Filmed in 2003 - Released in 2004

BWIA was the largest airline in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, based on both revenue and available seat miles. The company operated to North, Central and South America and within the West Indies however this program focuses on its Transatlantic operation to Europe with its modern fleet of Airbus A340s.

During the crossing from Heathrow to Barbados the A340 fleet manager invites you for a very detailed presentation of the Airbus including whats below the cockpit!. You will see several takeoffs & landings in the cockpit as well as the usual in the cabin footage and bwee's great inflight service. As a bonus you will fly Tobago Express from Trinidad to Tobago roundtrip in the Dash 8 cockpit plus one additional flight in the cabin!


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BWIA was one of the very first airlines I ever flew with as a young child and it is the airline that inspired me to be a pilot. This DVD captures the operations of BWIA in its final few years of existence in its present form at the time. BWIA was eventually shutdown and reopened under the new name Caribbean Airlines. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of this DVD.  The BWIA DVD starts off at Heathrow with the flight crew performing their preflight briefing in the cockpit of the A340. The cockpit briefing is quite comprehensive and this sets the tone for most of the presentations throughout this DVD.

During the cruise from Heathrow to Barbados, the crew takes the time to explain oceanic flying procedures including; position reports, plotting charts and the importance of accurate navigation. The cockpit presentation is very thorough and if you are a fan of the A340 you will truly enjoy the detailed explanation cockpit. Added to this is the unique opportunity to see the avionics compartment under the flight deck as Capt Heath takes us into the belly of the beast. This gives the viewers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all of the computers that makes the Airbus such a unique aircraft. He also shows the views one of the baggage compartments. Not left out of the spotlight is the cabin crew. During the cruise, the cabin crew gives viewers a sometimes forgotten view into their preparations for their service. I was amazed to find out that first class passengers are given a five course meal!

The approach into Barbados at sunset is another highlight that viewers may enjoy as it affords you the opportunity to see this beautiful island from 3000ft up. After a smooth landing, we are also given views of the Concorde parked at what is now the Concorde museum display at Grantly Adams Airport. During the stopover at BGI, the first officer takes us on a walk around of the aircraft where viewers not only get to see a detailed walk around but you are also able to get an eyeful of the amazing livery of the BWIA A340.

Another highlight for me was the final leg from Barbados to Trinidad at night. Viewers will enjoy the beautiful view of Port of Spain Trinidad at night followed by another smooth landing at Piarco Airport.

The second segment of this DVD features the Dash 8 300 series used by Tobago Express. This airline flew between Trinidad and its sister island of Tobago on a daily basis. The first leg from Trinidad to Tobago does not have a cockpit presentation as this flight is very short. However, we are given great views of both Trinidad and the beautiful island of Tobago from the jumpseat of the Dash 8.

On the return flight, the highlight was the opportunity to see the very rare L1011-500 parked at the BWIA hangar awaiting its final destination to the desert. The DVD finishes off with another flight onboard the A340 with a direct flight from Trinidad to London. The highlight of this flight were passenger briefings by the First Officer, View of the Atlantic at dawn and the fixed camera view of the landing in London Heathrow. This DVD is a must have for fans of the A340 and of BWIA. For quite sometime now, this DVD was sold out and for good reason. This is one of the best and most unique DVDs offered by BWIA.    Reviewed by AvSim

THE JUMP SEATS we get to sit in during this DVD are in an Airbus A340-300 and a Dash 8-300, so quite a contrast. BWIA operates from its Caribbean base to North, Central and South America, and Europe. This DVD concentrates on its transatlantic operation, plus a trip on the Tobago Express, in the Dash 8. We share six flights in all: Heathrow-Barbados (Bridgetown)-Trinidad (Port of Spain), from there three flights to and from Tobago in the Dash, then back to London in the Airbus. As usual in this extensive series, we hear ATC (clearly), share cockpit briefings (such as the Southampton Foxtrot Two departure from LHR), have the captain explain the full range of instruments, join a walkround, and see all there is to see within the cockpit and from its windows during the approach and landings. Unusually, we are not shown the instrument panel for the landing and take-off at Heathrow, permission not being received from the UK's DOT. Never mind, we get rare access to the captain's briefing to the cabin crew. Also on the plus side, we are taken on an in-flight tour of the Airbus electrics bay (accessed via a ladder from the cockpit), and negotiate the struts under the galleys and enter the main hold. In fact, with fewer legs than on most DVDs in this series, the coverage of the briefings, and the crews' chats direct to camera, is even greater than usual, which is a bonus. So is an attractive night flight to Trinidad ; that Airbus panel looks splendid and the ergonomics of the pilots' fold-down desks really make the term 'office' apposite.    Reviewed by Pilot Magazine


No. 18 in my collection of WAR programs and still the fantastic quality and sound of the programs, are just wonderful!!! Great shots of the concorde as well!

Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

This one will go down as one of my favourites in the JustPlanes repertoire. The A340 segment got me glued to the screen with the clear flight deck presentation and excellent audio and visuals. On touchdown, you can't help feeling that you've been through the entire sequence with the crew. I certainly won't part with this one. 


