This dvd features Cork based Jetmagic which operated a fleet of Embraer 135s and 145s until early 2004.


The program take a close look at the operation of the Embraer regional jet. For more than half of the dvd Captain Carpenter and his copilot will give you one of the most complete guided tour of the cockpit as they fly the jet on 4 flights in and out of Cork, Edinburgh and London City Airport. If you run a flight simulator you will especially enjoy these flights as these pilots take you step by step through the motions of flying. This is followed by a roundtrip flight to Liverpool and Rome's Ciampino Airport. The last leg is flown in the cabin where we enjoy nice views our the window over the wings and the great and friendly service of Jetmagic.



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Filmed in 2004 - Released in 2005


This DVD pleased me a lot. Worth seeing. Must see for Embraer fans! The DVD is particularly worth seeing for virtual pilots of the ERJ145 using programs such as FleetThere/Wilco. The crew give details explanations about the aircraft and the procedures.


This is the first WAR DVD I have watched to break in the new year and I must say I was truly impressed. Our flight crew for the first half of the video did an outstanding job of explaining the Embraer 135/145 cockpit and what was happening while the flying was progressing so that was great. I agree with some of the others who posted comments here that the London City flights were amazing. I was particularly interested when Capt. Carpenter pointed out the two sets of lights down the runway at London City showing where pilots are required to touch down safely or make the decision to go around and try again should they go beyond that point on the runway. It was also interesting to here that only Captains can be the PICs in and out of London City. Destinations and scenery was nice and the cabin view for the last flight of the DVD was also nice. A lot of the flights were shot at night so for those that enjoy night flying, this would be a good DVD for you. I really like the Regional Jets and I am glad to have an Embraer 135/145 in my WAR collection. Keep up the superb work!

Jeff Schapira , CANADA


This is the one DVD that everyone should get, wheather you are an Airbus, Embraer, Boeing or whatever fan. The Jetmagic DVD is a must see. Capt. John Carpenter and his FO take you through the entire Cork-Edinburgh flight, step by step, explaining everything in a clear, easy to understand way. Its very light-hearted, pleasant and funny right the way through. He shows us the various things about the cockpit of the Embraer, and this is followed by the walkaround of the plane. We are then treated to another cockpit presentation with the workings of the weather radar and TCAS on the way back. On the next sector, we get to see the workings of the fascinating approach into London City airport, with its famous steep approach and unique procedures. The flights are then rounded off with more in-depth flights to Liverpool and Rome. This is the DVD everyone should have! Steve Uniacke, IRELAND


This is the first and most certainly not the last WAR DVD I have purchased and it is simply magnificent and very informative. Before Jetmagic ceased operations I had flown with them on several occasions and had an iffiliation with a few of their pilots as they were my flight instructors before joining the airline. Both Cpt. Carpenter and his First Officer did an excellent job in explaining the systems onboard the aircraft and 'left no stone unturned' so to speak. This is definatley a must have, not only for ERJ fanatics but for all aviation enthusiasts. Keep up the great work guys.

Aaron Prendergast, IRELAND


This is probably the best video I have bought so far! The pilots do an excellent of explaining everything; this is a must have for any aviation enthusiast.

Connor Shea, USA


Great explanations of the complete aircraft. Pilots really show everything about this beautiful aircraft. This dvd shows one of the best regional jets ever built.

Alejandro Fraire Alvarado, MEXICO


This dvd was absolutely the best dvd that you have made regarding regional jets and probably the best world air routes video yet. Excellent interaction of the pilots is what makes this video entertaining to watch. The pilots even give explanations of instruments while on take-off, amazing. I have a new respect for the ERJs as I had no idea that their technology was so advanced. Most of the filming was done in the cockpit, not a lot of scenery, so if you like RJs and technical stuff get this video, it's the best.

Daniel P, USA


Thanks to Captain Carpenter and his First Officer, the JetMagic DVD provides a highly informative explaination of the ERJ 135s operation in airline service. The crystal clear commentary is given throughout the first four sectors by both members of the flight crew and this makes the program very entertaining, allowing the viewer to understand everything that is happening and why it is being done. The air-to-air segment shows simply stunning views of the beautifully liveried JetMagic Embraer aircraft. The last four sectors also show some great flying in the ERJ 145, with the cabin flight ending the program well. This is another excellent production by the Just Planes crew, to who I would like to send my sincere thanks. Luke Harding, UK


What can you say but this DVD presentation is just PURE MAGIC. The way Capt Carpenter not only tells you what is going on with relationship to the inside of the aircraft but also what is going on outside etc the different runway lights. The second half with the flights to Liverpool and Rome, my hat goes off to the Capt who beside being filmed  was under instruction. Great job J.P.V. Simon Cordall, UK


I've only watched the first segment, and no question this is the best one I've seen. The pilots went far and above the call of duty in explaining the different stages of the flight.

Dean Kennedy, USA

The Jetmagic dvd is the definitive program on the ERJ-135/145. The pilots' presentations are among the best in the World Air Routes series with very detailed information on the highly advanced instrumentation and loud & clear narration and ATC Communications. Very interesting flights into and out of London's City Airport at night and in strong gusting winds demonstrate the special skills required of pilots operating jet aircraft at the airport. A very nicely photographed air to air chapter of an ERJ-145 is a treat to see, as is the flight in the cabin from Rome to Cork with a spectacular sunset. A really outstanding program and a must have for all ERJ fans! Greg Rowland, USA


This video is simply the best you have made so far. The level of detail regarding the aircraft systems and operation presented during the different phases of flight is far beyond anything in any of your previous videos. The crews are great, contagiously enthusiastic about their work and show a detailed knowledge of the aircraft systems. Capt. Carpenter, in particular, is a very gifted and knowledgeable entertainer who informs us about many other aviation aspects that go beyond the aircraft. It is a tribute to the crew's ability to see them perform smoothly in moments of very high workload. Absolutely essential video if you ever think of flying the ERJ 135/145. Jorge Grazina, BELGIUM


Absolutely fantastic video. The best interaction from the pilots I've seen yet in these videos. The pilots take the time to explain what's happening in the cockpit and what the instruments are doing. Great display of two crew cockpit interaction and teamwork. Excellent views of the cockpit. What really stands out is the night operation and the night approach into London City Airport. Worth the price of admission just for that. A "must have" for ERJ enthusiasts.

Bill Grabowski, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
ERJ-135 EI-ORK GX 084 ORK- 0h54


EDI Edinburgh, UK

ERJ-135 EI-ORK GX 085 -ORK 0h53

EDI Edinburgh, UK


ERJ-135 EI-ORK GX 026 ORK- 0h58


LCY London City , UK

ERJ-135 EI-ORK GX 027 -ORK 1h05

LCY London City , UK


ERJ-145 EI-GXB GX 042 ORK- 0h47


LPL Liverpool , UK

ERJ-145 EI-GXB GX 043 -ORK 0h47

LPL Liverpool , UK


ERJ-145 EI-GXB GX 804 ORK- 2h33


CIA Rome Ciampino, ITALY

ERJ-145 EI-GXB GX 805 -ORK 3h01

CIA Rome Ciampino, ITALY