Cirrus Airlines was established in February 1995 and entered into a partnership with Lufthansa in February 2000. Over the years the airline has expanded its fleet significantly and added scheduled domestic service in Germany. Since 2002 Cirrus Airlines has expanded all over Europe including service to Belgium, Macedonia, Switzerland and the UK.


This program features our first trip on board of an Embraer 170 and includes detailed presentations by the crew such as an external walkaround, on board procedures, checklists, startup and a detailed cockpit presentations. The flights are from Cologne to Olbia, located in Sardinia, and back to Munich.


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Filmed in 2008 - Released in 2008


The Cirrus E170 dvd is one of the best dvds in my collection. The E170 is an interesting airplane with very impressive flight deck automation. The pilots do a great job of explaining the intricate systems and perform a flawless approach and landing in Olbia. If I lived in Germany I would definitely try to catch a ride on a Cirrus E170. This dvd is great and I would encourage others to order it. I hope to see more E170 and E190 videos from Worldairroutes in the near future.

Brian Gustafson , USA

I've been waiting to see a World Air Routes program on the Embraer 170 for a long time and the Cirrus program has made the wait well worth it!!! This is one of my favorite World Air Routes programs and it is a really good look at one of the most advanced airliners in service today of any size. The 2 pilots give excellent, detailed cockpit presentations of the most advanced cockpit I've seen on any size airliner. Also, an equally excellent walkaround presentation during the turnaround on a beautiful day in Olbia Italy. There is very nice scenery of the Alps and the island of Sardinia in picture perfect weather on both flights. The only room for improvement would have been a couple of flights in the cabin but maybe those could be featured on a future Embraer 170 program. I'm looking forward to adding any future E-170 DVD to my World Air Routes collection. The Cirrus program is a must have for all regional jet enthusiasts and I must extend a huge thank you to Just Planes for making it available! Keep up the fantastic work and quality!!!

Greg Rowland, USA

Great presentation of the Embraer 170 aircraft and it's modern, fly-by-wire cockpit. Very nice addition to the World Air Routes series! Also, talk about "cold and dark" startup in CGN--so cold you could see the pilots' breath as they were preparing for the flight to OLB!

Tim Herman, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
E-170 D-ALIE C9 7923 CGN-OLB 1h41



E-170 D-ALIE C9 7123 OLB-MUC 1h22