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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2012

Our 8th Air Canada program brings Air Canada Express into the series! This allows us to feature regional aircraft and smaller airports. This Air Canada Express program features the operation of Jazz who becomes the 234th airline to join the World Air Routes series! You will fly the airlines brand new Q-400 as well as the CRJ-200 and CRJ-705 which is another first for us! Also included is a flight to St John NB taking the number of destinations filmed in Canada to 61.

Brief Comments

This is my 5th program from the successful Air Canada series (767-300, 777-200LR to SYD and Polar Ops, A330-300). Presentations were clear and very informative as done by comptetent and professional crews. Nice walkaround of the brand-new DH8-Q400. Extensive cockpit presentation by Capt. Tessmer of the CRJ-705. The captain even does some demonstration for the viewers benefit like FMS hold programming, seatbelt sign and ice protection system on the EICAS display. The highlight of the program is the low visibility instrument approach into St. John - awesome landing Capt. Holm!

Video and audio quality was crystal clear as expected of a blu-ray.  Another recommended program with rating at 5/5 stars!

Roy Jovent Benzonan, PHILIPPINES

When this latest installment of the great Air Canada series was released, I wasted no time in ordering it. The blue-ray quality was outstanding and a pleasure to watch. As always the crews provided the viewer with great explanations and insight to the daily operation of their aircraft. I especially enjoyed the flight in the cabin and the great taxi views of the traffic in YYZ. Just Planes is always raising the bar with every production and it shows. Their attention to detail and really giving the customer a great value in each DVD purchased is greatly appreciated.    George Alves, USA

The Air Canada Express/Jazz DVD is a great presentation of the largest regional airline in Canada! Starting with an overview of the company by the Director of Flight Ops, this well organized program covers 3 of the aircraft types operated by the company out of the Toronto hub. Preflight preparations are shown in the flight operations room for each of the flights originating in Toronto. All 3 aircraft types feature a nice cockpit presentation with a very detailed tour on the CRJ-705 and a walkaround on the Q-400. An interesting feature of the CRJ-200 flight to St John is the approach and landing right down to minimums due to fog, which the Captain explains is a very common problem there in the Spring and Fall. A nice flight in the cabin, again in the fog on departure from St John with a crosswind landing in Toronto wraps up another enjoyable and educational program from Just Planes. A big thank you to Just Planes and the Jazz pilots for the great work! Please keep these programs coming!  Greg Rowland, USA

Just got Canada jazz. Well done guys. Low viz landing amazing. Can't wait to find out what coming next. Great work.  Alisonngarry DunnJust

just? bought the dvd and i love it!!!!!
airbus894 / You Tube

Another amazing? job JustPlanes!   You Tube/fsxAIRLINEguy

Thank you soooo much! I was really hoping you would do Air Canada Jazz. Could not be more? excited for this DVD. Nice to see eastern Canada and the CRJ aircrafts. Keep up the great work Justplanes!   You Tube/Krazykid000

with no doubt this? was a beautiful video
You Tube/N0rM3lz

Great job!   You Tube/KingVogue

Very nice!!!!    You Tube/FlightsimmerFMO

My dream came true! Thank you just planes!
You Tube/ACjazzRules

Fab video.   You Tube/lak94

Awesome!   You Tube/tubeyou443

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+ Up to 5 cameras used to give you many angles on takeoffs & landings

+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection

+ Cockpit Presentation of Q-400

+ Cockpit Presentation of CRJ-200

+ Cockpit Presentation of CRJ-705

+ Presentation by the airline Director of Flight Operations & Chief Pilot

+ Flight in the Cabin

+ Landing with minimal visibility at St John NB

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
Q-400 C-GGOK AC 8910 YYZ-YQB 1h15


YQB Quebec City, CANADA

Q-400 C-GGOK AC 8915 YQB-YYZ 1h33

YQB Quebec City, CANADA


CRJ-705 C-GLJZ AC 8854 YYZ-YYG 1h38


YYG Charlottetown, CANADA

CRJ-705 C-GLJZ AC 8857 YYG-YYZ 2h07

YYG Charlottetown, CANADA


CRJ-200 C-GGJA AC 8946 YYZ-YSJ 1h34



CRJ-200 C-GGJA AC 8947 YSJ-YYZ 2h03





As always we try to bring you...

... as many angles/views on takeoff & landing

Using up to 5 cameras for this program!

Includes specific views like this one

Pilotseye views are always included

Walkaround in Quebec City

Always great scenery such as this view on Toronto

The program includes 1 flight in the cabin

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