Gemini Air Cargo becomes the 189th airline to join the series and 13th in the USA. This DVD follows an aircraft on a rotation from Belgium to 3 African countries with stops in Nigeria, Kenya and Libya. 

With only 2 DC-10 programs filmed in our series this is by far the most detailed with 3 hours of flying and pilots presenting themselves and their aircraft in details along with each of the flights including departure and arrival information.   You will get an external aircraft walkaround inspection, a complete cockpit presentation done by both the Captain and First Officer as well as a complete engineer pannel presentation including fuel system and balancing done by the flight engineer.

Last, but certainly not lease, you get to download this $30 DVD for only $15!


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Filmed in 2007 - Released in 2007


As usual, your videos are excellent at taking your viewer onto the flightdeck of large airliners. I've been buying them for years and have never been disappointed. What a great source of fine entertainment and instruction!

Todd Scull, USA

The GEMINI air cargo DC10-30F program is an outstanding insight into modern DC-10 cargo operations. This friendly and informative crew took us with them on a rotation from their home base in Belgium to Nigeria, Kenya, and Libya, giving us a great chance to observe the operation of the DC10-30F aircraft and insight into the unique procedures which are required in certain areas of Africa. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who'd like to see the DC-10, cargo operations, or flying in Africa.

Tim Herman, USA

Compliments! Have seen DVD of Gemini Air Cargo, is the most beautiful tribute, never done to DC-10.

Amos Migliavacca, ITALY

I received the GEMINI AIR CARGO (along with Oasis Hong Kong Airlines and Alaska Airlines) last week. I have been up until 2am for the last week watching all three DVDs. I was very pleased with all the DVDs, including GEMINI AIR CARGO. My compliments to the flight crew for making this DC10 DVD very entertaining. That includes the exterior walk around, cockpit presentation, and briefings. I want to thank Udo Schaefer for doing a fantastic job with the production of this DVD. Finally, I would like to thank Producer Michel Moskal for all of WAR DVDs.

John McCreery, USA

I watched the GAC DC10 program. I must say that it was a great DVD to watch, one of the best that you have made. Anyways, the GAC was nice to watch and reminded me of the family member that I have who is a pilot for them. It still makes me want to be a "freight hound" when I finally make it as a commercial pilot. I plan to buy the Oasis Hong Kong very shortly. Keep up the great work.   Jonas Frazier, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
DC10-30 N606GC DSR 2612 OST-LOS 5h51



DC10-30 N606GC DSR 2623 LOS-NBO 4h29


NBO Nairobi, KENYA

DC10-30 N606GC DSR 2603 NBO-BEN 4h51

NBO Nairobi, KENYA

BEN Benghazi, LIBYA

DC10-30 N606GC DSR 2603 BEN-OST 3h21

BEN Benghazi, LIBYA