We welcome Austrian back to the series with our first Europe-Australia route. After an introduction at the flight ops in Vienna you'll board the 777 cockpit for the first leg to Kuala Lumpur.

During this 3.5 hour program you see 4 takeoffs & 4 landings in the cockpit. We follow the pilots on this 8 day trip as they perform their duties and brief you on the cockpit, instruments, flight planning, autoland as well as a virtual walkaround of the 777, departure & arrival briefings and a lot more.

Austrian has a chef on board for their Business Class and he as well as the purser invite you for a look at the airline's excellent inflight menu and service. During our layover we briefly visit Kuala Lumpur and Sydney Airport.




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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



OS 001




KUL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

B777-200 OE-LPB OS 001 KUL-SYD 7h30

KUL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


B777-200 OE-LPB OS 002 SYD-KUL 7h46


KUL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

B777-200 OE-LPC OS 002 KUL-VIE 11h19

KUL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


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A successful World air Routes production.

For friends of the powerful 777 surely a good purchase.



I received this DVD a few days back and after viewing it, I have one word...."WOW". To start with, this features my favourite aircraft...the Boeing 777, plus I have been to KUL in 2002 and SYD in 2003, so it was nice to re-visit those places again.
I can't choose my favourite part because I was hooked throughout the program. It was interesting to see a lot of traffic on the way to KUL. The new view (kind of an "over head" view of the cockpit) is a really awesome. The approach to SYD was scenic and we are treated to a bit of airport action. On our way back to KUL, we get a peek into the cabin and boy was it nice to see the on-board chef, who was humming and enjoying his job and at the same time preparing mouth watering dishes. During descent to KUL we get to see thunderstorms in the area which was exciting. On the final leg back to VIE, the captain gives a detailed tour of the cockpit and gives us a virtual walk around. I always wondered how pilots were trained to do a walk around, and this answers my question. And finally the approach to VIE is also very interesting due to the low visibility. This is my favourite DVD and it's a must have for all JP fans. Thank you JP for this program and I look forward to more!!!

Aditya Shankar, CANADA

I love this DVD. There was an excellent cockpit presentation. The overhead view in the cockpit was outstanding. So you would be able to see both the captain and the first officer, what they were doing during landing.
What I loved the most was the full auto-landing. From the overhead camera view, you could see the auto-landing perfectly.
If you're a B777 fanatic like me, this is definitely a recommended DVD to put into your DVD collection of Just Planes.
Keep it up with the good work guys and hop to see more B777 DVDs coming soon.

Shurendi Eisden ; Curaçao, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES

I really enjoyed the scenery in Sydney on this DVD particularly on the approach into this world class city. The explanations of the pilots were well done and I was very pleased with my Austrian A330 DVD that I felt this one would be a winner. Keep up the good work guys

Jeff Schapira ; Toronto, CANADA

Being employed by Austrian I had to take the opportunity and make this DVD number one in my collection. The 777 is one of my favorite airplanes yet I never had the chance to fly on one. Explainations and knowledge of both pilots was very good and I really liked the virtual walk-around inflight which I found was very interesting and it was prooved once again that AUA pilots are famous for their smooth touchdowns. Also enjoyed the short citytrips into KUL and the airport spotting tour at SYD. This DVD will definitely NOT be the last one in my hopefully growing collection as this has been an incredible viewing and travel experience riding on board OS001/002.

Christoph Sebek ; Vienna, AUSTRIA

My future husband has a collection of DVDs from Justplanes, including the Austrian 777-200. I have watched part of that DVD and I was very impressed with it. I don't know how many times my fiance has watched it but he keeps bragging about how good it is including the cockpit presentation by both pilots. He also enjoyed the cabin presentation, especially the in flight chef. He enjoyed all the scenery especially the Sydney, Australia scenes.  My only complaint is he spends too much time watching these DVDs. As long as they make him happy I am in favor of more DVDs from Justplanes. Sincerely,

Deirdre Fellows ; New York NY, USA

I want to commend Udo & Michel on this wonderful production. I am a big B777 fan and this dvd is the best I have seen. Udo again did a superb job filming and directing this production. The crew was great and you could tell they enjoyed explaining to the viewers all aspects of the flights. I am looking forward to more B777 productions in the future.

George Alves ; Woodlands YX, USA

An excellent DVD featuring my favorite long-haul, the 777, and my favorite city : Sydney. The cockpit presentation is great, with amongst other a nice auto-land briefing. In-flight service sequence reminds me a lot the Lauda years !! This DVD also features some new interesting angles for take-off and landing. A must-have for every 777 passionate.

Olivier Deuson ; Namur, BELGIUM

Thank you for another wonderful DVD, especially on my favorite airplane the 777. Because the quality of your DVD's is so good, I knew it would be the same for this one, so I ordered it as soon as it was available. Each DVD is different and I especially enjoyed the destinations, on this one; Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. I have been to Sydney and so watching the approach into Sydney along with the airside action brought back many memories. The shots of the inflight service gave me the impression that Austrian's service is very good. Because of the security and the airlines no longer allow flight deck access, you provide a very valuable service with all your DVD's as this is as close to the cockpit as we will get. But whenever I watch your DVD's I feel like I'm sitting right behind the pilots in the jumpseat. Thank you again for an excellent DVD and I will look forward to more 777 DVD's.

Michael Karpf ; Soka, JAPAN

The Austrian B777-200 DVD is another major hit for World Air Routes/Just Planes and I think it is going to be an immediate classic which will be enjoyed and sought after for years to come. I believe it is one of my top favorite cockpit DVDs, and I don't think I'm exaggerating to say it's one that everybody who wants to see airline flight operations in modern jet aircraft, especially long-haul flying, should get. To put it short, this Austrian B772 DVD is nothing short of incredible. I enjoyed every bit of it, including the great camera perspectives on takeoff and landing (two different views on most of the departures and arrivals from two different camera positions in the cockpit), all the information provided by the friendly and professional flight and cabin crew, the depiction of the cabin service and the chef's work, and the presentations of Kuala Lumpur city and Sydney airport (YSSY). As one of my major interests is flying widebody Boeing airliners on longhaul trips, this DVD is everything I could want. I think Austrian is a great airline to fly and was impressed by the level of attention and service given in the cabin. Even on seven- or eleven-hour flights such as shown in the DVD, I think I would be very comfortable and would enjoy myself immensely. As justplanes mentioned, a great airline and a great crew. Congrats Just Planes for another outstanding and informative presentation, and thanks for the job well done. It's these kind of programs that keep us coming back for more.

Tim Herman ; Hershey PA, USA

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