Great dvd! We want more! Craig Gonsalves, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-300 9Y-TJN BW 901 LHR-BGI 8h42

LHR London Heathrow, UK

BGI Bridgetown, BARBADOS

A340-300 9Y-TJN BW 901 BGI-POS 0h36

BGI Bridgetown, BARBADOS

POS Port of Spain, TRINIDAD

Dash 8-300 9Y-WIT BW 254 POS-TAB 0h17

POS Port of Spain, TRINIDAD


Dash 8-300 9Y-WIT BW 255 TAB-POS 0h16


POS Port of Spain, TRINIDAD

Dash 8-300 9Y-WIP TB 1528 POS-TAB 0h18

POS Port of Spain, TRINIDAD


A340-300 9Y-TJN BW 900 POS-LHR 8h14

POS Port of Spain, TRINIDAD

LHR London Heathrow, UK

More Comments

This dvd was excellent, great detail on the A340 and a fantastic approach into Tobago on the Dash 8. You really get a feel of how the airline and aircraft work. Overall great!   Ross K, UK

I have just watched a video of your flight from London to Barbados. I thought it was amazing. I loved it so much, I liked the take-off especially. I got what i was looking for thank you.    Jonathon Williams, CANADA

I watched the BWIA DVD many times. I really like the way the Just Planes Team put this DVD together. It's really a nice DVD with lots of nice action footage. Keep up the good work, Just Planes !!!    Erik van Dokkum, NETHERLANDS

Once again another great DVD from you guys. The cockpit presentations on the A340 and the flights were great as well as the local area Dash 8 flights. Great scenery as well in this DVD and it was a joy to watch.  Jeff Schapira, CANADA

This was my firs justplanes DVD and it was great the explanations of the A340 were very professional and simple i also enjoyed the Dash8.   Alessandro Bynoe, BARBADOS

I would like to thank Michel Moskal and Udo Schaefer for another fantastic World Air Routes DVD! The high standard in attention to detail, thanks to the flight crew make this program very entertaining and informative. I liked the way that the detailed flight from LHR-POS is then followed by some very scenic flights on the Dash 8 which shows us the beautiful place our A340 has flown us to. Flying back on the A340 to London completes the program well, with some great multi-camera footage of the approach into London. Thanks.    Luke Harding, UK

I have watched the BWIA A340 DVD several times, each time is better than the time before. Thanks to Captain Heath for his detailed description of the route of flight from LHR-BGI. I loved the briefing in the cabin, before BW901 took off from London. The views in the cabin, and of the inflight service were also excellent. I just can't stop buying these movies!   

Matthew Norman, USA

I have purchased 10 DVD's from justplanes, upgrading to 17 soon. If you ask me "what dvd should I look first?", probably I'll say you BWIA A340, of course!!! From the preflight preparations to final approach at Barbados and walkaround, this DVD is the most complete, detailed, breathtaking and wonderful I have seen. Everything, weather charts, the flight plan in which, if you pay attention, you will discover that the LHR-BGI flight was made in Dec/2003. After take off, as one could see in the weather charts, the cold front clouds over skies near Flores are visible so there is a good following of the conditions stated few hours ago, in the airport. The explanation of oceanic navigation is very detailed, and so on with the next chapters until the return flight 900 from POS to LHR. The walkaround... I LOVE IT!!! I have seen this dvd 11 times and always find new things to learn. Thanx a lot. Keep doing the excellent job and give us more dvd's.

Eduardo Villasenor, MEXICO

In the last 2 weeks I have watched the BWIA Airbus A340-300 DVD 4 - 5 times. In the last 3 months I have watched the Swiss A340-300 DVD at least 20 times. And I can't count how many times I have watched the Air Tahiti Nui A340-200 DVD nor the Sabena A340-200 video. Anyway, I have enjoyed all four. Special thanks should go to the people responsible for the filming. My complement to Cpt. Conrad (Swiss), F/O Lehman (Swiss), Cpt. Heath (BWIA), F/O Williams (BWIA), and all of the pilots/cabin crew for their contributions. While the 747 has always been my favorite aircraft I have recently become a fan of the A340, thanks to Justplanes. I hope that justplanes will release more DVDs featuring the Airbus A340  John C. McCreery, USA

Just wanted to say that Just Planes did an excellent job filming the BWIA DVD. Finally the entire Aviation industry can see why BWIA really stands for best west indian airline (we are the caribbean). The world got to see this underated airline at its best, the crews are very professional and friendly, the service is fantastic, making it the best airline to take you to your warm destinations in the caribbean. I hope that both Just Planes and BWIA will not stop at this DVD, I would really like to see a DVD with the B737-800. Keep up the good work. 

Kirk Fraser, CANADA

I just want to compliment you (everybody who worked on this dvd) for their excellent work. This is the first time I bought a cockpit dvd and I enjoyed watching every scene, especially the take-offs and landings of the A340-300, as well as the passenger window view from the Dash-8 and the cockpit explanations. The film was of excellent quality with clear images, excellent explanation by the Airbus A340-300 crew, and excellent sound. The fixed location filming was also very nice to see. I wanted to fly right away when I was watching the dvd, it gives you a feeling as if you are already flying, just amazing. The Airbus A340 is a very nice aircraft, combined with BWIA's livery it's just oustanding. Once again, thanks for the wonderful dvd. This BWIA dvd was excellently put together. I am looking forward to other new releases. Keep up the good work. 

Roger Cannegieter, NETHERLANDS

Many thanks to Just Planes and World Air Routes for an outstanding program on BWIA West Indies!!! This is an amazing program with exceedingly well done presentations by the cockpit and cabin crew members. This is the most complete and thorough presentation ever on the A340, including the cockpit and cabins (both first and economy class) and even a tour below deck of the electronics bay and cargo hold during flight. The very detailed external walkaround not only shows the features of the A340 but also shows off BWIA's magnificent colorscheme which rivals that of the Air Tahiti Nui A340 fleet. The takeoff and climb from LHR as viewed from a first class window seat is spectacular and I'd like to see more of this kind of camera work. I also enjoy seeing the Dash 8 inter-island flights on Tobago Express with some beautiful scenery and the flight in the cabin is especially enjoyable. On the A340 return to LHR the synchronized split screen photography is interesting to watch and this was a great way to get around the British security restrictions. Anyone with an interest in the A340 or BWIA must get this program! This is World Air Routes at its best!!!    Greg Rowland USA

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