Founded in 1927, Iberia now operates around 120 aircraft to more than 100 destinations in 40 countries from its main base at Madrid Barajas Airport.  The Iberia group with Air Nostrum (IB Regional) and low cost Vueling operate more than 300 aircraft! The A320 family is the largest part of the airline's fleet with around 80 planes including the A319, A320 and A321 models.


This program features the Airbus A321 on one of its longest routes to Moscow, Russia followed by the A320 to Paris Orly Airport.




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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2011


Just Planes takes us on yet another captivating journey onboard flights to Moscow and Paris on the A320 and 321 operated by Iberia. We start off as is the norm with preflight briefing by the crew for our first round trip to Moscow. After the crew finishes their paperwork, its now off to the cockpit where we have a clear viewing of the pilots as they complete all of their cockpit preparations including the MCDU setup.

Other highlights during the flight were discussions by the Captain and First Officer on various procedures and a presentation on the cabin service onboard the A321. After our return flight to Madrid, Just Planes takes us on a tour of Iberia’s maintenance facility and their Engine Shop where the viewers have an opportunity to see how engines are cleaned, repaired, assembled and tested. This is definitely a portion of this DVD that you do not want to miss!

Our final round trip takes us from Madrid to Paris onboard the A320. Highlights of this flight were the walk around presentation by Laura our First Officer, scenic views from the cockpit and an interesting pilot eye camera view on landing at Paris Orly.

In summary, this was a fantastic DVD and there was never a dull moment largely due to the friendly crews who took every opportunity they could to share their knowledge and experience with us the viewers. -Recommended

Reviewed by AvSim


Love the tour of the engine shop. The detail that goes into an engine over haul is amazing. It was a great addition to the DVD. Al Stiff, CANADA

Another great DVD in my collection. The flight plan review, cockpit presentation, crews, all great as usual. The visit of the maintenance facilities, very informative. Thanks again world air routes.  . Marcel Laroche, CANADA

Another great HD addition to the series! Plenty of great insight from the crews and their enthusiasm was very much appreciated. Loved the destinations and the great scenery. George Alves, USA

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+ Multi-camera views!

+ 1st Flight into Moscow Domodedovo Airport

+ Pilotseye view into Paris Orly Airport

+ Preflight briefings, checklists

+ Continuous Pilot Presentations

+ Aircraft Walkaround

+ Cabin service

+ Operational details for Russia flight

+ Great scenery & views on the way

+ Visit to Iberia Maintenance

+ Visit to Iberia Engine Shop

+ Includes Spanish version : 203mins

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A321 EC-IGK IB 3810 MAD-DME 4h24


DME Moscow Domodedovo, RUSSIA

A321 EC-IGK IB 3811 DME-MAD 4h34

DME Moscow Domodedovo, RUSSIA


A320 EC-JFN IB 3436 MAD-ORY 1h28


ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

A320 EC-JFN IB 3435 ORY-MAD 1h38

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE



Our pilots for the A321 to Moscow

Our pilots for the A320 to Paris

Captain Toca, A320 Fleet Manager, and his crew

This is F/O Laura's 2nd program in the series

Capt Del Castillo goes over our route

Great scenery en route to Moscow

A look at the cabin service on the A321

On short final at Moscow

Interesting view of planes on arrival...

....and departure at Domodedovo Airport

Back en route from Moscow to Madrid

Touching down at Madrid Barajas Airport

Iberia maintenance tour-presentation

Iberia engine shop tour-presentation

Laura takes us on a walkaround of A320

Captain Toca briefs the cabin crew

Double view takeoff at Madrid

Great view of Paris

Great view of Paris Orly Airport on approach

Pilotseye view of Paris Orly Airport