Jetsgo, Canada's new discount airline, took to the air on June 12th, 2002, with a fleet of 3 Douglas MD80s. During the first year of operation Jetsgo has continually increased the number of destinations, routes and frequencies. By the first anniversary on June 12th, 2003, Jetsgo announced it was increasing its fleet to 12 aircraft.

On this program we follow 4 Jetsgo trips from it's main hub at Toronto's Pearson, 2 on short flights including to Montreal's Dorval Airport, 1 on a transcontinental service to Vancouver and 1 on a charter operation to Cuba. During these flights we witness the pilots at work, a deicing, a cockpit presentation, aircraft walkaround, in cabin service and much more.....



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Filmed in 2003 - Released in 2003


Great job on this dvd as usual! It is too bad this airline in now gone in the wake of 9/11. Great scenery and it was nice to see the deicing seqence. I would highly recommend this one and I hope we can see some more canadian carriers. Thanks, keep up the great work.
Tony Plowden, CANADA

Its a really good job. The dvd shows how the MD83 works including the instruments and nice views of Canada.
Alejandro Fraire Alvarado, MEXICO

This DVD is excellent. It was interesting to see "updates" on two former Royal Airlines pilots from the Flight in the Cockpit series: Capt. Christensen from the A310 video (as mentioned before) & Capt. Lewis, who I believe was also in the 727 Video. Great job as always to the World Air Routes team!    Josh Sprague, USA

The Jetsgo DVD you made is by far one of your finest in the series. Firstly the ATC is so clear, thats what I noticed off the bat. Pilot descriptions were great and we had very friendly crews onboard to show us how they fly and manage the MadDog (MD-83) as some pilots call her. Destinations were great. Nice to see Montreal and Toronto, two cities I grew up in as well as a flight to Vancouver with amazing scenery on descent and approach. Timmins was unique for I never knew they flew there until I picked this DVD up and Cuba was nice to with a splendid walkaround by our F/O. Too bad they aren't around now as our skies here in Toronto feel more empty these days but whatever happens this is a nice memory for all Canadians who enjoyed spotting this airline's planes.    Jeff Schapira, CANADA

This DVD is a great job, beautiful for the tech part and beautiful for all you see. It's your first one that i buy, but be sure, that others will follow!!!   Francesco Garganese, ITALY

Having received three of your excellent DVD's featuring KLM Cityhopper, Jetsgo and Flybe, I can honestly say they are the most regularly played DVD's in my home. Professional, well filmed and above all very interesting they have really inspired me and helped push me on with my own training to become a proffesional pilot.  Darren Smith, UK

I would like to thank justplanes for doing a wonderful job with the filming. This is my favourite DVD featuring the MD83. Special thanks should go to Cpt. Carmine Delullo (SG902/903) for his contribution (e.g. Taking the time to welcome the viewers and his explanation of the De-icing). Also Cpt. Delullo's Co-pilot, F/O Shawn Kurbanazi, with the External Walkaround and Flight Management System. We should thank Cpt. Ken Vella and F/O Brent Hill(SG116/117). And Cpt. Christopher Lewis (SG121). Finally Cpt. Peter Christensen (SG117/118) for his Cockpit Presentation. Please Note that Cpt. Christensen was the Co-pilot on ROY745 (Royal A310-300, STN-YYZ) in Flight in Cockpit 19. So it was great that he was available for the Jetsgo DVD. I strongly recommend this DVDs.
John C. McCreery, USA

Just wanted to say what a stunning DVD. It is the best I have seen so far. The crews are to be commended at JetsGo,Awsome sound and quality This is only the 3rd in my collection but looking forward to obtaining them all. Keep up the great work.Best Wishes.   Jim Gibson, CANADA

I just wanted to say, this DVD is by far the best of the World Air Route series that I own. I loved the crisp sound, especially from ATC. The editing is the best. I really enjoyed the fact that most of the filming was inside the cockpit and not scenery. Thank you World Air Routes for presenting one of the best cockpit DVD's.  Ossie Brown, USA

I have sure, this is the best quality for tribute of MD80. Cabin description, scenary, very datail of the cabin. Compliments....    Amos Migliavacca, ITALY

I am a flight attendant with Jetsgo, and I must say this is just like the real thing! Very good presentation, I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is interested in Jetsgo's flight operations or in the MD83 aircraft. You get a taste of everything! Long-haul, short haul and charter operation (for Sunwing vacation)! Hope to have the pleasure of seeing the World Air Routes team onboard again!   Jetsgo Flight Attendant, CANADA

This is an amazing DVD. I have never been to Canada so it is like a mini tour for me. Great shots of the de-icing of the aircraft, crisp clear ATC communications, and awesome scenery. This DVD makes me want to visit Canada. Well done to everyone. A highly recomended purchase.
F. Atang, UK

I have to agree with Greg Rowland on the JetsGo DVD! Not only is the MD83 (all MD80's in general) the most awesome aircraft, but the scenery is great - especially the Rockies and Vancouver. I loved the crystal clear ATC communications and the detailed demonstration of the FMS - I've always wanted to see that. And all of the pilots were EXCELLENT! They were all extremely comfortable in front of the camera - which makes their cockpit tours and walkarounds much more informative and easy to follow. Keep up the great work........I can't wait for the next MD80 program!   Amy Bubash, USA

Woow!!! A fantastic presentation of the MD83 on the Jetsgo program! The pilot participation on this one is especially good with a very detailed walkaround and cockpit presentation. The deicing demonstration at Toronto is very interesting also. Lots of great scenery on this dvd, including the Bahamas and the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The ATC is loud and clear throughout the program and the instruments and flight control close-ups are very well done. The Jetsgo pilots are too be commended for doing a fabulous job on the narration. Anyone interested in the MD83 must buy a copy of this dvd!   Greg Rowland, USA

I have just three words... Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Its great to finally see a large Canadian Carrier. Its been awhile since a Canadian airline video has been released and I hope you guys don't stop here. I live so close to YYZ and see this airplane all the time. Its nice to finally get to be in the cockpit. Looking forward to more Canadian carriers. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
Dan Antos, CANADA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
MD83 C-GKLR SG 902 YYZ-HOG 3h42


HOG Holguin, CUBA

MD83 C-GKLR SG 903 HOG-YYZ 3h05

HOG Holguin, CUBA


MD83 C-GKLJ SG 117 YYZ-YVR 4h54


YVR Vancouver, CANADA

MD83 C-GKLJ SG 118 YVR-YYZ 4h05

YVR Vancouver, CANADA


MD83 C-GKLJ SG 116 YYZ-YUL 0h43


YUL Montreal Dorval, CANADA

MD83 C-GKLJ SG 117 YUL-YYZ 0h57

YUL Montreal Dorval, CANADA


MD83 C-GKLJ SG 121 YYZ-YTS 0h53