well as various aspects of the airline's operations. The airline was forced to suspend operations in October of 2012.


Captains Roy and Jhaveri will take you to half a dozen destinations in India in the cockpit of the Airbus A320 and will describe to you how the aircraft works, how they prepare and operate the flights and much more including a visit to the Mumbai Operations Center and Kingfisher House. Destinations on this program were carefully selected to bring you interesting routes and great scenery such as Goa and Port Blair. Also included is a flight in the cabin of the A320.



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Filmed in 2008 - Released in 2009



Kingfisher Airlines is India's largest airline. It is based in Bangalore. Kingfisher operates more than 400 flights a day and has a network of 78 destinations, with regional and long-haul international services. Its main bases are Bangalore's Bengaluru International Airport, Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Though Kingfisher has a large fleet consisting of A319/320/321/330s, this DVD focuses on the operations of the A320 throughout India. Captain Jhaveri (Female Capt) is a true inspiration to female pilots out there or any female who is interested in a flying career. She truly takes charge of the A320 making it look all too easy.

Captain Roy, who is a senior Captain at the company, provides most of the commentary for this DVD. Taking you through the aircraft systems, Kingfisher operational center, discussing future plans of the company all the way to his love for Airbus aircraft and why he thinks they are light years ahead of Boeing (a debate that seems to have no end in sight)

I have to honestly say that India is a beautiful country and this DVD provides some stunning scenic views of the country that may whet your curiosity to visit some day. Some of the destinations in this DVD are Chennai , Goa , Kochi , Mangalore , Mumbai and Port Blair. The operations of Kingfisher is nothing short of amazing and its no wonder this airline is five star rated.

It is definitely worth purchasing and it will peak your curiosity about Airbus aircraft, providing and in-depth look into why these aircraft are so unique. All Boeing lovers BEWARE! This DVD may convert you to fly Airbus.

Summary / Closing Remarks

I have always been skeptical about buying these types of DVDs but now I am convinced of their usefulness, not only to simmers but to anyone interested in aviation and the daily operations of an airline. For flight simmers who are more systems oriented, these DVDs give you everything you need and more to simulate all flying procedures (especially those that are airline specific).

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An excellent DVD to have bought- very clear audio with 2 very camera friendly Captains with some great cockpit banter –especially the bit about the atc at Chennai with the falsetto voice !! Arun Batra, INDIA

I was very excited at the release of this particular DVD and wasted no time in ordering it. WAR succeeded in adding such a rapidly growing global brand and I was excited to say the least. The commencement of the DVD is one of a kind. Never before in my War collecting have I seen a DVD start like that and it exudes the professionalism and pride both WAR and KFR take in their products. All flights were enjoyable, especially going into a primitive place like Port Blair with the undulating runway and carpark size tarmac. This was one of the friendliest crews I've seen on DVD. I especially liked Capt. Roy inflight brief history an future outlook of the airline. It was extremely engaging and displayed his enthusiasm of the airline. I also appreciate a lot that you were able to get more than one shot of the crew rotating the aircraft, which is something the average person doesn't see. A 5 star DVD production on a 5 star airline. Hopefully we can get a KFR A330 DVD next. Duane Thomas, USA

The Kingfisher DVD is an excellent program. The captain explains all the procedures very well, and the external images are of good quality. I hope you will produce more DVDs of Indian airlines. Amos Migliavacca, ITALY

This is the first time that a pilot acts like a host as he takes us on a tour around the Kingfisher office complex. Rotation by the lady captain is captured well by the cameraman. Hope in the near future there will be new series featuring kingfisher’s newly acquired wide bodies. I am glad that I purchased this dvd adding one more to my precious “ justplanes” DVD collection. Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

Thanks again for yet another Great DVD. Kingfisher will be a big hit. I really enjoyed the whole thing from the Intro Commercial which really gets the viewer ready for this Great Program. Capt Roy and Jhaveri both did a Great job at explaining the Flights and really gave the viewer Great info about each location. The part with the Big Boss was interesting as well.
The Visit to Kingfisher House was also very interesting and seeing the Kingfisher University Plan was Cool. Learning about the whole fleet was Great. They have a very nice bunch of Girls as Flight Attendants who seem to love there Job.Ii highly recommend this DVD. It has perked my interest in Flying Kingfisher some day. UDO, You did a Great job!! Keep it up! A Big Thank you to the whole WAR Team! 

