The Austrian Group, a member of Star Alliance, operates a fleet of around 100 aircraft on routes all over the world from its Vienna hub. The airport has a unique transfer time of only 25 minutes. On long range routes Austrian operates Airbus A330/A340s and Boeing 767/777s.

This program features the A330-200 on a roundtrip from Vienna to Beijing. Our cockpit crew gives you one of the best possible presentations of their aircraft, their work, the flights and much more while the purser makes a nice presentation of the cabin and the excellent Austrian inflight service. All this along with nice scenery along the way and a visit to Austrian's maintenance dept will make for a unique dvd you can't miss!




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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



OS 063




PEK Beijing, CHINA

A330-200 OE-LAP OS 064 PEK-VIE 10h09

PEK Beijing, CHINA


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A330 is still one of my favorite airplanes, soo elegant and beautiful. Great presentation of the cockpit, very friendly flightdeck and cabin crew, a very peculiar and interesting scenic view enroute from/to Beijing. I couldn't believe why this program was sold out for almost two years, now I know. And I'm really glad you decided to rerun this DVD so I had the chance to purchase and watch it, no regrets. Just superb three hour Airbus longhaul action and that's what I want to see - great job!

Christoph Sebek ; Vienna, AUSTRIA

I have watched this presentation over and over again and never tire of seeing it. I'm particularily interested in the loading of the CDU at the start of the flight back to Vienna.The screener you presented showing Mongolia you could be mistaken for thinking you are watching National Geographic. Well Done. Your programs just keep on getting better and better.
Simon Cordall ; London, UK

Congratulations on another excellent program in the WAR series. I really enjoyed this Austrian A330-200 program for the incredible cockpit tour, which in my view made the video great. The flight planning with info on the MCDU and the calculation for the takeoff out of Beijing heading back home to Vienna was great as well. The technical/maintenance tour was very interesting and it was a nice touch to do one in German and the other in English. You can truly witness the vast and remote geography of Russia in this video. ATC was remarkably clear in China with excellent English being spoken, which was again a bit of a surprise but makes perfect sense in this industry. In-flight service looks top-notch and I wasn't surprised for now I saw what I had heard from relatives who have flown on Austrian before. A splendid job and a highly recommended video for A330 enthusiasts.

Jeff Schapira ; Toronto, CANADA

This DVD on Austrian Airlines has to be one of the best ever made! The best bits are the take-off and landing at Vienna. The Cockpit and Cabin Presentations are also very good. Thanks WAR for a great DVD.

Matthew Albiston ; Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Austrian A330-200 DVD marks my 30th World Air Routes DVD added into the collection and this one continues to heighten my appreciating for such splendid work by the WAR team. Aside from the customary pre-flight briefing and in-flight cockpit tour, the producers included splendid views of Mongolia and China while en-route to Beijing. Just as you think the views would end, they only get better including a long landing sequence into Beijing which was a joy to watch. The ATC was clear and impressive, especially considering the expected language barrier. The footage on the ground in Beijing during taxi will keep you glued to the TV. The cabin service aboard the return flight to Vienna was complimentary to Austrian Airlines in every detail.

Dave Taylor ; St. Albert AB, CANADA

Wow!!! I just finished watching the Austrian Airlines A330 video for the 5th time. An excellent presentation with a very professional and knowledgeable flight and cabin crew! They did an extremely thorough, detailed job of taking one through the entire flight, from pre-start all the way through engine shutdown. Beautiful scenery as well from Central Siberia and Mongolia into "sunny Beijing"  and on the way back to Vienna. The tour of the maintenance hangars and shop and the briefings there by the Austrian Airlines spokesperson and maintenance supervisor were a welcome addition. This DVD has to rank as one of the top ones your organization has produced in my opinion, having now purchased over 10 of them. The videography and presentations just seem to be getting better and better!!! I hope to see many more DVDs of additional airlines and aircraft in the near future. Again, a job well done!!!

Jay Alberts ; Brooklyn NY, USA

Please let me have the honours of doing the debut review for the AUA A330 DVD. Overall this is a very enjoyable DVD featuring a quite thorough technical description of the cockpit instrumentation by the friendly crew complemented by an interesting look at the Chinese air system. It is almost in the same league with some of the JP's best works - Swiss A343 and UA B777 (I can't praise these two DVDs enough) It is a great DVD for all A330/340 fans like myself and deserves a space on your DVD shelf. A solid 8 out of 10.

Sam Wang ; Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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