FILMED : 2012

TIME : 270 mins

PRICE : $30

We're very excited to be the first to bring you a look at the 787 Cockpit !! You will discover the dreamliner inside and out as you join 8 flights in the cockpit to 7 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe! A must was to include a flight in the cabin and we did just that as you get the full experience from takeoff to landing including the safety demo and many fabulous views of the wings and engines. Pilots and other Ethiopian Airlines people will inform you about all aspects of this new airplane. Enjoy this great presentation of Boeing's newest jet!

+ 270 minutes of action! 1st film of 787 Cockpit!

+ 8 Flights in the Cockpit + 1 Flight in the Cabin

+ 7 Destinations in 7 Countries (Africa, Asia, Europe)

+ Cockpit Briefings, Checklists

+ External Walkarounds  + Cockpit Presentation

+ Features of Electronic Flight Bag

+ Training requirements to upgrade to B787

+ Presentation by VP Flight Operations

+ External runway action + Ground operations

+ Full cabin flight including takeoff/landing, all views

+ Full cabin safety demo video  + Cabin service

+ Great scenery on all flights to Africa, Asia & Europe!

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



ET 706

ET 707






FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY



ET 801

ET 801

ET 802








NBO Nairobi, KENYA

BJM Bujumbura, BURUNDI

787-8 ET-AOQ ET 873












When Just Planes announced that ET was joining the series, I was very excited to say the least. Knowing that they were the first African carrier to receive the 787 made it eve more so. This program has everything you could possibly hope for regarding the 787. The pilots were very accommodating and explained the various systems in the cockpit. A walk around is also included which I loved seeing. You could tell how proud they were of flying it and it was refreshing to see their enthusiasm. The cockpit is absolutely amazing and the Blu-Ray makes it really stand out. The routes were fantastic and very scenic. The incorporation of the pilot dash cams really add to the production. A cabin tour and flight are featured which really makes you feel like you are on board an actual 787 flight. The two company presentations from the marketing manager and VP of flight operations were very informative.
The director Simon Wilson did an admirable job and deserves a lot of credit. He brought some fantastic camera angles and shots! I want to thank Just Planes for pulling this off and getting the 787 in the series so quickly. Hopefully the 787 will be gracing the skies soon but in the mean time this is the next best thing!   George Alves, USA

The Boeing 787 is a game changer and so is this fantastic program. Not only is this the first in-depth look at the Dreamliner, but it is one of the most beautifully produced JP program to date in my opinion. The flight crews did a magnificent job explaining the new technology on the Dreamliner. As I’m sure a lot of aviation enthusiasts have, I’ve been reading and learning as much as possible about the Dreamliner. This program really connects the dots and paints a precise picture of what a massive leap in technology the 787 truly is. The soundtrack, added footage, picture quality and editing of this program is the best I’ve seen in any aviation production. The destinations featured in this program have a great balance between rarely seen airports and some of the most popular and busiest in the world. JustPlanes now features the most extensive collection of aircraft and airlines, from flying the DC-4 in the Canadian arctic to flying the 787 in Africa, if you have a passion for aviation, JustPlanes is the best source to satisfy your interests. Ethiopian is not only the “New Spirit of Africa”, it’s now the new spirit of aviation. I’m truly impressed by Ethiopian's modern fleet, amazing crews and great inflight service. JustPlanes and Ethiopian, thank you for this amazing blu-ray.     Kristof Barocz, CANADA

I've watched this program... One of the best ever. We have no idea how aviation is around the world, and you Just Planes, bring it to us! Thanks!  Lucas D'Armas Hoffelder

Just got mine and it is AWESOME!  Nikolay Klimchuk

It's a great looking aircraft, for sure. And a great film. Love the scenery in Africa and this airline seems competent. Robert Snorrason, DENMARK

I would just like to say that the Ethiopian "Combo" was awsome! Having all 3 of these dvds, especially with the 787 is a great feature and definatly goes down as one of the classics in the collection of Just Planes DVD's! Keep em coming!  Kari Loken, CANADA

Now this is a great production JustPlanes!. The early morning arrival into Addis Abbaba was mesmorising!.

Matthew Hill, AUSTRALIA


Not just the first 787 video in the Just Planes arsenal, one of the best videos there as well. Start with being 4:30 in length, with some filler, but not enough to become boring. Well spoken captains whose explanations are clear and thorough. Some excellent scenery...  Bill Robertson, USA


Just the first flight and review by the pilots says alot....and how far we have come since looking at DVD's of the ZIP 737-200 for instance. Even the look of the cockpit and what is now there- Great! Thanks for the great camera work too!

Ron Smith, USA


This program came out just in time... I never expected a 787 program this early, but it was interesting seeing such a new airplane appear in a program. I was impressed with how comfortable the crews were with the 787 given they had only been flying them for a few months. It really says something about the quality of the training. As always, Just Planes did a fantastic job with this program. The Blu-ray picture quality is stunning - I can't say enough about it. I really like Simon's style of filming with the wide angle cockpit shots. The Dubai flight with the morning arrival was a nice addition to really complete the program. I also like the separate multiple views of landings and I hope this format will continue in future programs.
Mark Wilson, CANADA


A very impressive program on a revolutionary airliner - the Boeing 787! It begins with a nicely filmed landing of an Ethiopian 787, followed by gound servicing, then departure for Frankfurt which includes a nice cockpit presentation showing the 787 very advanced instrumentation. Good views of Northern African scenery are followed by the Alps, then arrival at Frankfurt. Then a night flight up to Addis followed by an interesting presentation by the VP of Flight Operations including a deiscussion of cutting edge technology of the 787. We then take a trip to Nairobi and Bujumbura, including beautiful views of the country of South of Addis . A very scenic flight from Nairobi with beautiful sky and views of Lake Victoria. We then move into the cabin for the return to Nairobi. This includes the safety broefing video, takeoff, flying, cruise, descent and landing. This trip includes views of the 787 structure with wings and engines through the oversized dimable windows. Then an informative presentations by ET's Director of Comm about their choice of the 787 and a history of this fine airline. Next is a flight to Harare including a nice walkaround and cabin service presentation with their fine meals and drinks. After Harare arrival its on to Lusaka in stormy weather and nonstop back to Addis with a look at the HUD. Last but not least is a flight from Dubai to Addis with a night departure and daylight arrival showing the very rugged topography of Northern Ethiopia. This part includes especially views of the cockpit from various cameras mounted all over the cockpit for unique angles. Also, this program has many pilotcam views for dramatic views. A huge thank you to Just Planes and Ethiopian Airlines for an outstanding on this fine airline and very interesting airplane! Greg Rowland, USA


I purchased all 3 Ethiopian videos at once and I have been extremely impressed with the entire series. All of the crews from the Dash 8 Q400 crews to the B787 crews were very professional and experienced. The B787 video was the obvious highlight and it was very well done with some great camera angles and interesting pilot-background interviews. The scenary around Africa, the Middle East and Europe was fantastic. I will definitely put Ethiopia on my must-visit list in the future. Thanks again for providing this entire Ethiopian series as I enjoy a more complete view of an airline's operations showing multiple fleet types and destinations. Brian Gustafson, USA


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