John Linder, USA

I've purchased this dvd and i would love to say that it's simply awesome. The presentation was neatly done by the Captain and also the CEO of Kingfisher Airlines. The whole inflight(cockpit) presentation was superb i mean both of the pilots explained everything in details and i felt like i was sitting right behind them in the cockpit. I hope in the near future, you will have more presentation on some other Indian Airplanes.  Philip Sherin, USA

The Kingfisher DVD was just amazing! Captains Jhaveri and Roy are excellent, and Captain Roy especially gives us an in-depth look at Kingfisher and its operations. Fantastic, interesting destinations, and the beautiful Airbus A320 with its LCD displays as well as tours of the Kingfisher House and the training center are all included. I'd like to thank the pilots and everyone at Kingfisher for their contributions to making this a fantastic DVD that is extremely enjoyable to watch!     Tim Herman, USA

Just got the Kingfisher A320 and I must say this is an absolutely brilliant DVD. Definately one of my favourites from the series. We get a comprehensive overview of the company and the airline background, tours around their facilities, all of which is excellent. And thats even before the flying gets mentioned. Great cockpit shots, inside and out. Some of the best camera angles and beautiful scenery in the entire series are on this DVD. It gives a real insight into A320 operations. Some very nice unusual airfields, like Port Blair and we get a great explaination from the captains on the special procedures they must use, and they are constantly giving an insight into the destinations in India, what its like to fly the A320 and a great insight into flying in India and the fantastic company. Steve Uniacke, IRELAND

This is a first rate DVD. We get to ride along with the Kingfisher flight crew on several flights to various locations in India. One of the joys of Just Planes videos is the opportunity to visit locales around the world that we would otherwise never get to see. India was a new experience for me and I enjoyed all the destintations, especially Port Blair. The personable flight crew were a joy to listen to as they explained Kingfisher's operating style. I really enjoyed the tour of the Kingfisher offices and Kingfisher Academy. Their attention to detail makes it readily apparent why this relatively new airline is so successful. This is a very well produced and very entertaining DVD and I would highly recommend it.    Joseph Wozniczka, USA

I want to commend Just Planes on a 5 star production. Kingfisher is a classy airline with wonderful crews and you can tell from their enthusiasm and professionalism.

George Alves, USA

This was the first time I've seen a female captain in a WAR video. Pilots maintain situational awareness and prepare for anticipated delays on Mumbai. After landing, viewers are taken into the KFR flight center to learn how the company operates. Capt. Roy also explains the advantage of Airbus over its competition. An interesting highlight is the challenging landing on Port Blair, in which the runway is uneven with no approach lighting.  Good video quality, beautiful scenery and clear ATC chatter in India. Good panel and ECAM presentation. Captains Roy and Jhaveri are competent and professional. There are some portions of the program which may be considered unnecessary; safety briefing video, passenger views of wing and flight status view.  I personally would rate this DVD at 4/5 stars. Keep up the good work Just Planes!

Roy Jovent Benzonan, UAE

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A320-200 VT-KFD IT 512 BOM-GOI 0h55



A320-200 VT-KFD IT 513 GOI-BOM 1h03



A320-200 VT-KFB IT 183 BOM-MAA 1h21


MAA Chennai, INDIA

A320-200 VT-DKU IT 3633 MAA-IXZ 1h53

MAA Chennai, INDIA

IXZ Port Blair, INDIA

A320-200 VT-DKU IT 3634 IXZ-MAA 1h57

IXZ Port Blair, INDIA

MAA Chennai, INDIA

A320-200 VT-DKV IT 3143 BOM-COK 1h35



A320-200 VT-DKV IT 3143 IXE-BOM 1h46

IXE Mangalore, INDIA