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Filmed in 2012 - Released in 2012

Our 4th IBERIA program is the 1st to be released on Blu-ray and in addition to the fantastic High Definition quality we're delighted to have 5 cameras in the cockpit to bring you some fantastic angles for takeoffs and landings. Mexico City was picked as it is a very interesting route on Iberia's network and it also allowed us to feature the A340-600 for the outbound leg and the A340-300 for the return so as to see some of the differences between both types. You have a great crew to introduce you to this route and you'll be continually informed on the progress of the flight and technical aspects of the aircraft in general!




I wad glad to see Iberia released on Blu-Ray and especially featuring their wide body aircraft. The destination of Mexico City was a great choice! I can't say enough about the pilots who kept the viewer informed on both flights. Their willingness to explain every aspect of trans Atlantic operations was very insightful. I want to commend  Udo on his filming. The scenery was breathtaking and especially the return to MAD with those en route thunderstorms over the US. I loved the Houston overfly :) Great production as always!

George Alves, USA

I would like to congratulate the Iberia (Mexico City) Blu-ray of becoming the 16th of the top 20 programs of 2012. This is my first Blu-ray. And I have watched this program at least two times since I bought it (about two weeks ago). My complements to Captain Arostegui, and his two co-pilots for making this program entertaining. Mexico City was an excellent choice to film a program featuring Iberia. I hope that www.justplanes.com will release more programs featuring Iberia.
John C. McCreery, USA

A big thank you to Iberia and Just Planes for another great program on the A340! Beginning with a nice presentation about Iberia's Madrid terminal facility and services, including behind the scenes hub control and their functions, we are given a briefing by Iberia's Flight Dispatch Manager followed by the introduction of our crew and watch their flight dispatcher give her briefing for the A340-600 flight to Mexico City. Then out to the ramp for a very nicely presented and filmed walkaround by one of the First Officers to see this huge airplane close-up from the outside. Then up to the cockpit for Preflight preparations and departure during which we can see the push back, taxi and takeoff through the airplane's own belly and tail cameras for unique views of these phases of flight. What a fantastic perspective! These cameras are needed for ground navigation of this 247 foot long giant. On this program they are left on to show viewers additional angles during takeoff and climb in beautiful weather. The Oceanic crossing by random route is described by the Captain along with communications requirements. Great views of the Azores en route are followed by the Captain's very interesting lecture on aerodynamics. Good view of the Florida Keys and approach to Mexico City, again with great views through the belly and tail cameras, along with other camera angles, provide several wonderful prospectives. A nice sequence of airplane action at Mexico City is followed by the briefing for the return to Madrid on the A340-300. The Captain explains differences between the 300 and 600 versions followed by departure at night and during en route climb a spectacular fireworks show is provided by multiple thunderstorms after passing over Houston TX in beautiful clear weather. Wonderful night views of Philadelphia Airport and other locations along the US East Coast are followed by approach and landing at Madrid. Many thanks for another beautifully presented film and edited program from Just Planes! Incidentally, this is one of my first 2 programs on Blu-ray and even though I don't have a HiDef TV, the picture quality is outstanding and a big improvement over DVD!

Greg Rowland, USA

I will say that Captain & crew are impressive, pleasant informative, just the way you'd? want a Captain to be.


This crew is great. A big thank you to the PIC for his? explanations.


Fantastic video!!!?


Great? crew, great movie :)


I'm very proud to see this Iberia Blu-Ray, thanks Just Planes for do it and the music is really amazing! Well done!?

Smoje79 /YouTube

Really, really well done work!!? Congratulations!


Great video...Excellent crew...Wonderful music...Thanks!?

Glenn Smith/YouTube

Amazing! it completes my Iberia collection :)


one? of ur best videos's


Love it love it love it! i


Really? awesome! Nice video :)


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+ Use of 5 cameras in cockpit for great views of landings and takeoffs!

+ Tail camera filmed during takeoff & landing on A340-600 flight.

+ Presentation of Iberia Airport Service and Operations

+ Flight Dispatcher Presentation

+ Detailed pre-flight preparations including route, weather, diversion, etops, notams, fuel etc...

+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ Departure & Arrival briefings with airport/runway charts

+ Captain/Instructor presents some aspects of flight

+ Great en route scenery

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Differences between A340-300 and A340-600

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-600 EC-JCZ IB 6403 MAD-MEX 10h56


MEX Mexico City, MEXICO

A340-300 EC-ICF IB 6402 MEX-MAD 10h53

MEX Mexico City, MEXICO




Special Airport Presentation

A look at Airport Operations

Flight Dispatcher Manager presents flight

A look at the route to Mexico City

Our pilots prepare the flight

We follow the A340-600 walkaround

Views from the nose & tail camera on takeoff

Obtaining our Oceanic clearance

Overflying Santa Maria in the Azores...

... and its airport

Followed by Ponta Delgada...

... and its airoprt

Nice views of the Keys and Key West

our A340-600

Captain explain some principals of flight

Cockpit & Instrument presentation

Going over the approach info for Mexico City

Tail camera views of the descent into Mexico City

Following the entire landing gear...

... being lowered from the nose & tail camera

Making our approach into Mexico City

Iberia A340-600 landing at Mexico City

Preparing the return flight to Madrid

Looking at the Mexico City Airport layout

Our flight plan for the return troi

Following the engine start

Looking at some weather we will need to avoid

Lining up on the runway, ready for takeoff

Preparing the meal service

One of the meals being served

Some of the desserts

Thunderstorms as we fly North

Passing Philadelphia

And New York City


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