In 2008 Iberia became the 220th airline to join our Cockpit Series. The first of several programs featuring the Spanish carrier takes us in the cockpit of the A340-600 from the airline's hub at Madrid for our first ever flight to Peru where we land and takeoff at Lima. Hosting the flight is Iberia's Vice-President of Flight Operations, Captain Genova. With his crew you will be introduced to the flight, get a cockpit presentation and walkaround. Another first with this program is a Spanish version in which the pilots do several presentations for our many Spanish viewers around the world.

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Filmed in 2008 - Released in 2009


This DVD features the A340-600 operated by Iberia. It starts off with clips of the A340 in action and one can’t help but be amazed at the immense size of this unique aircraft. Shortly afterward we jump into our featured flight from Madrid to Peru.

Some of the highlights of this round trip you will enjoy are the crew briefings, walk around presentations, cockpit presentations and the very scenic views out of Madrid and on approach to Peru. Delving into some more detail, one of the segments I enjoyed the most was the very extensive cockpit presentation and discussion by the Captain on the company navigation manuals and details on the company and fleet.

You will also enjoy the cockpit tail camera view which was used for taxiing the A340 in and around Madrid and Peru. Overall, I think this is one of my all-time favorite Iberia DVDs and I can definitely see myself viewing this over and over again. Great job Just Planes! – Recommended.

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Once again, a great product from Just Planes!. The crew provided a very thorough and detailed explanation of all the airplane system including the walk around, perhaps the best I have seen. Being a native Spanish speaking, I also enjoyed watching the parts of the DVD that were spoken in these two languages. I hope that having both language versions will continue in the future with airlines that are from spanish speaking countries. Thanks to the crew for their time and professionalism and to Just Planes for producing this excellent DVD. Please more Iberia !!!

Albert L, USA

My compliments to Captain Ricardo Genova, Co-Captain Carlos Morales, and Co-Pilot Beatriz Urdiales on their contribution to this DVD. It was great that Captain Genova was able to take time out of his busy schedule to be the Pilot of both flights. He does a great job with his presentation on his tour of the flightdeck and showing the viewers the detail of both flights. I liked his comment about when he retires that he will spend his free time watching Just Planes DVDs. Co-Captain Morales does a great presentation with his walkaround at MAD.

John McCreery, USA

One of the best dvd's . Very exciting landing in old Quito airport. You must have.
Matteo Guareschi , ITALY

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-600 EC-JCY IB 6651 MAD-LIM 11h35



A340-600 EC-JBA IB 6650 LIM-MAD 10h47