Boeing 737-300
Freedom Air, based in Auckland New Zealand, started operations in 1995 and specializes in low cost "value based" flights. The airline operates a fleet of Boeing 737s on domestic flights between Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.
Freedom operates international routes across the Tasman sea from 4 cities in New Zealand to half a dozen destinations in Australia.
This program takes you on domestic flights between the 3 destinations it serves on this network as well as on a roundtrip across the Tasman. You will sit in the cabin for 1 flight and in the cockpit for all others. Also included are interviews with the airline's Vice President and General Manager as well as the Line Operations Manager in Hamilton.

103 mins
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AKL = Auckland

BNE = Brisbane

CHC = Christchurch

HLZ = Hamilton

WLG = Wellington

1) Introduction
2) Line Operations Manager
3) Hamilton to Brisbane
4) Brisbane to Hamilton
5) VP & General Manager
6) Auckland to Christchurch
7) Christchurch to Wellington
8) Wellington to Auckland
9) Auckland to Christchurch
10) Christchurch to Auckland


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Great Video and recommend it to anyone who enjoys 737s and New Zealand & Australia.
EJL Edwards ; Wales, UK

I bought this dvd because the 737 is my favorite aircraft of all time. I also got it becuase it looked interesting. After recieving the dvd, I watched it about 10 times. Everytime I watch it I learned more. I reccommend this dvd to everyone. It is short and sweet.
Kyle Gibson ; Houston TX, USA

This DVD was a nice look at 737 operations in New Zealand and Australia for this airline. The scenery was great too especially in Auckland and if I recall it was nice to hear people in management talking more about the airline in detail. As seen in Cougar, Spanair etc. and other airlines its great to see more women in the cockpits which was once considered a 100% male dominated profession. Way to go ladies! You should be proud. 
Jeff Schapira : Toronto, CANADA

This was my first War dvd and now I have 3 others. This would most likely be the best so far. I most liked the approach and landing in Wellington. Thank you
Matthew Albiston Sydney Australia.

Until I watched the Freedom Air DVD, I had no idea that New Zealand was so beautiful. Once again, the pilots do a wonderful job of briefing us - and the first flight of the program from Hamilton to Brisbane filmed entirely in the cabin was great.  My favorite part of the DVD is the take-off from Wellington - looks like an absolutely great place to visit. Another highly recommended program!!
Amy Bubash ; Pittsburgh PA, USA

As always another great DVD by World Air Routes. Nice scenery of New Zealand and Australia. Outstanding briefing by the Ground Ops. Manager at Hamilton and Wayne Dodge (VP & General Manager of Freedom Air). Viewers will get to see an interesting contest on New Zealand facts/trivia and win some nice prizes during one of the flights. Great airline and great DVD. Thank you World Air Routes.
Stan Lenox ; Nacogdoches TX, USA

This particular Freedom Air DVD has enabled me to enjoy the flight from the front seat (cockpit) as I have flown this airline many times across the Tasman in the back with the rest. I have flown 737 aircraft often (Microsoft flight simulator) and was great to see/hear the real pilots in flght. I will purchase more DVD's in your great range soon.
Anthony Van Der Putten ; Brisbane, AUSTRALIA